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RUSH: It is Shawna in Los Angeles. Great to have you on the program, and I’m really glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. How you doing, Rush?

RUSH: Very well. Thanks much.

CALLER: Great. Thanks for taking my call. I wanted to talk to you. This morning I was watching the news and I saw an interview that Chelsea Clinton had given in response to the allegation of the upcoming book. I think she was at a conference this week. I didn’t get the details on it. Her response was interesting because she said (paraphrasing), “Well, now that they’re in the throes of this, she finds that now they need to start making things more transparent for the activities of the charity.” And, you know, I found two things really interesting with that. One, I thought to myself, Clinton’s been waiting for years thinking she’s gonna be running, so why now? Why would you think now is the time to start making that transparent? I mean, common sense would give that you would, you know, do this earlier in preparation for it.

RUSH: No. No, no, no, no, no. Common sense for the Clintons is to keep it covered up forever. Look at what they’re doing. They’re being bribed here.

CALLER: Well, and that’s a second thing that I thought after listening to the program this morning that you were giving. I thought, you know what, that really is the answer for the Millennial, that is how they get away with it. Because you have to think, well, they are being transparent now, and that’s what the average person is gonna think. Oh, that’s what the clips are gonna see, that’s the only clip that the news shows, now they do think they do need to be transparent. Of course everything is gonna be okay because they realize that they need to be working on that.

RUSH: With the Millennial population, that is possible. Although, I’ll tell you, I’ve got a poll here in the Hillary Stack, and it’s specifically of Millennials and young people, and an overwhelming percentage of them do not think Mrs. Clinton is trustworthy. Now, the same poll, these same kids do not know who Ronald Reagan is.

CALLER: Well, that may be the case, it’s true, but that is how they get away with it. The news only shows them that one clip, that one sentence. You know, I’ve got kids in college and they look at that and they see that one sentence and that’s all they see.

RUSH: Well, that’s different here, Shawna. That’s what’s different. When you say the news, you may be talking CNN or your local TV news, they’re not covering. But the rest of the Drive-By Media is hammering this.

CALLER: Oh, this was the morning news, national television.

RUSH: It is. The CBS morning news, and they are trying to overlook it. Let me ask one quick question about this since you brought up Chelsea. What do you think, Shawna, of the Clintons trotting out their daughter to basically take the arrows on this and to explain it and try to make it right? What do you think of that? Because for the entire time they were in the White House, they told the media: You can’t go anywhere near Chelsea. You can’t talk about Chelsea. Chelsea’s off-limits. Now there’s a little trouble, and who do they trot out there?

CALLER: Well, I thought it was interesting that Chelsea was giving this speech at this conference from a standpoint of she’s gonna make her own funds, she’s gonna make her own way in the Clinton world. And it doesn’t surprise me that they’re bringing Chelsea into this because, you know, she’s been brought up into that atmosphere, you know, being the good speaker, coming in and protecting the family. It really didn’t surprise me. And also because Chelsea is young. She’s in that young age, and, you know, that’s the person you’re gonna want to bring to get those younger kids to come to the table.

RUSH: Yeah, all those younger kids can really afford a 10 and a half million-dollar New York home like Chelsea just bought.

CALLER: Rights, exactly. I mean, she’s not in the realm of the average day common kid. That’s not something they’re gonna be presenting. They are gonna be presenting their daughter, who grew up in the White House, who had to endure all of these things, and yet —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — here she is, still supporting the family. She understands what you guys are going through.

RUSH: Yeah, you’re right.

CALLER: She understands what it’s like to be in your twenties. It is a perfect play, you know, when you’re running for the presidency, if your family’s willing to do that, and, you know —

RUSH: Well, you talk about Chelsea making her own way, look, I know this happens in a lot of families, I know it does, but still, Chelsea, do you know what her job is? It’s the Crime Family Foundation. Chelsea’s one of the people that’s being paid. Chelsea’s living off those donations. She’s one of the 60% that is siphoning donations off as “other expenses.” That’s where her salary comes from. That’s her job, is living off money given to her parents.


RUSH: Here’s Chelsea Clinton. We have Chelsea Clinton audio. This is Chelsea Clinton yesterday in New York City. She was in the Council on Foreign Relations. Do you know what this is? (Kissinger impression) “The Council of Foreign Relations is, of course, the sister organization to the Trilateral Commission which, as you well know, was started by my good friend and fellow conspirator David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski.

“The Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations together basically run dee verld,” and there’s Chelsea speaking at the CFR, for crying out loud! How old is Chelsea? (interruption) Is she 30 now? Is she that old? (interruption) Don’t bother looking it up. It doesn’t matter. (interruption) I know that she has a child. (sigh) I mean, this… (sigh) I don’t know. I don’t want to get sidetracked here, but the Council on Foreign Relations? Anyway, she’s speaking at women’s…

(interruption) You’re kidding? Thirty-five? Chelsea Clinton is 35? I guess it makes sense. All right. So, anyway, at the Council on Foreign Relations, during a panel discussion entitled, “Women’s Rights as Human Rights: The Path to Full Participation…” Well, what kind of fools do they think we are? In the other part of town there’s her mother talking at the Women’s Conference of 2015 complaining about women’s pay.

Here’s her daughter at the CFR at another women’s panel: “Women’s Rights as Human Rights: The Path to Full Participation.” The moderator is Juju Chang. It’s J-u-j-u, Juju Chang, not to be confused with Jar Jar Binks. Juju Chang spoke with Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton, during a discussion on the Clinton Foundation accepting money and bribes from foreign governments who have questionable records on women’s rights.

Juju Chang said, “The Clinton Foundation keeps bubbling up a little bit, and as vice chair, I felt I needed to ask you this. I know that there’s been a rules change in terms of money and donations. But a lot of people have questioned, for example, why did the foundation take money from Saudi Arabia when they don’t treat women as well as perhaps they should?” (laughing) You think? Perhaps they should? “And there’s a question, even this morning in the New York Times, about the money coming from Ukraine, and there’s this question: Were favors done in exchange for funding?”

CHELSEA: What the Clinton Foundation has said is that we will be even more transparent. Um, even though Transparency International and others have said we’re among the most transparent foundations, we’ll disclose donors at a quarterly basis and not an annual basis.

RUSH: Wait a minute! Stop this! Transparency International? (laughing)

Every day I live and learn.

Transparency International! What fraudulent bunch of people runs that? Are you telling me that there is a group called Transparency International that studies the transparency of other organizations and reports, kind of like fact check organizations fact check speeches? And Transparency International (laughing) has examined the transparency of the Clinton Crime Family Operation here (laughing), and they’ve (laughing) found that they’re among the best? What kind of suckers do these people think that we are.

Okay, let’s listen to the rest of this.

CHELSEA: As the vice chair, I have a fiduciary responsibility to the, y’know, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people being impacted by that work and, umm, our staff on the ground in 36 countries, thinking across health access initiatives and — and the foundation. So I very much believe that that’s the right policy. I think that’s the right choice for the people who are being affected by that work.

RUSH: What is the right policy? What? Favors done in exchange for funding? Is that the right policy? What is she talking about? This is what I mean. These people start talking gobbledygook and we’re supposed to sit there and be dazzled by it? “Yeah, we have people on the ground everywhere. Oh, yeah, our staff is on the ground in 36 countries thinking across the health access initiative and the foundation. I very much believe that’s the right policy.”

What policy? Bribery?

She’s been asked here about bribery, essentially. “I think that’s the right policy. Of course, we’re taking money from criminals and trying to keep it hidden.” These people, do you know what they did? We told you yesterday had to refile their tax returns. For three years, they said they took zero money from foreign governments. ZERO! Now the last time I looked, when you filed a fraudulent tax return you don’t get the chance to redo it.

You might be able to amend it. Like when you file your return, you might have taken a charitable deduction when it wasn’t a charity. It was a nonprofit, and you have to take it as a business expense rather than a charity. You can amend, but for crying out loud, you file a tax return for three years that shows zero income, and, “Uh! Uh! You know, we just discovered $300 million that came in from businesses and foreign countries. We need to refile.”

“Oh, okay. Fine. Here’s the form.”

Well, I don’t know anybody who gets to refile.

You know, Chelsea, she knows that big word “fiduciary.” That’s supposed to dazzle us, too. It didn’t work on me.

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