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RUSH: Temecula, California, this is Trent, and Trent, it says you’re 12 years old. Is that right?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Well, welcome to the program and Open Line Friday. What’s on your mind?

CALLER: Okay. So I was sent home on Thursday and Friday with a homeschool project about Earth Day.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: And there is a question that I just want your input on. It’s a charter school and they teach the Common Core stuff, and it seems to me that they try to teach Islamic values more than Christian values, and the question is, do you think we should have a day to celebrate the earth, why, or why not?

RUSH: You’re asking me, or did somebody ask you that?

CALLER: The packet asked me, but I want your input on it, please.

RUSH: Oh, okay. Do you want to know what I really think, Trent, or do you want to know what I think you should say to avoid any trouble?

CALLER: Yes, sir. I would like to know what you think.

RUSH: I think you can celebrate the earth every day. I think you can give thanks for the earth every day. You can take care of it, you can act as a steward of the earth every day. To act as though a single Earth Day — Earth Day, as it was established, is a political, quote, unquote, commemoration, holiday, don’t know if a holiday, but it has a political objective behind it. And it is rooted in an anti-capitalist political belief. It is designed to create in minds of young people like you that you in your natural state are destroying the earth and you must pay attention now to not do that anymore. And the way you can not destroy the earth is to do what Democrat politicians tell you to do and accept all tax increases to fix the damage that you’ve caused.


RUSH: Now, Earth Day, April 22nd, just happens to be Lenin’s birthday. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. Earth Day is April 22nd. Do you know what Lenin’s first name was? Do you know who Lenin is? (interruption) Well, yeah, you might, you might. I am wondering, how many people in this audience, particularly the Millennials, even know who I mean when I say, “Yeah, Earth Day is Lenin’s birthday.” And then how many people know his first name? (interruption) You know his second name? Do you know his first name?

Vladimir. To the unsophisticated, Vladimir. And the middle name is Ilyich. V. I. Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. (interruption) Right, exactly. Like Ernst Stavro Blofeld, it’s Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Anyway, it was his birthday, and that’s Earth Day, April 22nd. The first Earth Day was celebrated in Central Park, 1970, a million people showed up. They destroyed the great lawn. (laughing) I’m just kidding, folks. It took years for the great lawn of Central Park to recover. And the Millennials much less not know who Vladimir Lenin, they don’t even know who John Lennon is.

Vladimir, by the way, is Russian for “Lord of the earth.” Yeah. Earth Day is a political existence. The whole point of Earth Day is political. It’s part and parcel of the environmentalist wacko ecosystem.

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