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RUSH: Folks, it’s the end of the week here, it’s Open Line Friday, and I think now would be a good opportunity to review the week for the campaign of Mrs. Clinton. She has five days under her belt. We have pretty much the same thing. She announced her candidacy for the presidency last Sunday with a tweet and a video. The tweet was immediately overrun by a hashtag called, #whyI’mnotvotingforHillary. The video was found to be full of fake everyday people.

She made the claim that her campaign was focused on everyday people and that she was one of them. And it was learned not too long after that everybody in this video was fake. They were not everyday people. They were bought and paid for. They were vetted; they were rehearsed; they are all Democrat operatives or donors or related somehow to one or both. Her Facebook and Twitter accounts are mostly fake. Over half of her Twitter followers don’t exist. They are literally fake and made up. Her Facebook followers have been bought and paid for to the tune of about $38 per follower.

There isn’t anything real about her campaign. There isn’t anything genuine about it. While she’s in the midst of setting up this campaign as an everyday, ordinary American for everyday, ordinary Americans, we are reminded that her daughter Chelsea and her husband are soon to close on a ten-and-a-half million-dollar apartment in New York City. She is being driven around like a queen in a van that she supposedly named Scooby, but it was actually the name the Secret Service gave her car in her Senate campaign. So that’s even being recycled. Scooby is not new.

She stops at a big donor of the Clinton Family Foundation, a place called Chipotle. She walks in, she’s running for president, she’s campaigning for the average, ordinary, everyday American. She walks into a place where said Americans congregate. She walks in wearing dark glasses, is unrecognized. She’s standing next to her comrade in arms, Huma Abedin Weiner. Neither Hillary nor Huma speak to anybody. Huma orders for Hillary because, of course, Hillary doesn’t deign to actually talk to anybody behind the counter. They do not leave a tip. Chipotle has a tip jar. They do not leave a tip in the tip jar.

They spend a grand total of 21 bucks and ended up letting the outlet keep 50 cents in change. But it did not go to the tip jar. At least neither Hillary nor Huma put any money if the tip jar. And then after that experience I, El Rushbo, asked the question nationally and publicly if Mrs. Clinton or Huma actually tipped and put any money in the tip jar. This led Bloomberg News to conduct an investigation to prove that I had made something implied about it. And what they found was that my question was actually correct, that Mrs. Clinton had indeed not put anything in the tip jar.

Bloomberg News was attempting to embarrass me. Since they had committed themselves to the story, convinced that Mrs. Clinton certainly would have put something in the tip jar, and preparing to write a story on how extremist and mean-spirited I am, they ended up having to write a story confirming that my instincts were right, that Mrs. Clinton nor Huma Weiner had actually tipped the tip jar at Chipotle.

Her first stop in Iowa was with everyday Democrat operatives driven in for the event by her campaign staffers, and before they arrived they had been interviewed. They had been prepared, prepped, if you will. They had been vetted. All of these average, ordinary Americans who were supposedly just sitting in this diner in Iowa, I think it was Le Claire, Iowa, had actually been bused in themselves. They had been found off-site. They had been interviewed off-site. They had been rehearsed off-site. They had been told what to ask Mrs. Clinton off-site. They were brought in before she arrived to make it look like they just happened to be there on their own.

And then Mrs. Clinton, who just happened to be driving down the road, just happened to stop at this particular diner, where there just happened to be some average, ordinary Americans. So Mrs. Clinton just happened to sit down and begin a conversation with them about whatever. We learned later the whole thing was arranged and set up and rehearsed.

She told a story that all of her grandparents were immigrants when all but one were actually born in America. They parked her van in a handicapped zone while Huma and Hillary went in somewhere to do something together. We don’t know what. And when they were called on this, “No, we didn’t park, we were idling. And if anybody would have come along actually handicapped that needed that space, we would have gladly moved Scooby out of the way.” But it did not mask the fact that the Clinton campaign spying a handicap zone zeroed in right on it and parked there.

We also observed that Bill Clinton was nowhere to be seen. Bill Clinton was nowhere in the vicinity. Bill Clinton didn’t say anything the whole week. He didn’t show up anywhere in public the whole week. He wasn’t by his wife’s side when she was in Iowa at all of these fake events, leading people to speculate why. And of course there wasn’t any definitive answer so it was wide open for speculation. We still have an entire weekend to go before the first full week of Hillary’s campaign wraps up.

Oh, by the way, two little interesting notes. Look at this story from TheHill.com. Do you remember back in the nineties, ladies and gentlemen — some of you might not. I have to keep reminding myself of this. Some of you who are Millennials or who were just not born yet or too young to remember, during the nineties, everybody was aware that Bill Clinton lied. They marveled at it. The press was aware he lied. They thought he was the best liar to ever come down the pike.

In fact, Clinton was so good he could keep track of his lies. He remembered the lies that he told, which is far better than most liars are able to do. And the real test of a good liar is does the real good liar remember the second lie? There’s always a second lie to cover up getting caught telling the first one. I’ll give you an example in a moment. The media back in those days literally marveled at how Clinton was able to get away with lying so smoothly, such as (imitating Clinton), “I never had sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky, not a single time, never. I have to get back to work for the American people.” They just marveled. Everybody knew it was BS, but they marveled.

In fact, so many members of the press marveled, there were stories in the 1990s about how lying is actually good for us. Little white lies, the kind that Bill Clinton told actually served a purpose. They spared people hurt feelings, they facilitated progress. There were actually all kinds of stories about how telling lies was actually good for people and good for society, and so, given that, here’s a story from TheHill.com called: “The Politics of Tipping.” And this is a story about how really unimportant it is now, right on the heels of Mrs. Clinton being caught a tightwad.

“Do you tip at fast food restaurants? It’s an ethical dilemma. … thrust into the 2016 spotlight when Hillary Clinton left an Ohio Chipotle without leaving a tip. When to tip can be a difficult decision, but it is especially tricky if you are running for president. Charles Wright, the manager of the Maumee, Ohio, Chipotle, told Bloomberg that Clinton left no change in the tip jar after paying her bill, which came out to $20. ‘We get a bunch of tips,’ Wright, a Republican voter, said of his store. ‘If weÂ’re doing our job right, people tip.'”

Now, note that TheHill.com here insists on claiming Wright is a Republican, even though Bloomberg deleted that claim from their report.

“The story shows how every step taken by a presidential candidate will be heavily scrutinized by an ever-present media determined to find something to write about. Strategists say the episode shows the spotlight will shine especially bright on Clinton, even in the most mundane situations.”

So we have a story here about the relative unimportance of tipping, right on schedule. Mrs. Clinton caught in the middle of being a tightwad, just like her husband caught lying every time he opens his mouth, we got stories about lying is good for us. Now we have stories about how tipping is not that big a deal. Doesn’t matter. Fast food place, what the hell, get over it.

I also was advised of something I was unaware of last night, American Spectator, Jay Homnick. I gotta take a break, but it’s about Mrs. Clinton and her lie that she was named after Edmund Hillary.


RUSH: Now, one thing about Mrs. Clinton. Yesterday I told you a story, and it was true, that Mrs. Clinton said that she had been told that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who climbed Mt. Everest. The problem is he didn’t climb Mt. Everest for seven years after she was born. She was seven years old when he climbed Mt. Everest. Before that nobody knew who he was. He’s from New Zealand. Nobody knew who he was.

But she was in New Zealand, and she met him when he was 75, so she just told a lie on the spot on the spot. She told him, my mother was so enamored and so proud of you that she named me after you so that I would be inspired like you did to seek and climb new heights all throughout my life. And of course he didn’t know any better, so he ate it up. It was a total lie. I got a note last night from Jeff Lord, the American Spectator who told me that Jay Homnick, one of the editors there, had written as a piece about this nine years ago or seven years ago, I forget which.

The bottom line is, I did not know this. This is an example of the second lie. At some point after Hillary lied to Edmund Hillary about being named after him, she was called on it. And her answer was that her mother lied to her. That’s the story that Jay Homnick wrote. She threw her own mother under the bus. The story is, “Lie, Lady, Lie,” the American Spectator, and we’ll link to it at RushLimbaugh.com. It’s not that long a story. But the point is that Mrs. Clinton, in order to save herself, threw her own mother under the bus and told her that it was the best of intentions. Her mother lied to her about being named after Edmund Hillary so that she would be inspired to keep climbing and keep seeking new heights.

It was a well-intentioned lie. It was an attempt to motivate a daughter by a mother, and Hillary didn’t know it ’cause she was so young when she was first informed who she’d been named after, but when she finally learned about it she had to admit that her mother had lied to her. Now, both of those are lied. She made the story up talking to Edmund Hillary. Her mother did not name her after Edmund, did not lie to her about it. That’s an example of the first lie, keeping track of it, by telling a second lie.


RUSH: Here’s the official account from Jay Homnick on Hillary Clinton and the double lie. “Hillary, it turns out, was not really named for Sir Edmund Hillary. But, her office assures us, she thought she was. It was her mother that lied to her about it. Yes, folks, she threw her mother under the bus. Except that she adds a word of understanding, a sense that her mother had good intentions. Why, that wonderful Hillary! She forgives her lying sack of an old lady. Ya gotta love it!

“Here is the synopsis, to bring our latecomers up to snuff. Back in 1995, the then-First Lady was visiting New Zealand and met the great adventurer, Sir Edmund Hillary, then 75 years old. Naturally, her true excitement expressed itself in a lie: she told him that her mother had named her after Sir Edmund, in admiration for his scaling Mount Everest. It did not take long for researchers to discover that Hillary Rodham was born in 1947 while Sir Edmund did not make it up the hill until 1953. This quickly became a synecdoche for all her other fabrications, obfuscations and tergiversations. How big a liar do you have to be to lie about your own name?

“Later, she prudently left this gem out of her autobio.” She didn’t put it in her autobiography. But then you know what happened? Bill put it in his. Honestly. She had been called on the carpet. She had been called out as a liar. She then blamed her mother, she left it out of her autobiography, but Bill screwed up and told the story in his. So now it’s time to lie about the lie.

Hillary’s office “announces that her Mom told her this little white lie, but she did it in the hopes of encouraging her to scale great heights in her own life. The New York Times duly passes on the word, although the reporter is struggling desperately to keep his tongue from lodging in his cheek.”

Jay Homnick writes, “You have to stand back and admire the beauty. To lie is easy enough. You say something about a past event guided by convenience rather than accuracy. What then happens if you get caught? Some hardy blogger looked it up, wrote it up and the jig seems to be… well, up. Here is where the men are told from the boys. A Republican wuss will own up, fess up and pack up. Not a Clinton, no way. A Clinton will keep it up; more than that, dress it up. This is the fun part, where you tell a lie about why you lied that garners more sympathy than had the original lie stood. The second lie makes us feel bad that they had to lie the first time.”

That’s it, in a nutshell. So Mrs. Clinton tells Sir Edmund that she was named after him. What a beautiful thing. Oh, man, what a wonderful thing. Except it couldn’t be because she was born six years, seven years before he climbed the mountain. So when a blogger found this out Mrs. Clinton was then left to say, “Well, I know, my mother lied to me. My mother lied to me in the hope that I would be inspired to climb my own heights.”

So two lies actually became an accredited, applauded attempt at motivation. This is why in the nineties the media was filled with story after story marveling how well and how good the Clintons are at lying.


RUSH: Here is Jeff in Naples, Florida. Jeff, you’re next. It’s great to have you. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Hey, just something I’m driving around thinking about and Hillary not tipping at Chipotle. She goes in there, and yet, you know, they’re all for the little guy and want to move the minimum wage up to 15 bucks an hour, it just goes to show that as long as it doesn’t come out of their pocket and it comes out of somebody else’s they’re fine with it.

RUSH: You know, especially in the case of the Clintons, you do not know how right you are.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: I mean, both of them are the epitome, they define the concept of using other people’s money. I mean, even for their personal things. Don’t forget, Hillary Clinton is the woman — and I guarantee you a lot of you in this audience will not know this because you weren’t alive when it happened, and it hasn’t been reported. Back when Bill and Hillary lived in Arkansas and he was governor, she actually rounded up used underwear and stuff from the family home and took it to Goodwill and reported it on their tax return. She took like a $2.10 deduction for used underwear that they gave to Goodwill. These people have been obsessed with money ever since they never had any, which is most of their lives, and they do not use their own for anything. And that’s an excellent point here.

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