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RUSH: I made mention yesterday that Rand Paul has successfully turned the tables on abortion. I made a point of saying that he’s the first Republican to come along and actually successfully turn the tables on the Democrats and put them on the defensive and put ’em in a position where they really can’t explain their position, they have no defense for it. Immediately I get hit with e-mails thinking I’m endorsing Rand Paul. I’m not. “He wasn’t the first. My guy did it way back –” I’m not endorsing anybody here, yet.

Folks, when I point out that Ted Cruz does something great, it doesn’t mean I’m endorsing him. Ditto Scott Walker. Ditto Rand Paul. I’m just telling you what’s going on, just my perception of things. It’s like yesterday with Rubio, when Rubio predicted back in 2013 that if the Gang of Eight bill failed, that he couldn’t see a new Republican in 2016 reversing Obama’s executive amnesty.

Now, I hadn’t seen that prediction. Rubio made it, and I hadn’t seen anybody else make it. It was easy to predict that Obama was gonna do executive amnesty. But it was just assumed that if he did, that the next Republican president would reverse it. But if Obama does it in numbers of six million, 10 million, 15 million, it may not be so easy for the next president to just dramatically cancel that and deport those people, which is what Rubio was saying.

So I have people saying, “So you’re endorsing Rubio?” No, no, no, I’m not endorsing anybody yet, as you know. Anyway, my observation about Rand Paul ended up being talked about last night on Fox. Megyn Kelly had Dana Perino, who, by the way, what happened to her? She’s got a new book out, and she sent me a copy of the book. Yeah, go get it real quick, yeah. You know, it’s funny, she sends me the book, and she signed it, she autographed it. Brian’s bringing the book now? Oh, you put it on the bookshelf there? I’m glad you know where it is on that bookshelf ’cause there’s a lot of them. Dana Perino. There it is.

The title of the book: “And the Good News Is… Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side.” There she is. And the autograph is, “Rush, with great admiration, Dana Perino.” And then she had a sticky, one of those yellow Post-It notes stuck in a page toward the rear of the book. She said, “I think you’ll enjoy this story.” And what it was was something she admitted to Sean Hannity. It’s in the chapter about dealing with the media.

She was Bush’s press secretary after Tony Snow. She was the Josh Earnest the day for a time. And Hannity was asking her, “How do you put up with these people? They come in that pressroom, and you know they hate you. You know all they want to do is destroy your president. How do you deal with it?” And what she admits is that behind the podium she’s flipping ’em all the bird. She didn’t let them ever see it. But with each question she’s flipping ’em the bird under the podium. He-he-he-he-he.

In the book it’s sort of an apology. She said (paraphrasing), “I know you people in the press might be mad at me when you read this, but I’m sorry, it’s how I had to deal with it.” She’s not really apologizing to ’em, but she says she hopes that they understand. It’s her way of writing, “Yeah, these questions frustrated me. Yeah, I knew what the media was trying to do to Bush. Yeah, but I had to behave in a certain way so I’m flipping ’em off where they can’t see it beneath the podium.”

Anyway, she’s on Megyn Kelly last night, they’re talking about what I said about Rand Paul, and this is how Megyn Kelly began the whole thing.

KELLY: Last night I spoke with DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz about her fight with Senator Rand Paul and how that has produced what Rush Limbaugh today called a victory for Republicans unlike any he has ever seen.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Rand Paul has done something that no other Republican has done. He has turned the abortion issue around on the Democrats.

RUSH: Megyn Kelly then turned to Dana Perino and asked her opinion on this.

KELLY: You know, Rush was saying, and I heard you saying earlier on The Five, that that was a significant moment. Why?

PERINO: It’s a change. So what Rand Paul basically did is say, “I’m going to take your typical question for a Republican that you never ask the Democrats.” What he was saying is, “Why doesn’t anyone ever ask the Democrats where they stand on late-term abortion in particular?” And on that question, I think Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s answers to you were very telling.

RUSH: Right. And Megyn Kelly then replied.

KELLY: I was confused as to why she wouldn’t just — I mean, third trimester —

PERINO: They will cede no ground.

KELLY: Why not? That’s an easy thing. Even if you are pro-choice, 80 plus percent of the American people say, “Not in the third trimester, because that’s a baby. That is a baby.”

RUSH: Let me answer this, then. It’s not a baby until the Democrat woman decides it’s a baby. There is no 80%, there is no third trimester. Abortion is valid whenever the woman wants. That’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s view. Now, one thing they’re right about on this show. Just like public opinion has really shifted on this whole notion of health care being a right and the whole idea of Obamacare never has been a majority, abortion in this country is dramatically shifting. It has always been, despite what people would tell you, abortion has always been a pretty much 50-50 issue. There have been moments where it’s been 60-40, but it has never been what the left would like you to believe 100 to zero or 80 to 20 in favor of pro-choice. It’s never been.

And now, particularly among Millennials, the whole idea of abortion any time, anywhere, is losing ground rapidly. Or that’s what the mention here of this 80% that Megyn Kelly mentioned. Even if you’re pro-choice, 80 plus percent of the American people say no abortion third trimester because that’s a baby, that’s a baby. People have decided that in the third trimester, life has begun. I’m not here to debate whether they’re right and wrong. Just telling you that 80% of the American people think so. That’s a shift. This puts the Democrats in a very small minority, but as I said earlier, it’s not gonna change their attitude. Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz is never gonna concede the point, and she didn’t. And Megyn and Perino here are discussing, I mean, for crying out loud, 80%.

No, no, no. Abortion is the sacrament of liberalism, and, as such, it is sacred. It may sound sick, but it is sacred, and no matter, it is a dividing line issue. There will never, ever, ever, as far as radicals like Debbie Schultz or anybody else running that party, never, ever will there be any official compromise. If there were, that lunatic fringe Democrat base would turn their attentions on the traitors in the Democrat Party.

This is perhaps the most important, defining issue. And isn’t it curious, it’s a social issue. Perhaps the most defining, the most important, the most crucial, you must agree with this or you’re not a real Democrat position, is there is no baby at any time until the woman decides to give birth. No such thing as a third trimester baby. The abortion remains the sacrament, and any time it happens is fine and dandy, ’cause they fear if they give ground on this, that other things are going to begin to crumble that make up the issue coalition of the Democrat Party.

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