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RUSH: It is amazing, folks. It’s once again amazing how we were blatantly lied to in January and February about the unemployment numbers and the overall economy. Blatantly lied to. And we’re being blatantly lied to about whatever or not is happening in this Iranian deal to boot.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: And, of course, the piece de resistance, we are being lied to about what’s happening in Indiana. Every day, every day we have to devote time here to straightening out the lies that are told by the Democrat Party and the president of the United States and every one of his rabid, insane, lunatic supporters.

I mean, I’m happy to do it. But, for crying out loud, I yearn for the day where everybody knows when they open their mouths they are lying and I don’t have to explain it. But I’ve been hoping that for 26 years, and the odds are I’m gonna be hoping that for however many number of years there are remaining, which means we’re gonna continue to expose the lies for however many years there are remaining.

Great to have you on the EIB Network, Rush Limbaugh here, Open Line Friday to you, whatever you wish to talk about is going to be okay. (interruption) Well, yeah, there’s always something that won’t make it. I mean I don’t want to hear people complain about the electric bill or the drought in California, everybody knows about that. Did you see that, restrictions, water restrictions first time in the history of the state? Anyway the number if you want to participate is 800-282-2882, and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com. Okay.

The January and February jobs number have been revised downward dramatically. Do you remember in January and February the Drive-Bys all breathlessly excited, reporting the brand-new job applications, people applied for new jobs and got new jobs, and the unemployment number was plunging at a rapid rate and, my God, we were back. Oh, my God, it was so wonderful. The country is back and everybody knew it wasn’t true.

But the numbers were the numbers. They were put out by the government, the Drive-By Media sucked ’em right up, spit them right back out at us. Those of us that knew it wasn’t true had to sit there and grit our teeth once again while the low-information crowd just lapped it up, knowing full well this day would come when they revised the numbers downward, in other words, tell us the truth long past the moment in time when anybody would care.

We now have a record 93.1, almost 93.2 million Americans not working. I do not know in whose universe that represents a growing, recovering, burgeoning economy, 93,175,000 Americans are not working. And as I love to point out — people misunderstand this and think I’m being critical — they’re all eating and they’re all making phone calls and they’re all streaming video on their smartphones and they’ve all got a big screen somewhere. They’re probably all consuming adults beverages. Those who do, are able to. Ninety-three million Americans.

So if you can do all that, if you can have the essence of life as an American, a cell phone, beer, and a Big Mac, why work? Santa Claus, Democrat Party brings it to you. But remember, voting Democrat means your life never gets better. It’s what it boils down to. Voting Democrat means your life is a straight line or trending downward.

A record 12.2 million African-Americans are not working, not in the labor force. A record 56.1 million women are not working, not in the labor force. And the Federal Reserve, after all of these wonderful predictions of economic growth that we got in January and February, are now predicting the growth forecast to be zilch, zero. Zero economic growth, the Federal Reserve forecast for the balance of the year.

It’s an absolute disaster, so unnecessary and so disappointing. But there are the numbers. And, by the way, the March job numbers themselves are quite lame as well. The Associated Press is not happy, only because of how bad it makes the Regime look. “A weakening US economy.” What do you mean weakening? You people have been telling us for three years it’s a growing economy. You people have been telling us for three years that we’re in this burgeoning recovery. “A weakening,” now you tell us, “US economy spilled into the job market in March as employers added just 126,000 jobs.”

I saw yesterday, when it they were touting the news that was gonna be released today, yesterday they were all excited, the Drive-Bys were, because they reported something like the application for unemployment numbers had dropped 20,000, and that had to mean it was gonna be great news today, if fewer people applied for unemployment. No, all it meant was that 20,000 people — and that’s a guess anyway — had just decided to stop looking.

There aren’t any jobs out there. There aren’t any careers being born. And it’s not going to happen, it’s not gonna reverse as long as the borders are open and the country is flooded with low skilled, low educated, and thus low wage people.
It’s just not gonna happen. The mathematics alone is all you need to know that it isn’t gonna happen. “A weakening U.S. economy spilled into the job market in March as employers added just 126,000 jobs — the fewest since December 2013 –” That’s not last December. It’s over a year ago. “– snapping a 12-month streak of gains above 200,000.”

And 200,000’s nothing to write home about. Ever since the first stimulus bill I remember Joe Biden running around promising 500,000 new jobs every month back in April of 2010. That’s what their recovery was gonna be, 500,000 new jobs a month. And now 200,000 is considered a benchmark great number. And 200,000 jobs, not even replacement level, much less economic growth.

“The Labor Department said Friday the unemployment rate remained at 5.5%.” Isn’t it funny how that works? No matter how dire the job news is, no matter how disastrous, no matter how puny bad the job news is, the unemployment rate doesn’t go up. In fact, it usually falls. “The economy has been squeezed so far this year by harsh weather, factory slowdowns, and lackluster construction.” Really, what, it’s never cold in December? So bad weather in December, unusually cold weather in December meant bad economic activity, as though it’s never cold in December?

“In addition to reporting sluggish hiring for March, the government revised down its estimate of job gains in February and January by a combined 69,000.” What a shock. “Wage growth in March remained modest.” There is no wage growth except for the top 1%. That is the next story, ladies and gentlemen. “Except for the Rich, Americans’ Incomes Fell Last Year.” How can this not be blamed on Obama? He’s been in office now over six years. Pretty slick. Barack Hussein O sets up an economy that only helps the already wealthy and then blames the Republicans for the poor. And right there to help him along as usual, the Drive-By Media.

“Most Americans’ incomes continued to fall last year –” this the French News Agency, by the way “– but the richest 20 percent saw theirs rise, a new Labor Department report showed Thursday. In fresh data that adds fire to a growing debate over income inequality –” See how this works? We got President Obama for six plus years, the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and we got a Republican oriented wage inequality problem. The Republicans did it.

“The average pre-tax income fell 0.9 percent from the same period a year earlier, to $64,432.” That’s as far as I’m gonna go because it gets number centric and they’re hard to follow on the radio. The bottom line is they’re lying to us pre-election. They lie to us during the election. They lie to us immediately after the election, and in March and April when nobody’s thinking election, we get the truth so that they can say, “We weren’t lying. We were mistaken early on, and we did revise our numbers down.” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

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