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RUSH: Did you see that Rand Paul went on the Today Show with Savannah Guthrie? (interruption) You liked it? (interruption) Yeah… (sigh) Snerdley thinks he schooled her. Maybe. But I think it’s a classic example of, “Why go there?”

She showed open disrespect. She had no interest whatsoever in the substance of what he was saying and tried to prevent him from saying or contributing any substance. She’s the one that scores. Savannah Guthrie says, “I got a Rand Paul interview!” Rand Paul, he’s seen arguing with a reporter, not being treated with respect, not being treated as she treats everybody else — as though we’re buds and friends.

He’s treated as an oddball, practically an alien.

Why do this? I don’t get it!

One thing we’ve learned is there’s nothing to gain. I mean, the old line of thought has been, “You’ve gotta go to the lion’s den.”

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