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RUSH: I have to tell you something. Yesterday I referenced a great column on the situation with Iran by Norman Podhoretz in Commentary, which began as a magazine in 1945. Norman used to edit it. It’s still a magazine, now it’s a website and a blog. It’s edited by his son, although there’s no nepotism involved. John Podhoretz edits it. It’s a great thing.

But in back and forth today with Norman and John, I found something that I didn’t know had happened. It’s one of the biggest misses, and I am instructing Koko and the gang at the website to go out and find this thing and link to it.

They published, in 2011, a column by a professor at University of Tennessee Chattanooga, about me. It’s a column on what it is about me and this program the left doesn’t get. What everybody who thinks they know about this program and is wrong, what they don’t get about it. It is one of the best pieces on this program I have ever seen and I missed it entirely.

Today was the first time I saw it, and it’s four years ago that this thing came out in Commentary.

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