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RUSH: Before we get to Hillary, one quick other story about Obama. From Breitbart, and the headline: “Obama on Baltimore: ‘IÂ’ve Seen This Movie Too Many Times’ — President Obama shared his frustrations about poverty stricken urban neighborhoods during a radio interview. ‘IÂ’ve seen this movie too many times before.’ The problem, as he explained it, is that Americans only worry about poor neighborhoods when thereÂ’s a crisis, failing to engage with their concerns and difficulties over time. ‘People have a tendency once the fires are out,'” to go back and focus on “‘whatever reality TV thing is going on.'”

We gotta make sure that we don’t brush this aside after the crisis has passed, which is exactly why it is important for the police to stand down enough for there to be fires, and why it’s important to be constantly ginning up new crises. It’s exactly why Obama goes in in the aftermath and blames the cops for all these problems, comes up with new policing techniques that he mandates on the cities.

He blackmails: You want to keep getting federal money, then you’re gonna have to reorganize your police force. And reorganizing the police force means it’s basically gonna stand down. It’s gonna start exercising restraint because the police force is gonna admit and acknowledge or at least behave under the premise that it is the problem.

I’m sorry, folks, it doesn’t work for me. Liberal Democrats running around trying to blame all of this on militarized cops, aggressive cops. Even in towns run by liberal Democrats when there’s not a race component, they do it. The bottom line is people have cared to the tune of $22 trillion about poor neighborhoods. It is outrageous for him to say that the American people don’t worry about it. It’s not the American people at fault here.

The American people are not responsible for what happened in Baltimore. The people that run that city are. The political party policies that have engaged that city are what’s at fault here. You can directly tie the mess that is these Democrat cities to Democrat Party politics and policies. They blame Republicans, blame the cops, blame everything, and then they have the gall, after all of that, to run around and tell the people of this country that the real problem is they are heartless, that they don’t care, that they’re selfish, and once the crisis is over they go back to watching TMZ or whatever. That’s where your average Democrat voter is every day anyway. Otherwise known as the low-information crowd.

So this is how the plot always goes. The left tells black kids that they’re victims. They bombard them with all this violent music, violent TV, violent movies. They make sure that alcohol and drugs are all over the place. Then they gin up a news event. Then they even pay some people to come in and riot. George Soros. Do you realize it has been discovered that the organizers of the riots on Twitter are the same people that organized the riots in Ferguson?

A lot of this stuff in Baltimore is not even homegrown. A lot of this is bought and paid for by donors to the Democrat Party for the express purpose of creating this chaos so that Obama can come along and blame Republicans and then blame the American people for heartlessness and not caring enough, and then demanding even more money for it. This cycle has been repeated for 50 years, and can somebody tell me, show me where it’s gotten any better anywhere? That’s the galling thing. It doesn’t get any better. It gets worse.

Yes, the problem, as Obama explained it, the American people only worry about poor neighborhoods when there’s a crisis. Right. Okay. So now Mrs. Clinton gets in gear. It’s time for Mrs. Clinton to pop out and start speaking about this, and she did today. It was so classic. She came out some official-looking background, some charity icon, logo in the background, some blue banner behind her. She’s speaking quietly, making sure that she doesn’t go into her Hillary Nurse Ratched rant.

She’s detailing all of the problems, and she’s complaining about all of the bad things that keep happening and they’re going on, without any acknowledgement that it all happens when she and her party are in power. Here she is, this was in New York City at Columbia University during the 18th annual David Dinkins, General Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum. Here’s the first. We have three of her and then Slick Willie, yep, got four total here. Here’s the first of Hillary.

HILLARY: From Ferguson to Staten Island to Baltimore, the patterns have become unmistakable and undeniable. And now Freddie Gray, his spine nearly severed while in police custody. Not only as a mother and a grandmother, but as a citizen, a human being, my heart breaks for these young men and their families.

RUSH: Yeah, we can hear that.

HILLARY: We have to come to terms with some hard truths about race and justice —

RUSH: Really?

HILLARY: — in America.

RUSH: For how many years have people like you been telling us this, that we need to come to terms with some hard truths about race and justice. My whole life I’ve been hearing it from people like you, Mrs. Clinton, that we do not address this. I had to listen to Eric Holder say that we are cowards about race, nobody’s willing to discuss it. Flat-out BS. Anybody that tries to honestly discuss it, they are immediately tarred and feathered as racists and bigots and they are attacked until they’re destroyed.

But what difference does it make anyway by now? It’s been 50 years, what difference does it make now, huh? Just like Benghazi. “As a citizen, as a human being my heart breaks for these young men and their families.” I assume just like it broke for the men and their families of Benghazi. “We have to come to terms with some hard truths about race and justice in America.” Have you not for your whole life been working on this, and your husband, and every other liberal Democrat, and every civil rights activist. Could somebody show me some progress after 50 years instead of every city you run deteriorating into dilapidation, and you come along, blame Republicans for it and say that nobody cares enough. And to say this almost six and a half years into the presidency of the first African-American the president?

Again, I’m gonna tell you, if I were the people in Baltimore, if I were African-American and I remember back to 2008 and I voted for Obama, this is the last thing I thought would be happening to where I live. I thought finally electing the first African-American would mean big change where I live. But I’m faced with the reality that where I live it’s just getting worse. I don’t know how long I’m gonna fall for this idea that it’s the Republicans who are responsible for my flight, when I can’t find any around here. Here’s the next Mrs. Clinton bite.

HILLARY: There is something profoundly wrong when African-American men are still far more likely to be stopped and searched by police. There is something wrong when a third of all black men face the prospect of prison during their lifetimes. There is something wrong when more than one out of every three young black men in Baltimore cannot find a job.

RUSH: There’s something wrong in America? Well, who the hell has been run running it for the past six and a half years? Whose policies have been in place for the last 50 years dealing with this? And here we go again. “There’s something profoundly wrong when African-American men are still far more likely to be stopped and searched by cops.” Who’s running the show here, Mrs. Clinton? What party runs Baltimore? What party runs any of these places where this stuff is happening?

You’ve been telling us there’s something wrong for 50 years. Is it not time to fix it rather than to keep whining about it? You see, that’s the thing, that’s the frustrating thing. These people who don’t do a diddly thing to fix this, they’re the ones who get all the credit just for talking about it. All of these compassionate, big-hearted Democrats, they get all the credit, and all they do is talk about it. That’s why I’ve told you that liberalism is the easiest choice you can make. It’s a gutless choice. This is all you have to do to be a good liberal. You don’t have to fix a thing. You don’t have to solve anything.

All you have to do is be able to go out, get on TV, and talk about it, make people think you really care, or make them think that you’re really upset by it or make them think you’re really frustrated. That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to do one thing to fix it. You just have to acknowledge that you know how bad life is for ’em. Somehow that’s all you have to do, and you get all the credit for caring and people will vote for you even though you don’t do diddly-squat ever to fix it because that’s really not what is desired.

Must take a brief break. Hate to interrupt myself on this roll. Oh, somebody just hit a home run and nobody was there to see it.


RUSH: Here’s the next Hillary Clinton sound bite from the General Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum today.

HILLARY: Taxpayers are paying about $80 billion a year to keep so many people in prison.

RUSH: Oh, man.

HILLARY: The price of incarcerating a single inmate is often more than $30,000 per year and up to $60,000 in some states. It’s time to change our approach. It’s time to end the era of mass incarceration.

RUSH: Okay. It is? Well, let’s go back to September 24th of last year. This is Bill Clinton talking about what he did when he was president that Mrs. Clinton has just now thrown under the bus.

CLINTON: It’s one of the reasons it’s so important that police officers be in a model that favors community policing. I worked hard to put more than 100,000 police on the street, and the crime rate went way down!

RUSH: (impression) “That’s right, you know, 100,000 new cops! I put ’em on the streets out there. I had more cops running around than anybody ever had.” It never got up to a 100,000, but nevertheless, her husband — in order to deal with an out-of-control crime rate — put more cops on the street, and that resulted in more people being arrested. Mrs. Clinton wants to let ’em loose now. What’s the solution?

See, the insinuation is that they’re there, but they haven’t done anything. “They’ve just been put behind bars because they’re African-Americans. This despicable, racist country is putting black people behind bars, and they haven’t done anything!” That’s what she is implying. That’s what she wants the audience to hear. How many years have they been saying that? How many years have the Democrats been running around complaining about this?

Who are the sheriffs in these towns?

Who are the judges?

Who are the juries?

Who the hell is doing this?

This is classic. This is what I was just talking about. She’s saying this for consumption. She wants the African-Americans to say, “Yeah, man,” and to think that they are being looked out for by her, that this is gonna change. “Mrs. Clinton is on the case! If she gets elected, this is gonna stop.” We spend $80 billion a year to keep so many people in prison? How about $22 trillion since 1964 in welfare-transfer payments?

How about $17,000 to $20,000 per student per year in the public school system, and the end result is that 16% to 20% of your high school graduates in your average liberal school system can read? Only 16 to 20% can read at an eighth grade level! What does it say, with all the money that liberal Democrats are spending on the public school system, that half of the graduates can’t read their diplomas?

You go to New York City, and the dropout rate in a school system designed by and run by liberal Democrats is 50%. The dropout rate, the Hispanic dropout rate is 50%. And somehow all of this is the fault of conservatives and Republicans, and we’ve got to elect Democrats to stop it. We’ve gotta elect Democrats to make it better. We gotta elect Democrats to make it fairer. Oh. Wait, we did that. Uh-oh, we did that. Like 6-1/2 years ago we did that, we really did that, and, uh-oh! Gee, none of it’s working.

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