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RUSH: How many times in the recent past have you people heard me refer to Democrat Party base as insane? How many of you recall my suggesting, my pointing out, my claiming that the Democrat Party has turned its base literally rabid with insanity and rage. With all of the catcalling, all of the negativity that they have been responsible for, the Iraq war, you name it, everything for the last four years of George Bush’s presidency, everything, they turned their base into a bunch of rabid, insane lunatics.

You remember how they literally went bat excrement crazy after the Citizens United Supreme Court case because that court case essentially said that corporations are people. And that right there, fighting words. Corporations are not people, except now they are. Democrats happen to love corporations at the moment because they’re helping Obama do some things. But Citizens United, allowing corporations to make political campaign donations, just sent them into orbit and they went on TV, the left-wing media, and just went crazy.

So what happens? Yesterday a postal worker from somewhere here in Florida got in his little gyrocopter and flew it to Washington. He was a mailman, and he had a bunch of so-called signed petitions he was gonna deliver to somebody expressing all of their outrage and anger over the Supreme Court decision, Citizens United. I saw the crash site, this guy’s little gyrocopter. The rudder, the entire rudder of his gyrocopter is the United States post office trademark. So he’s a proud postal worker. I don’t know, maybe they sponsored his gyrocopter and he didn’t have to pay for the whole thing himself.

This guy was this close, dangerously close to being shot out of the sky by long guns that were being aimed at him from the US capitol. If he had happened to fly just a short distance farther, he would have been shot down. Are you kidding me? You get all worked up over the Supreme Court decision, Citizens United? Had it not been for the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party lying about that, raising hell about it, this postal worker wouldn’t have had the slightest idea what the decision was about. He may not have even remembered it, knew what it was, or cared. Exactly what I mean by the Democrat Party driving their base literally insane.

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