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RUSH: The bottom line is this. On this whole business — I keep struggling to find different ways of making the point because obviously I’m trying to be pervasive on this. If you go back in the late seventies and early eighties — Snerdley, you’ll remember this because you lived in New York, New Jersey at this time — back in the late seventies and early eighties, there were constant gay demonstrations, gay rights demonstrations in the West Village in New York City, and they always chanted, “What do we want? Just to be left alone.” And that’s undergone a major transformation.

Now it’s not about being left alone. Now it’s about being accepted, and if the acceptance is not forthcoming, then there is going to be force attempted. My whole point with this — and I want to stress, as I have on numerous occasions, the gay community, like every other community, is not monolithic. You have in the gay community all kinds of gay people that are apolitical. They don’t care about politics. They’re not involved. They’re certainly not activists, just like you have in any other group. But you also have, as is the case in every other group, some dyed-in-the-wool activists.

Now, when it comes to militant gay activists, they’re almost all leftists. And gay rights is not what this is about anymore. It’s gone way beyond that. This is about an all-out assault on essentially religion, but it’s also an assault on majority, the majority or any majority, numerical majority or any other kind, and it’s about a quest to secure power from this majority.

I’m sure that many of the militant the gay activists, just like any of the other civil rights activists you find on the left, are kind of stunned at how easy their task has been. They’re not finding a whole lot of resistance. When they do encounter resistance, particularly if it’s identified as Republican Party, there’s almost an immediate cave to any anger or outrage expressed by it.

The best way to illustrate this is, like in Indiana and this whole business of a wedding cake or in Denver a wedding cake or wedding pictures, the fact of the matter is that any gay couple, married or otherwise, doesn’t matter, any gay couple — now, since marriage is what the objection is to, let’s focus on that. A gay couple anywhere in Indiana probably wanting to get married or anywhere in New Mexico or anywhere in Colorado or California can find somebody to bake them a cake.

Now, the impression that is desired is that they can’t. They want to create the picture that there’s so much bigotry and so much discrimination, so much anti-gay bias, so much homophobia, that they can’t even get a cake baked for their wedding, and all they do is love each other, I mean, what the hell. But there’s clearly any number of places they could go to get a cake baked. What they do is target a place that specifically will not. And, by the way, it’s a militant activist couple that would push this envelope.

It’s all politics, folks. It’s a pure political issue that is about making, forcing, intimidating, threatening, whatever, the current majorities to cave, and that has a political objective to it. Now, it’s all shrouded in the quest for fairness and the quest for equality and the quest for social justice. But there are any number of people in this country who need a product or service who will have it denied them somewhere for some reason or another, and in that case they simply go where there isn’t a problem.

But the picture is being created — and the media’s helping — the image that is taking hold is that the majority Americans are a bunch of homophobes. They all happen to be Republicans, don’t you know. And that homosexuals who want to get married, who come out and do so publicly, are finding impossible odds arrayed against them, stacked against them, creating a picture of massive discrimination, total injustice, incredible unfairness, and it’s not an accurate picture.

It’s designed to get people to cave and compromise their beliefs and their principles, not for the end result for there to be an expansion of rights. It’s specifically about trying to wrest control or power away from majorities simply because this is a majority-rule country and if you’re in a minority that’s barely five percent of the population, and you don’t like that and you don’t want to deal with the realities of what that means then you’re going to have your political activists help you go about trying to intimidate that majority into not acting in their own principled interests or what have you.

So it leads to a culture war, and we’ve been in this for years, decades now. And it’s not just about militant homosexuals. Feminism is all intertwined in this. Racial politics, Ferguson, Missouri. And the fact is, the bottom line, every one of these major, big news stories are all lies. They are manufactured and made up. Rape on campus is an example, UVA, the Rolling Stone story. What could be the purpose? What in the world, why would somebody purposefully publish a story that’s not true about a premise that isn’t true? Why would they do it? They have a reason. They’re doing it on purpose.

There’s no question there’s a reason for it. And even when it’s exposed, even when it’s exposed — now the Drive-By Media’s doing a list of victims of the Rolling Stone story. Who do you think the number one victim is? You would think it would be the fraternity that was lied about, the fraternity who was impugned and maligned, and was shut out of campus, and everybody thinking they were just a bunch of reprobates running around mistreating women and getting them drunk and raping them and it happens every day and every night, you would think they’d be the number one victim.

No, the number one victim, according to media analysts and the Drive-By Media is the woman who made it up. Jackie was her name. She’s the woman who made it all up and she is being said to be the biggest victim of all of this. Nobody’s been fired for this. Nobody’s even gonna be reprimanded for it. What we have here is not even journalism. Journalism has become the daily march of the Democrat Party agenda, which is the leftist agenda. That’s all media is today, and probably has been for a long time. Now they just make no bones about it.

So the answer to all this, the real point of all this, how do you stop it? What is the best way to avoid succumbing to all of this phony pressure, the phony allegations, the lying and fake news stories that are driving all of this? The bottom line is the proponents of all this, the culture war, the people instigating it, the leftists behind it, literally have to make up things in order to get their ideas advanced. They cannot live in the world of reality because their claims are not true, for the most part. But they’ve got everybody befuddled how to best deal with this, because everybody lives under the false impression that somehow they can be mollified and that individuals can show that, “We don’t dislike you. We don’t mean you any harm, and we can tell you the truth about who we are. Once you learn who we really are you’ll stop trying to damage us.”

That’s not ever gonna happen. They don’t care to get to know you. They already do. They don’t like you as you are, pure and simple, because they’ve concocted notions that you want to deny them left and right. It’s a deeply — what’s the word? — it is a deeply woven web of deceit here. And most people are uncomfortable being involved in it at all and always seek what they think will be the easiest way out, which to many people is acquiescence, is caving in and thinking that that will be the end of it. And it never is. In most cases it’s just beginning.

Look at what’s happened in California. This is a classic example. There’s been a drought in California for as long as I can remember. But the current drought is said to be four years. It is said to be the severest drought anybody alive can remember. The snow pack doesn’t exist in places that there are usually feet of it waiting to melt and provide freshwater sources and resources for the entire state.

Well, this is a crisis made to order for the left. Because don’t you know, here’s Governor Moonbeam running around now slapping restrictions on water usage statewide, blaming it on global warming, climate change, and claiming that they have all decided, scientists have agreed, there’s a consensus that says this is permanent. This is not part of an elongated weather cycle, meteorological cycle that will eventually end with another hundred-year flood and blah, blah.

This is permanent. This drought is forever. This is the new California. And there isn’t enough water to sustain the people that live here. There are too many people that live here. There were never this many people intended to live here, 40 million, no way, it’s impossible. So the left is salivating at the chance, at the opportunity to once again move in and further dictate and control behavior and life, and slap restrictions, further restrictions on the actual veritable freedom of the people in California. And they end up getting many people in California to agree with them, because they’ve set the table well.

They’ve told these people for decades that this was gonna happen. They’ve accused them of destroying the climate, destroying the planet, and now you’ve done it. You didn’t listen to us these last 20 years and you didn’t reduce your carbon emissions and you didn’t start driving enough electric cars and whatever the hell. And now look, now it’s permanent. It isn’t permanent, but nobody knows, it cannot be established, but it’s just a political statement that it is.

Now, I read a piece at RedState.com today posted by Seton Motley. And this is a good thought, that the next thing to happen with this is, the federal government will come in and try to nationalize this. And I don’t doubt that for a second. I don’t doubt that Obama is salivating over the opportunity to get in front of and exert total control over the drought and the water restrictions and everything involved with that in California, ’cause this is what they are absorbed with. They are just consumed with this desire to control people, to control the way people live and to inflict and mete out punishment.

So people are likely gonna end up with water meters in their house, and their usage is going to monitored, and there will be heavy fines for people. The average shower is said to be no longer than five minutes, and if you go over that, the minimum fine could be in the hundreds of dollars. All of this is still being formulated now, but these are some of the preliminaries, all because some politician and a bunch of pseudo-scientists claim it’s permanent, it’s permanent damage brought on by climate change, brought on by selfish Americans. But here come the guys on the white horses to save the day, to save the state from the very people who have destroyed it.

Now, I mentioned Carly Fiorina earlier. Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard, a former Republican candidate. She ran for the Senate in California. She was part of the McCain team back in 2008. She is on fire taking on everybody, and particularly in California, and she is blaming liberal environmentalist wackos for what she calls a man-made drought in California. She said this is a man-made disaster. She’s considering running for president 2016.

She says, “California is a classic case of liberals being willing to sacrifice other peopleÂ’s lives and livelihoods at the altar of their ideology. ItÂ’s a tragedy. … ThatÂ’s the tragedy of California, because of liberal environmentalistsÂ’ insistence — despite the fact that California has suffered from droughts for millennia, liberal environmentalists have prevented the building of a single new reservoir or a single new water conveyance system over decades during a period in which CaliforniaÂ’s population has doubled. There is a man-made lack of water in California — and Washington manages the water for the farmers.”

And she’s right.

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