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RUSH: Somebody just said, “Hey, Rush, did you hear about the guy that walked into a Muslim bakery in Dearborn and was turned down?” Yeah, I heard about it. The guy is a former Fox News contributor and an actor and a comedian named Steven Crowder, and he walked into a Muslim bakery in Dearbornistan, Michigan, and he told them that he wanted them to bake a cake for his gay wedding, and he was turned down.

And everybody’s asking, where’s the outrage? I’m so glad you brought this up, because, see, it’s not about that. You would expect that if there’s anti-gay bigotry, there’s anti-gay bigotry, wherever it is, it’s unacceptable. And so Crowder just found some anti-gay bigotry in Dearbornistan, Michigan, Muslim bakery. Well, you see, Muslims — (interruption) Dearbornistan, it’s a joke. Yes, it’s Dearbornistan. Everybody in Michigan calls it that. This is just lighthearted jocularity. Don’t panic in there.

This makes a great point. You see, folks, this isn’t about anti-gay bigotry. If it were, there would be just as much outrage at this Muslim bakery, but they don’t care. The Drive-Bys, the militant gays, they don’t care. They went shopping for this in Indiana. They went shopping for it. They went shopping for it New Mexico. They went shopping for it in Oregon. They went shopping for it in Colorado.

This is not about expanding gay rights. The first thing you’ve got to know, all of this, in Indiana, this is not about discrimination against gays. They want you to think it is, and the action being taken, the outrage, the media, this is not about expanding gay rights, it’s not about eliminating discrimination, that’s not at all what’s going on here. This is an all-out assault on Christianity, traditional value Americans and so forth and so on. It’s all about attacking and delegitimizing a so-called dangerous mean-spirited extremist majority made up primarily of Christians.

This is an attack on Christianity. They don’t care what the Muslims are doing. They don’t care that there’s anti-gay bigotry in Dearborn, Michigan. Doesn’t matter. It’s not about that. This is not about gay rights. It’s not about civil rights. That’s the cover story.


Mark Steyn, occasional substitute host here in the EIB Network, has a piece at his website SteynOnline.com about this Indiana situation, and he makes the point here. He says that all this going on in Indiana is not about expanding gay rights. This is not about helping people being discriminated against. This is about shifting power. This is about taking power away from an existing majority — in this case the white, Christian majority — taking it away by virtue of intimidation and transferring that power to left-wing fringe lunatics.

That’s what this is about.

The reason why when a Muslim bakery in Dearbornistan denies a gay guy a cake for his wedding, the militant leftists are not gonna touch that because they don’t want to do battle with militant Muslims. They know the militant Muslims are not gonna lay down. All you’ve gotta do is draw a cartoon of their prophet and they’ll come after you. But Christians? There aren’t any militant Christians. Christians bow down. They’re nice to you. They try to respect you.

They try to appease you.

They want to assure you they don’t hate you. As such, they are the perfect foils. If they are not gonna protect the power that they’ve got — if they’re gonna essentially give it away by virtue of being nice and try to be appeasing — then they’re a great target. That’s why it’s not gonna matter. The media isn’t gonna care. The very fact that this Muslim bakery in Dearborn refuses to bake a cake for a gay wedding is not news, should tell you in bright red letters or whatever that this is not about gay anything.

This is not about discrimination.

It’s not about bigotry.

It’s not about civil rights or any of that.

It’s about usurping power. It’s about a minority intimidating a majority into giving up its power. And most Christians don’t even run around cognizant of power, because most Christians are not trying to impose anything on anybody. But militant leftists walking around in constant anger, misery, and fear are convinced that Christians are trying to force ’em how to live, make ’em do things they don’t want to do, and then sitting in judgment about.

When most people don’t care, until you involve them. When you try to corrupt them, and when you go to them and you make them tacitly endorse or support things you do that they disagree with, then they will tell you they want no part of it. But they don’t exercise their power trying to get you to agree with them. They stand up for traditional marriage, but even that is not an “assault.” That’s not an “attack” on anybody. It’s a defense posture! So what we have here has nothing to do with civil rights, nothing to do with the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts.

All of that’s irrelevant, because that’s not what the aim is here.

This is pure, raw, undiluted intimidation for the purpose of seizing power.

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