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RUSH: I just can’t turn on the TV, folks. I just can’t. There’s too much on that bores me. I mean, news. I just can’t do it anymore. It’s all predictable. It’s formulaic. I know what’s gonna come, and besides, I have such a vast network of helpers who think that I can’t do this without them that I get treated to e-mail after e-mail after e-mail saying: “You should have seen what just happened on X.”

So because of this vast network, I don’t have to watch it. For example, I got a note from my old buddy Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator. “Rush, if you’re not watching Bret Baier –” and he knows I’m not. That’s why he sends me the note. ” If you’re not watching Bret Baier he led tonight with a Hillary story in Iowa. Ed Henry, the Fox correspondent, is in Iowa. He interviews a young female college student who says –” and I’m paraphrasing “– ‘Hillary Clinton, I think she was in the Senate or something. I don’t know, but she must be big.'”

Jeffrey’s point was, in short, this was a literal confirmation what you’ve been saying about the Millennials and the fact that they don’t know anything about the real Hillary Clinton. They weren’t alive. They weren’t old enough. They don’t remember any of the things that really define Hillary

Clinton. They think of her as a Senator, maybe, secretary of state, maybe. Benghazi, don’t even bother asking about that. They won’t know what it is.

They don’t know about the bimbo eruptions. They don’t know about Hillarycare. They don’t know about that miserably failed bus tour. They don’t know anything about Whitewater. They don’t know anything about the Vince Foster situation. They don’t know anything about the FBI files. They know nothing, and he was just writing to tell me that I was right.

This is another story that supports that very thing I have been saying about Millennials. This is a website called Vocativ. I don’t know what it is, but our show prep here knows no boundaries. We go wherever there is news, even to the far dark corners of the Internet. “Top Google Searches for Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio” is the headline of this story. “What was the voting public most interested in about Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio after they formally announced their presidential bids?”

The voting public was most interested in their ages, “according to an analysis of the top Google queries about both candidates.” Now, you would think that at first glance that wouldn’t be good news for Hillary.


RUSH: “Google on Monday published the top-five search queries about Clinton and Rubio after their big announcements Sunday and Monday. Vocativ asked Google for a longer list of the most popular searches for both candidates. That list shows that the voting public appears to be unsure about many basic facts regarding the 2016 presidential candidates, including whether the Democratic frontrunner is still married to former President Bill Clinton, which is No. 11 on the list of GoogleÂ’s top queries about Clinton.”

Is she still married to Bill? Number 11. Maybe they can’t believe she’s still married to him, or maybe they’ve never seen ’em in the same photo together, maybe in the same hemisphere, and maybe that’s why they have doubts. Anyway, this story also supports what I have been saying about the Millennials, which is the point, that they really don’t know anything about Hillary, not the way you and I do.

They do not know that Hillary at all. You can’t talk about Hillary with the assumption that Millennials understand what you’re talking about, because they don’t. They weren’t alive. They haven’t lived long enough — if they were alive, they weren’t old enough. The Drive-Bys have not told that story about Hillary. It’s not part of her current resume in any, shape, manner or form. If the nineties is brought up, it’s in the context of what a great time it was in America where she and Bill were working together to make life wonderful for average Americans, and that’d be about the extent of it.

Another thing from this article is, this little passage: “They also want to know if Clinton is beatable and if this is her first rodeo,” suggesting that the people taking this survey don’t know anything and they don’t have any memory of anything. The Benghazi circumstance ranked way down in the search survey. You know what it was right next to in terms of search requests, people searching Google about these candidates and Hillary? Benghazi was right next to the question, “Is Hillary Clinton vegan?” That’s how unimportant Benghazi is to the Millennials.

This is why I have been saying that the Republican presidential field has a task ahead of it, and it is to define her, but not stop at her. They’ve gotta define the Democrat Party. They have to define the American left. They have to define liberalism and include her in it. It needs to be a massive, sweeping effort. And they’d make a grave error if they make the mistake of assuming that everybody’s up to speed on who Hillary is.

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