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RUSH: I want to thank everyone once again who donated, contributed to our 25th annual Cure-A-Thon last Friday for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for America. Every year, the people in this audience, you, just continue to come through. Last I’d heard was that we handily exceeded the amount that was raised last year, and we did so with even more donors. The per capita donation was down, which is fine, we shoot for the volume basis here, but there were more donors than ever, and the total was an increase over the previous year.

I also want to thank those of you who were unable to donate, but you hung in and you listened on the program on Friday. It’s because of everybody involved that we are able to do this and devote the amount of time to it that we do. It’s still, if I might say so, it’s still rather stunning the amount of money that we raise. I started putting it together. We have a three-hour program here, and with news breaks and profit center time-outs, the actual programming, I almost feel like I shouldn’t admit this. (laughing) Ah, what the heck, if you listen to our podcast, you know it already.

The total content time for three hours here is about an hour and 45 minutes. And of that hour and 45 minutes probably on Friday devoted about an hour to the fundraising effort for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, our Cure-A-Thon. So stop and think of this for a minute, now. In one hour every year — we’ve done it for 25 years — in one hour every year we raise multiple millions of dollars, all because of you.

For 25 years the people in this audience, regardless the economic circumstances in the country — I think the year after 9/11 was the one year that we were down or flat. Other than that every year has exceeded the previous. But it just stuns me that in no more than an hour a year we raise all this money, and I want to make one other point. Outside of this program you never hear about this.

Now, there are many reasons for that. We do not hype it. We do not publicize it. Only because we know what would be done to it. But we don’t do it for that reason, is the primary reason. We don’t do this for any accolades. We don’t do it for press buzz or PR or any of that. We do it for the cause and, as such, the only people that know about it are the people that listen to the program and the people at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and all the ancillary agencies involved with them.

So it’s one of the best-kept secrets around even though the most-listened to radio talk show in the country is behind it. So I just want to make that point because it’s a project rooted totally in love and substance and reality. It’s not about hype and it’s not about buzz and PR and good vibes and getting credit and all that. It is about actually fighting the blood cancers and hopefully someday finding a cure. So thanks again, once again, to everybody who made last Friday and the past weekend another record-breaking weekend at our radio Cure-A-Thon.


RUSH: I just got the official word during the break that we indeed on Friday and the past weekend, we handily set a record, fundraising record in our annual Cure-A-Thon for leukemia and lymphoma. There was almost an additional million dollars raised over the weekend. And there was considerably more than that raised during the program. But with no mentions, I mean, I mentioned when the program ended on Friday that the telephone number would be active through the weekend, as was the donation page at RushLimbaugh.com, gonna be active throughout the weekend. And an additional million dollars was raised over the weekend. So, once again a sincere and deeply heartfelt thank-you to everybody.

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