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RUSH: Orlando, Florida. Jesse, thank you for calling. Great to have you with us. You’re next on Open Line Friday. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Love you, man. I’ve been listening to you for almost 25 years.

RUSH: I appreciate that! Thank you so much.

CALLER: Yeah, when I was in middle school my parents pulled me out and homeschooled me, and listening to you was my History and my Social Studies Class.

RUSH: My, that’s good for you, too. You could not have done better than that in any classroom, and I say that with great pride.

CALLER: Well, I appreciate it. You stay around because my boys are growing up and I want them to be old enough to listen to you so they can get the same education I got.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that. Have you bought them the Rush Revere book series?

CALLER: Sure have, yes, sir.

RUSH: All right. Do you have all three?

CALLER: No, I only have one. But I’m a conservative. I’m not looking for handouts. So I appreciate it.

RUSH: I know, I know. Don’t hang up when we finish here so Mr. Snerdley can get an address because I want to get you the other two and some other stuff, too. I’ll send you the audio versions, but some other stuff, too. So don’t hang up when you finish.

CALLER: All right.

RUSH: All right?

CALLER: So, listen. I think Snerdley was right. My take on this Clinton thing is that Obama is an ideologue whereas the Clintons are opportunists, and I don’t think a true believer and ideologue would want to let an opportunist run the party. So I actually think Clinton’s gonna get it this time. I think Obama wants to play the kingmaker, and I think he’s gonna hang her out to dry.

RUSH: You know, that is a fascinating theory, that ultimately you think Obama is gonna be responsible for the Clintons finally being held accountable, because he doesn’t want to trust his great achievements to a bunch of opportunists like the Clintons. Is that essentially your theory?

CALLER: Absolutely. I mean, even Clinton tacked to the middle a little bit when he was reelected, and Obama would never do that.


CALLER: I don’t think he’d stand by as Hillary did whatever she had to do. I think he’d rather see somebody like Warren, and he can still control the strings of the party.

RUSH: Well, he does. As president, there’s no question he has the power of being able to raise money and the power of fear. And, by the way, everybody knows he will use it. He is that kind of person. He’ll punish people with his power, even in his own party, if they stray. So right now he would take, I think, the leadership role and fearmonger even more so than Clinton. But I don’t know that he’s more popular than Bill Clinton. I think Bill Clinton may be vastly more popular in the Democrat Party than Obama is, but that’s —

CALLER: Well, all the more reason for him to hang her out to dry.

RUSH: Well, yeah. That’s a good theory. Okay, don’t hang up. Mr. Snerdley will be picking up the phone. The only potential flaw — and it’s a minor one — is that I think people err when they think the Clintons are not ideologues. Mrs. Clinton is every bit the ideologue that Barack Obama is, and so is Bill. His act of Good Old Boy is meant to cover that up.


RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I was just asked a question. There’s another possibility here that we haven’t considered on what’s happening to the Clintons here with the revelation of all this news that’s not good. I mean, bribery and false tax returns and all this. The question was just asked of me by the broadcast engineer, “Is it possible that Bill Clinton is actually the one behind all of this, secretly trying to undermine Hillary?

“Because he doesn’t want back in the White House, he doesn’t want that kind of scrutiny anymore, and he doesn’t want her ever ending up on the same level he was, president of the United States? He has no desire for her to ever equal him in that way?” So I had to pause, and I had to think about that for a minute. I said, “In the process of analyzing this one, let’s put ourselves in Bill Clinton’s shoes. All right?”

May we do this honestly, folks? Ahem. Okay, here we go. You’re Bill Clinton. You have been in a politically arranged but loveless marriage for, well, 40 years. Your wife… (groans) Bill Clinton has had to venture outside the marital arrangement for gratification of the kind he’s addicted to. He simply does not and cannot get it within the marital relationship and hasn’t for a long time.

But he really, really down deep doesn’t like that. That’s on the sly, and he can’t make anything permanent in terms of plans with any of those women. And even though the wife knows about, that doesn’t make it any better or easier when you get down to brass tacks because it’s still not ever consummated real. Besides, you’re gonna get caught, and he has gotten caught many, many times, and his wife chews him out.

Not for doing it, but for getting caught.

Every time he gets caught, she berates him, “How could you be so stupid? If you’re gonna get a Lewinsky from an intern, don’t do it in the Oval Office, you stupid idiot!” Well, no husband wants to be talked to that way. No husband wants to be berated that way. No husband really wants to stray the way Bill has had to stray. (sigh) It could be that there’s a lifetime of resentment over matters like this.

So, I guess within certain ways of looking at this, it may be possible that this whole thing is being undermined by Bill simply because, despite whatever agreement they might have made together back in Yale, when they came together and said, “Okay…” They reportedly made a 20-year plan that culminated in him becoming president. That was the objective. Whatever happened, they would both never stray from that plan.

Whether Gennifer Flowers happened, whether Paula Jones happened, whether the Rose Law Firm records ended up being stolen, whether Web Hubbell got caught, whatever happened, nothing was gonna derail the plan, and it didn’t. But look at where Bill had to go. He’s had to pal around with pedophile playboys. He’s had to pal around with supermarket-owner playboys and so forth. I don’t know. Does he resent that?

Does he resent that he can’t go permanent with any of that? Does it…? I don’t know, folks. It’s a world not many of us will ever be able to relate to, much less understand or want to relate to. But that last question: Does Bill actually want the real culmination of this obvious arrangement to end up with Hillary being on the same stratospheric level of achievement that he attained? Why are you shaking your head in there? (interruption)

Oh! Really? You agree with this. Oh, my God, I thought you were shaking your head thinking I had stirred myself into trouble again. You actually think that’s possible? (interruption) Well, there you go. Now we have the female point of view on this, that it could well be that Bill doesn’t want Hillary to actually end up achieving what he achieved, doesn’t want there to ever be this co-president business.

Particularly he doesn’t want the last Clinton in everybody’s mind as president to be her. So therefore could he be the one undermining this? The problem, the argument against that is: Look at what he’s opening up for himself. He’s every bit as exposed on this stuff as she is. The money… (interruption) No, but the money. I know there used to the controversy and being surrounded in swirls of filth and that kind of stuff.

I’m talking about the money, the gravy train stopping.

You know, everybody thinks that once you get to a certain degree of wealth, that there’s a point where you say, “Okay, that’s enough. I don’t need any more.” Has Bill Gates reached it? Buffett? You know those two guys are still in the competition to see who’s named the richest person in the world every year, and Buffett’s in his eighties! Buffett, they’re arguing about $42 or $45 billion? If anybody should have enough it’d be those two, but it never has stopped them from trying to get more, has it?

I’ll just tell you this, folks. The Clintons are sitting there, and the projected net worth of these two, the couple combined, is $150 to $300 million. I’m telling you, compared to the people they pal around with, that’s… Well, it’s not nothing, but it doesn’t buy them the respect of their friends. It’s not that much. I mean, they’re running around with billionaires. Yeah, they can pay their freight no matter where they go.

Except they don’t. They rely on other people.

So, no. I mean, the idea is that they haven’t reached that point where either of them would say, “We have enough, and we can now go straight. We’ve got enough; we can stop playing games. We’ve got enough; we can stop playing on the edges here.” That point will never be reached with them. In other words, their comfort level is never gonna be reached, because these two are gonna live with the constant fear that they could lose it all at once tomorrow. And do you know why?

It’s because of the way they acquired it.

I mean, if I were them, that’d be the big fear I would have. I mean, why do they have this money? They don’t have this money because they’ve achieved anything, other than being elected. They don’t have this money because they started a business and produced a product that people can’t get enough of and have bought. They’re selling influence, and if they don’t have the power to pay back on this money that’s been invested in ’em, then they’re worthless.

If they can’t somehow… There is an expectation. Everybody that’s given them money expects something for it, and the only way the Clintons can satisfy the expectation is to have electoral power — secretary of state, Oval Office — and if neither of them have that, then the money that they have becomes “queasy,” shall we say? That’s the word. It’s not stable, in their minds. It could vanish overnight. (snaps fingers) It could vanish as quickly as they acquired it. So the quest for wanting more will never end.

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