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RUSH: Snerdley walks in to me, I went out to get my cookie during the top-of-the-hour break, a cookie followed by a cigar. The cigar is enhanced. I’ve studied this extensively. It has to be the right kind of cookie. It can’t be some sissy cookie. It’s gotta be a real cookie. It’s gotta be strong on the taste buds and palate so that it helps bring out every flavor in the cigar.

But, anyway, Snerdley walks up to me, says, “You know, this Hillary stuff, I know you’re bored by it, and I love the way you’re playing it, ignoring her and all that kind of stuff. But I gotta tell you, I’m seeing more negative coverage of Hillary. It wasn’t like this the first time. It wasn’t like this in 2008.”

And I looked at him, and I said, “We keep looking in all the wrong places for evidence that Mrs. Clinton is vulnerable, all the wrong places.” I got New York Times story where they’re critical of Mrs. Clinton and talking about things she’s doing they don’t like. It doesn’t mean anything. Folks, let me see if I can illustrate my point of view this way. There is no possibility — I need to put an asterisk by this because Elizabeth Warren is lurking out there, and I recognize that.

But there is no possibility that the Democrat voting base is going to abandon Hillary Clinton because the New York Times might write something negative or because she has been shown to be a hypocrite. Mrs. Clinton, I’m just gonna tell you, Mrs. Clinton could announce today that she is reversing her opinion on gay marriage. She could announce that she’s rethinking it. It would not hurt her, other than Elizabeth Warren being out there.

The point I want to make is, she will and every other Democrat will be allowed a wide berth, whatever it takes to beat Republicans will be permitted. Hypocrisy will not sour support for her. Mrs. Clinton being a hypocrite, phony baloney, plastic banana good, none of that matters. Now, we will disqualify our own candidates on that basis, but the Democrats, they don’t care.

They have a singular objective, and that’s beating conservatives and Republicans and, in fact, humiliating them. The more they can do that, the more any candidate can do that, the more support that candidate is going to have. They don’t care whether the candidate’s honest. They don’t care whether the candidate is dishonest. They’ll take it on faith that their candidate’s gonna be a liberal. I mean, there are limits. Mrs. Clinton couldn’t announce that she’s become a Republican and get their support, don’t misunderstand.

But the traditional things that you might think might damage Mrs. Clinton in the left-wing media, they’re not gonna damage her. As long as she is seen as being able to beat whoever the Republicans nominate, it won’t matter how she does it. It won’t matter what her policies are. If the announced policies of Mrs. Clinton seem at variance with liberalism, it’ll be done with a wink and a nod. A wink to the base: “Look, you know I have to say this to win, but I don’t really mean it.” And they’ll accept it and move on.

So looking for the campaign of Mrs. Clinton to crumble by virtue of analyzing media coverage of her and seeing that they’re not quite as supportive as they once were, if you can find that, I don’t think means anything. I think it’s a sucker’s game to look at that. You cannot hope to beat whoever they nominate. I don’t care if it’s Elizabeth Warren or Biden or Hillary or whoever, you can’t beat them if your primary objective is to hope their base doesn’t vote for ’em.

You’re going to have to beat them by exciting more people to vote for you. You can’t do it hoping that there is boredom, disappointment, lack of turnout for the Democrat presidential candidate, ’cause that’s not gonna happen. They’re gonna get their base out. They’ll play the race card. They’ll play the gender card. They’ll play whatever card they’ve got, and they’re gonna have all this money.

It’s just experience talking here. I’ve seen too many times people get all excited about, “Wow, we got Mrs. Clinton on hypocrisy. Look what she says here versus what –” That’s not gonna matter to her voters. Only if she does something that makes them question whether or not she can win, then there might be a problem. But even then, because they’re in there to support her to win. They don’t care what her faults are. They don’t care. She can be phony as the day is long. They have an entirely different criteria. And they don’t have nearly the honor system that they think they do.

They’re focused on one thing. Remember, to them, the Republican Party, slash, conservatives, biggest enemy they’ve got. Not Iran, not ISIS, not Al-Qaeda, none of that. That’s chump change, we can deal with that. The Republicans, because they pose the greatest immediate threat to power, and that’s why they’re always going to be enemy number one.


RUSH: You know this meeting she had yesterday, the scrum, wherever she was, Iowa, yeah. She gets out of the van, the van’s named Scooby, by the way. She gets out of the van, ’cause she’s just an ordinary person, you know, driving around in a van. She gets out of the van, she goes in there, there were more media people inside and outside than there were everyday people she was talking to.

And F. Chuck Todd, even the media’s laughing and mocking him. F. Chuck Todd acted like the biggest superstar in the world had been spotted when he saw her van go drive by where he was standing. He literally lost it (imitating Todd), “Oh, my God, there she goes! There she goes! We’ve spotted it, we’ve spotted the van! There’s the van, it’s Hillary Clinton, right where we’re standing! Samantha, she just drove by, she’s in there.” He just lost it, went overboard. Everybody’s mocking him now for having done it.

But that’s the extent of it. They’re excited over the fact her van drove by. They believe she’s doing things she’s never done before because she ordered a burrito at Chipotle. Oh, speaking of that, do you know that Chipotle are major donors to the Clinton Family Foundation? Do you know that the CEOs of Chipotle earn $25 million a year and want to earn more and the stockholders said no.

My point is, nothing with the Clintons is coincidental. There are no coincidences with the Clintons. There are no accidents. There is no such thing as spontaneity with these people. She didn’t choose Chipotle because she likes it. She choose Chipotle because they are one of the serious underwriters of the so-called Clinton Family Foundation. Anyway, I’ve never been there, doesn’t matter. I still know about the tip jar, but I’ve still never been there. Doesn’t matter.

She’s out there, $300,000 a speech, $14 million advance for a book that nobody bought and even fewer people read. She couldn’t draw flies to a book signing unless it was union people paid to show up. Half or more of her Twitter followers are literally fake. She’s spending $38 per follower on Facebook. The woman is out there trying to pass herself off as an average, ordinary, common American, when she isn’t. At least when I was growing up, people didn’t want an average, ordinary schlub to be president. They wanted somebody special. They didn’t want somebody ordinary. But who knows now, we’re not that far away from Idiocracy, as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, she has stated after trying to raise $2.5 billion dollars that campaign finance reform is a mess in this country and it’s gotta get fixed, and it’s one of the four things that she told this group of schlubs in — I’m sorry. That’s the media. She told this group of everyday people in Iowa that that’s one of the things that she really wanted to focus on ’cause it’s just out of control. Now, you might think, don’t these people know she just raised $2.5 billion dollars, is she not a hypocrite? Doesn’t matter. That’s my point. It doesn’t matter with them.

What you need to know is, you combine Hillary gets elected with $2.5 billion dollars raised; Obama grants amnesty to 15 million or whatever it is Hispanics; Hillary then puts in play her revamp of the campaign finance system, and you’ve got a one-party country if she’s elected. That’s their objective. Their objective is to eliminate the opposition. Not to debate it, not to get in the arena of ideas with us, none of that. They don’t want us around. They don’t want us being a viable opposition whatsoever.

The Iran deal, screw that, that’s a sideshow. Defeating us is what inspires them, motivates them, and keeps them going. That’s their express, avowed purpose. And the best way they can do it is to make sure we don’t have a chance. So you revamp the campaign finance system, and they’ve given us indication of how they’re gonna do it. The IRS did it to the Tea Party people. Basically they were not granted tax exempt status. They were not allowed to raise any money.

Imagine when they’re in office, Hillary revamping campaign finance and making that the law of the land, that conservative groups are disqualified from raising money. Add to that the 10 to 15 million brand-new legalized Democrats, and they’ve got their one-party country. That’s what they are gunning for.

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