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RUSH: Anybody find it strange that Mrs. Clinton is out there after she got a $14 million book advance and can’t sell a book? She got a $14 million book advance, can’t sell a book, couldn’t draw a crowd to a book signing, $300,000 from speeches, each speech, and she’s out there ripping into CEO pay, and you know what else she wants to do? What are the four pillars of her campaign? We have to clean up the money in campaigns. I kid you not. We have to clean up the money.

A woman who has said that her goal — maybe she hasn’t said it, but her campaign has — that their fundraising goal for this campaign is two and a half billion dollars. Now, they haven’t raised it. I don’t know how much they have raised, but that’s their objective. Let me put this in perspective for you. Do you know the total amount of money in 2012 spent by both Barack Hussein O, a/k/a The One, and Mitt Romney? The total, I’m asking for the combined total. You are low, man, $2.14 billion combined both candidates, don’t know the break down, but that’s a combined total. Hillary’s goal is to raise two and a half billion dollars just for her campaign, and this woman’s running around saying one of the four pillars of her campaign is to clean up the money in campaign finance.

I’ll tell you what this means, folks. You’re fortunate to have me here to be able to translate this gobbledygook for you because here’s what that means. It means if she gets elected, after we have granted amnesty to 10 to 20 million illegals, i.e., figure on 15 million new Democrat voters, we get that done and then we reform the campaign finance system, Mrs. Clinton will close the deal. She’ll dot the I and cross the T on officially creating a one-party United States of America.

Now, Snerdley’s in there laughing. But that’s exactly what the objective is. That’s why she’s taking on — campaign finance reform, are you kidding me? A woman who wants to bust all records; a woman who’s raising money from foreign interests that we don’t know what she is promising in exchange for it, shady alliances with this stupid family foundation that they’ve got.

You know, Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, what does she do for a living, does anybody know? I don’t know. (interruption) No, I don’t think she works at NBC anymore. Anyway, she and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky — I just saw this. This is my point. I’m trying to ignore ’em and I can’t. They just closed or gonna close or just made a bid or something on a $10.5 million, 5,000 square foot condo on 26th Street in New York City.

This woman is running around: I’m Miss Ordinary American. I’m average. I’m just like you. I’m riding around in a van. Wouldn’t you love to know what’s going on in the back of my van, but you never will. I’m riding around in a van that gets 16 miles per gallon. I don’t care what damage I’m doing to the environment ’cause I’m Hillary Clinton and I’m immune to any charge. I have a free pass. You add all this up and I’m telling you what she’s aiming at is the cementing of a one-party Democrat Party United States of America.

I will develop this further. Don’t doubt me, but if you doubt me, I will — (interruption) Chelsea works at the foundation for a living. Yes! She works at the Clinton family foundation for a living, and I think her husband’s involved in high finance, which could mean anything, $10.5 million condo. Fine and dandy. You know, whatever floats your boat. But these are the people trying to pass themselves off as just like everyman, when they clearly aren’t.


RUSH: Speaking of CEOs and CEO pay, I mean, Mrs. Clinton wants to target CEO pay. She’s out there, she’s got these four pillars of her campaign, and don’t doubt me on this campaign finance reform angle. And don’t laugh. I mean, you’re gonna think she’s not gonna get away with this hypocrisy. I’m telling you, folks, I’ve got a story right here about that very thing.

WashingtonExaminer.com, Tim Carney. This makes a great point, and it can be summed up with basically one sentence: “Are America’s Democrats really ready to put up with four years of war, corporatism and power-hungry secrecy? … How low is the self-esteem of America’s Democrats?” In other words, Hillary Clinton represents everything Democrats say they oppose. And she does. She’s wealthy. She seeks even more wealth. She wants all this money to spend on campaigns.

You go down the list, she’s a warmonger in her own right. She voted for every use-of-force authorization that Bush offered. She supported the Iraq war, and even the potential Iraq war when her husband was president. It’s a great point. The Democrat Party is the party of the rich today. The Democrat Party is the party of hedge funds. The Democrat Party is the party of Wall Street. The Democrat Party is the party of government and business coalitions.

It’s just a game that they play they stand for the little guy. And yet they get away with the idea that they are the little guy and stand for the little guy and take care of the little guy. They’re utter, total hypocrites. But it doesn’t matter. The way people get screwed up, Democrats, is expecting people to hold them accountable to their words. The Democrats don’t have to be honest. The Democrats can be hypocritical all day long if the mission is accomplished, and the mission is defeating Republicans. The mission is defeating conservatives. That’s all Democrat voters care about. All the rest of this is window dressing.

They’re anti-war only when Republicans are in the White House. They’re anti-Wall Street only when Republicans are in the White House. They’re anti-hedge funds and wealth only when Republicans can be blamed for it. The mission, as far as the Democrat base voter is concerned and the Democrat Party, is defeat Republicans no matter how: lying, hypocrisy, 180 degrees out of phase from reality. All of it is tolerated and, in fact, applauded if they win.

They don’t have to be honest. They don’t have to be honest what they really believe. Beating Republicans. That’s why Clinton remains the top star in the Democrat Party, because he is viewed as the one man who has just shellacked Republicans at every turn. That’s why he’s loved and adored.

Gotta take a break.

Wait ’til you hear this CEO story. It has nothing to do with Hillary, but I’m gonna connect it as only I can do.

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