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RUSH: By the way, some of you people out there are very eagle-eyed watching on the
I can’t show them what it looks like on. I don’t… (interruption) I’m not… (interruption) You’re missing my whole point here. I’m not activating this yet, out of respect for the audience. I could very easily take the time here. While I’m talking to somebody on the phone, I could start pairing the watch with my phone and half pay attention to the caller and say, “Yeah, yeah, good point,” not even knowing what they’re saying.

And then move on and finally get the watch paired, and then start playing with it while taking the next call and not hearing what anybody, as most hosts would. I am putting the audience first. I am relegating… I am subordinating my passion to the audience here. All I’ve done is put it on. I just wanted to see if it fit. I wanted to see what it would look like on. I charged it. I did that. But that didn’t require any distraction. I put it on the charger. It only needed a hour’s charge because it comes a little bit more than half charged.

(interruption) What? (interruption)

I don’t know if I like the watch yet. I haven’t seen what it does. I’ll tell you this. (interruption) That’s a good point. Apple yesterday published as a Web page, and they will probably be making an e-book, the user’s guide for the watch. For the first time, I actually am excited about what this thing can do. All of the demos I’ve seen and all the commentary I’ve read had not excited me. Going through the users guide which teaches me how, excited me.

It’s more complicated than any device they’ve got. You go through the user’s guide, and in order to learn how to use it, and you see what it can do. Now I’m intrigued. I mean, even today when it arrived, you know, I was ho-hum. I mean, I hate to tell you people. I didn’t even order this. As a powerful, influential member of the media, friends of mine who suck up to me ordered one for me. I actually got two. I put on the cheap version for the Dittocam, not wanting to laud it over people.

It’s not a gold one.

I have a Milanese loop, the stainless steel Milanese loop over there, too. They’re both charged. But the user’s guide is incredible, makes it look incredible. If you look at how small… (interruption) The battery? The battery in an iPhone 6 Plus is 2600 milliamps. The iPhone battery and iPhone 6 is 1810 milliamps. The battery in this watch is 215 milliamps (laughing), and they still get 18 hours out of it. It’s tiny. I mean, it’s half the size of a domino. It stands to reason it would be.

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