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RUSH: Patience in Marshall, Virginia. You’re next. Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Mr. Rush. I’m a Rush grandbaby. I love your books, all of them, I’ve read all of them. The second one is my favorite because of Liberty’s Stomp Act, Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.”

RUSH: Wait a minute. What was your reason for liking the second one?

CALLER: Liberty’s Stomp Act to “Call Me Maybe,” by Carly Rae Jepsen.

RUSH: Oh, the Stomp Act. Okay. Yes.

CALLER: I have two dogs, Liberty and Justice. And I have a horse that looks like Liberty, and we don’t use bits.

RUSH: You have a horse, and you have two dogs?

CALLER: Yes, that looks just like Liberty.

RUSH: Oh, that is real cool. And you’ve read all three of these?

CALLER: Yes, sir. And I love them, love ’em. I’m homeschooled, and one of the best things about it is that I don’t have to eat Michelle Obama food.

RUSH: Well, now, that’s a major point in your favor. You’re 12 years old and you sound much older. By that, you sound much more mature, you sound very composed.

CALLER: Thank you, sir.

RUSH: You’re very poised and all that, 12 years old. That’s amazing.

CALLER: Thank you, sir. I have one last thing to say, though. I’ve seen your Limbaugh Chronicles in the early nineties, and I’ve seen the Dittoheads, the air quotes, and I notice it’s the same music for the intro.

RUSH: Jeez, my hearing.

CALLER: The Limbaugh Chronicles, the VHS tapes from the nineties?

RUSH: Oh. Oh, oh, oh. Oh, you’re talking about the Rush to Excellence Tours that we put on video?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: I had forgotten we even did those.

CALLER: And I’m a Rush grandbaby.

RUSH: The Limbaugh Chronicles, I’m thinking, is that what we used to call the newsletter or something, the Limbaugh Chronicles?

CALLER: No, sir. The VHS tape.

RUSH: Wow, you are a Rush grandbaby, you have been totally immersed in —

CALLER: Yes, sir. All the way back in ’90s. And thank you for getting us through both presidential elections.

RUSH: (laughing) Twelve years old, getting you through both — (laughing)

CALLER: We love you. Thank you, sir.

RUSH: We love you, too, Patience, more than you could possibly know. I want you hold on because I want to send you a little gift package, assorted goodies from the Rush Revere bunch. We got a lot of stuff we want to throw your way just as a thank you and for gratitude —

CALLER: Oh, thank you so much, sir. Sorry, I didn’t mean to cut you off. Thank you. My gosh. Thank you.

RUSH: You can cut me off any time. You sound great. Patience, now, don’t hang up here so Mr. Snerdley gets your address we can send you the stuff.

CALLER: Yes, sir. Thank you so much.

RUSH: This is incredible. See, here’s 12 years old versus what we led off the program with today, that ESPN babe, McHenry, whatever her first name is, I’ve already forgotten her first name. What a striking contrast in just manners and politeness, character and all of that. Homeschooled.

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