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RUSH: This is David in Augusta, Georgia. Great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Mega dittos from the golf capital of the world.

RUSH: Yes, it is. Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’m not sure if you know about this. We’ve got a little golf tournament next week, and I’m just wondering if you were gonna be able to make it up and finally pick up your green jacket out of the closet they’ve been holding for you for quite a while.

CALLER: Pick up my green jacket? (laughing) On the subject line of his call here it says, “Do you have any inside information or any tips that you could share on the Master’s next week and help with your office pool.” The one thing I was gonna tell you is, I will never have a green jacket. That’s the one tip that I know you can take to the bank, I will never have a green jacket.

CALLER: That’s a shame.

RUSH: I’m too controversial. I’m too controversial to be there. I would never get a green jacket.

CALLER: It would look great on you, but, yeah, my original question was we’ve got a little town tournament this weekend, and I didn’t know, maybe if you got your eye on some of the younger guys, like Jordan Spieth has been playing good lately. Jason Day was pretty close last year. Or some of the old guys, like maybe Phil —

RUSH: I think you have to change your direction. I had the opportunity to play with Rickie Fowler in an Ernie Els charity golf tournament back in early March, and he was flushing the ball. And I talked to him about Augusta from a professional standpoint, “How do you have to change your game for that golf course than any other,” and he was incredibly detailed with me. He’s obviously studied it.

And in a couple of recent tournaments he started out strong with, you know, Rory McIlroy and so forth. I look for an unknown. I think we’re at a transition period in golf now. I saw Tiger shot a two over in a practice round the other day with a bunch of birdies, but still couldn’t chip. I’m not following enough people to even come close to telling you who you ought to be looking at as a potential winner. I don’t even know all the names of the people that have been invited to play.

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