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RUSH: Here’s Rebecca, Woodmere, New York. Great to have you here. Thank you for waiting. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I still you earlier in the program speak about how Millennials have just been brainwashed by the media their whole lives to believe that conservatives are the source of all their economic problems. I can’t help but always feel like we don’t have enough success stories. My mind always goes to, you know, the Chris Christie election. It got so much attention, and I was so excited. I felt like the country’s gonna finally see that conservative policies can take this state out of debt. And it didn’t happen.

CALLER: You know, this is actually an excellent point that you’re making. Somebody mentioned to me the other day and I had not stopped to think of it, but of course it’s absolutely true. Do you realize that a lot of people your age, Millennials, have never had the chance to vote for a conservative for president? I mean, in terms of a real conservative like a Reagan conservative. There’ve been pretenders who said they were conservative, but a real doctrinaire conservative, you haven’t had a chance to vote for one. And your point that you haven’t had any success stories, meaning electoral victory and a follow-up implementation of policy, your point is that your age-group hasn’t seen it, it’s all theoretical to you, right?

CALLER: Exactly. I mean, of course they blame the media, but when we do finally have chances to show everyone how wrong they are, it just doesn’t pan out that way. I don’t know, I can’t help but feeling like, you know, they’re both to blame. We’re to blame also. And I don’t know why.

RUSH: Why are you using — not a trick question; I’m genuinely curious — why are you using Governor Christie as an example? Did he disappoint you, let you down, is that what you mean?

CALLER: Well, I think I read last week that New Jersey is still in a severe state of debt.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I just felt like he was a very —

RUSH: Look, I have to agree with you again. I look at just the Republicans, before we even talk about conservatives, in Washington. I opened the program today talking about how they’re not even up to opposing. We’ve got a president that’s gonna break the Constitution with amnesty. They’ve got a chance to oppose and vote down an attorney general who said she agrees with him. And instead, they’re going to approve her. They’re gonna vote to confirm her because they’re afraid to vote against somebody African-American and what the media’s gonna say about ’em.

I’ll tell you where you’re gonna have to look. There are examples of conservative success, but you’re gonna have to research it because you don’t live in a state where it’s happening, but there are a lot of states with conservative governor success stories. Wisconsin is one, and that would be a great case study for you. But the states are largely, right now, they’re the backstop. They’re the firewall. There are a lot of conservative governors. Christie is not one at the moment.

But there are places you could look where conservatives have run for office and have won and are implementing what they believe. Wisconsin most recently, but Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, Indiana. There’s a bunch of places that are much better off than states being run by liberals. I mean, hands down. So the examples are there. They’re just local, or state, as opposed to federal. But other than that, psychologically from her standpoint, that’s a great point.

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