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RUSH: Okay, I gotta get it in here. I promised I would. The manager of the Cincinnati Reds last night in Milwaukee at Miller Park. (I hope that DA doesn’t get hold of this guy.) This is during the Q&A. Manager Bryan Price is speaking with reporters, and he’s just had it. He’s just had it with the media coverage, specifically reports that the catcher, the Reds catcher was not available for Sunday’s loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.

PRICE: Your job isn’t to sniff out every (bleep) that is about the Reds and (bleep) put it out there for every other (bleep) guy to hear. It’s not your job. You want me to be candid with you. I’ve been candid with you. I (bleep) talked to you guys like men. I tell you what the (bleep) is going on with the team. I tell you how I’m feeling about it as candidly as I can, and then this (bleep)? Gotta watch this (bleep)?

RUSH: Suffice to say he’s not a big fan of the media — and he was not through.

PRICE: So I’m (bleep). I’ll be honest with you. I’m (bleep) sick of this (beep). I’m sick of listening to this (bleep). I’m sick of this (bleep) (bleep) second-guessing (bleep). You guys can do whatever the (bleep) you want, but I’ll tell you this: I’m not gonna (bleep) tell you everything about this (bleep) club because you (bleep) guys are gonna go out there and sniff it out anyway. I don’t (bleep) like it one (bleep) bit. Bend over backwards to be (bleep) honest and direct with you (bleep) guys, and you stick it right up my (bleep) and (bleep) team (bleep), and I’m sick of it.

RUSH: I tell you, I know exactly how this guy feels. I know exactly how he feels. He’s talking about coverage of his team, the Cincinnati Reds. It reminds me old Tommy Lasorda rant. He was asked by the press if he was impressed by the performance of Dave Kingman when they were playing the Cubs. I don’t have time to play that for you.

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