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RUSH: Another bit of evidence here demonstrating how you listen to this program regularly, and you will be on the cutting edge of societal evolution, and you will know in advance what is going to happen in the world of liberalism. On Tuesday on this program… This is the day, remember, that we had the mom. Toya Graham was inside her house. She’s the mother of six kids in Baltimore. Does not have a job, does not have a husband, relies on the Democrat Party for everything, and she doesn’t have anything.

She watching television, and all of a sudden she sees her son — one of her sons — is a rioter. He’s out there with a brick or something in his hand, and she’s beside herself because she, like other people, think that the cops are gonna damage or harm her son. So she runs out there and she accosts her son and she slaps him upside the head and drags him out of there and tells him he’s stupid, what in the world is he thinking. And the immediate reaction was to applaud Toya Graham.

You remember? The immediate reaction was to applaud.

“Well, this is great! This is exactly right. If nobody’s gonna talk sense into the kid, it’s the best that his mother does it. That’s exactly what mothers are supposed to do, rather than everybody bending over and just accommodating all these people because you feel sorry for ’em or whatever. Just stand up and tell ’em what they’re doing is wrong,” and she was praised. I said, “Do not go there, folks, because the left is not going to be happy about this. The left is not gonna be happy about her being praised.

“The left is not gonna be happy about the action that she took.” And I jokingly (that would be “with jocularity,” for those of you in Rio Linda) said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody somewhere on the left charges her with child abuse.” A bit of an exaggeration, granted, but nevertheless to make a point. Well, it took a couple of days, but let’s go to the Today Show today. A portion of fill-in co-host Tamron Hall’s report about the criticism now that Toya Graham is facing for smacking her son upside the head and disciplining him for participating in the riots.

HALL: Michael’s mother is also facing some backlash for beating her son in such a public manner, with some on social media questioning the hypocrisy of praising Graham amidst all the violence in Baltimore. For her part, Graham says she was only concerned with protecting her son.

GRAHAM: I worry about him walking out my front door. I do. It’s just the life that we live around here. You don’t know if you walk out the door if you’re gonna walk back in the door or not.

RUSH: Now, two things. First: Obviously, my prediction was true. We got another sound bite coming up demonstrating that we have one — actually three more coming, two more coming. She’s being criticized now, exactly as I called it, and for exactly the same reasons. “Backlash for beating her son in such a public manner.” Now, the initial reaction was, “Good for her! The young man needs some discipline. He’s engaging in reckless, dangerous behavior.

“A parent doesn’t want a child unnecessarily doing that, and so she went out and meted out discipline in a traditional way.” And I knew — I knew — it wasn’t gonna be long, you know, after the initial wave of praise, that the left wasn’t gonna like that. And they have set upon her. Let’s go ahead and do the other two sound bites. I want to come back to another point. Next up is CNN’s Newsroom. Infobabe Carol Costello speaking with the cultural critic, Michaela Angela Davis.

She looks like Little Orphan Annie, mixed-race Little Orphan Annie to get a picture you know what I’m talking about. Brian, you watch CNN in there. Mixed-race Little Orphan Annie. It’s Michaela Angela Davis talking about this, about Toya Graham’s actions of smacking her son upside the head as he was participating in the riots. The infobabe Carol Costello says, “She’s been hailed as a hero by some and others think those images may do more harm than good. So Michaela Angela Davis, you do not think she’s a hero?”

DAVIS: It’s a sad day when a traumatized, terrorized, desperate mother beating and cursing her child becomes mom of the year. She’s a symbol, not a hero. She symbolizes what incessant brutality, violence, desperation — systemic violence on her — Right? — and the daily struggle to survive that, that’s what that looks like, when your only option is violence — Right? — when your response is violence. They’re very good at imitating us. So if she meets him with approximate aggression, he will meet life with aggression — Right? And then how else was he supposed to work out his trauma? He’s a boy throwing rocks.

RUSH: If you can’t make hide nor hair of that, join the club. That is as confused and disoriented logic and analysis as you could possibly hope to hear in this situation, but this is what passes for enlightened thought on the left. And one more bite. We’ll come back to these and analyze ’em, but one more bite. This is also Michaela Angela Davis, CNN’s Newsroom with the infobabe Carol Costello, who said, “I want to read you a bit of a Washington Post op-ed. It’s titled, ‘Why is Baltimore Celebrating the Beating of a Child?'”

(laughing) It’s called spanking.

It’s called discipline.

It’s called the mother trying to save her kid.

And I told you this was gonna happen. Now this woman has become the object of ridicule and criticism. She’s engaging in aggression, child abuse. She’s doing it publicly, and she embarrassed the movement. So Costello says, “I want to read you a bit of a Washington Post op-ed. It’s titled, ‘Why is Baltimore Celebrating the Beating of a Child?’ She writes, “This celebration of Graham reflects a belief that black youths are inherently problematic, criminal and out of control.

“The video also supports the idea that black fathers are absent…” You talk about a guilty conscience? Can you imagine who wrote that? Is that what you saw when you saw that incident? Did you see…? Let me just ask you. You remember. I want you to visualize this. The mother, Toya Graham, runs out of her house and accosts her son, who she is scared to death because he is in a riot holding a brick. She doesn’t want him anywhere near that scene because she’s afraid of what will happen to him.

I don’t know, she may be… We don’t know this, but she might also not really like the fact that he’s out there participating in a riot. There’s no future in that. But we don’t know that. All we know is what she said. She fears for his safety in the riots, throwing bricks and stuff. The cops might retaliate and so forth. Now when you watch that, do you conclude that black youth are problematic and criminal and out of control and black fathers are absent? I mean, that’s what’s written in the Washington Post about the incident, and, to me, that is whoever wrote this sharing with us their guilty conscience.

Anyway, here is what Michaela Angela Davis said about that proposition…

DAVIS: Beating our children will not stop the police from killing them. There are men who are buried who were beat. There are men in prison who are beat. You know, Freddie Gray, his momma might have beat him, too. There is no evidence to say that beating my kid will stop him from being arrested or going to jail.

RUSH: In the first place… You see where this has become “beating”? It’s become a public beating. That’s not what this was. This was discipline, this was a parent. These people have no clue. They really have no idea what this was. They have no idea why Toya Graham went out and did what she did. That’s why she’s being criticized now. That’s why she’s thought of as a problem. “Oh, no, she’s — oh, gosh — making the movement look bad. People on our side are not supposed to be engaging in child abuse!

“Our mothers don’t beat our kids. It’s the cops that beat our kids. It’s a mayor that beats our kids. It’s a man that beats our kids. Our mothers don’t beat our kids. What’s she doing?” So it’s an embarrassment to all of them. But this is the most convoluted, upside-down logic — if you can call it that. “There are men who are buried who were beat. There are men in prison who are beat. You know, Freddie Gray, his momma might have beat him, too. There is no evidence to say that beating my kid will stop him from being arrested or going to jail.”

There’s that word “beating” again.

I’ll bet there’s a lot of evidence that people that don’t participate in riots don’t get hurt during them. Would you think that would be true, that people that don’t participate in riots are not as likely to be harmed in one? I mean, you might say that somebody can be an innocent bystander. Anyway, I think all of this is really… The first sound bite, the one with Tamron Hall. “I worry about him walking out my front door. It’s just the life we live around here. You don’t know if you walk out the door, if you’re going to walk back in the door or not.”

Can you imagine living that way? I’m not denying she does. I think it’s tragic. In the united states of America we have people with these kinds of lives? She lives in a city majority populated by African-Americans. I didn’t think they were dangers to each other. I didn’t think they posed threats to each other. I thought all of this was racial, but this is a town run by liberal Democrats and has been for fifty years, outside one four-year mayoral term in ’67. I mean, who has she been voting for?

There’s no doubt she’s been voting for Democrats left and right, and I’ll guarantee you the people she’s been voting for have been promising her all these times, all these campaigns, all these elections that it’s going to get better. Vote for them and this kind of stuff is going to end — and it never does, does it? They keep voting Democrat, and life gets worse. They keep voting Democrat and they get more and more frightened. They keep voting Democrat, and they get less and less happy.

You’ve got an African-American president, historic, first-time ever, and things are worse? You can imagine there’s total confusion here on the part of many. You don’t know if… This is in Baltimore. This is where she lives! She lives surrounded by her community, and she has a legit fear that if she walks out the door she may not walk back in? That, to me, would be unacceptable. If I were a Democrat politician in that town and I heard that a citizen in my district or community feared for her life daily like that?

I wouldn’t put up with it! It wouldn’t be acceptable to me. But see how easy it is? You blame the Republicans for it. You blame George W. Bush or you blame Ronald Reagan — pick your Republican — and you’ve dealt with the problem. It’s just… This is the kind of stuff that’s genuinely depressing. This is so unnecessary. This woman doesn’t have to be living this way. There’s a way out for her, but it’s never going to happen if she keeps voting Democrat.

It isn’t going to happen if the people who run that city keep running that city. It isn’t going to happen if the same kinds of people who have been running that city for all these decades continue to. And don’t get mad at me. I’m just sharing the evidence, the reality of life on the ground in Baltimore. You heard her. And who’s been running that city for I don’t know how long?


RUSH: By the way, folks, I meant to mention this when I was playing the sound bites of Toya Graham and the esteemed media analysts who are now criticizing her — exactly as I predicted, by the way. I don’t want you to forget that. I told you that after this woman was made a hero by average, ordinary Americans for her disciplinary action on her child that she was gonna be attacked by the left, and it only took a couple of days.


RUSH: You know, I made mention of something mere moments ago. I was talking about Toya, the mother, Toya Graham, and I was talking about just how unacceptable is it that this woman actually says that she feels she very well might not reenter her house if she ever leaves it.

“Yeah, you know sometimes you leave your house, walk out the front door, you’re not sure you’re gonna get back in that back door.” I should properly point out that police officers leave home that attitude in their heads every day. That’s not just citizens. But police officers sign up for it. They understand the possibilities for a citizen of an American city to have a daily fear of leaving home and maybe not being able to return. What is happening here? There are reasons why this exists.

It’s not just in her head. You know, acts of violence and murders and mayhem take place near where she lives. Six kids, no husband. Take a look at this. You know, Freddie Gray, one of the benefits of all this time taking place or of these events taking so much time is that there is time to actually dig in and learn about things. What is being learned about the education system in Baltimore and the status of it, it’s an embarrassment. It’s a literal embarrassment.

Anybody in the Democrat Party or in city or state government or federal government running around, asking and demanding more money and claiming they don’t have enough, this is absurd. “School Tennessee…” This is from the Justice Policy Institute and Prison Policy Initiative. “In Freddie Gray’s Baltimore Neighborhood, Half of the Residents Don’t Have Jobs — Almost 50% are chronically absent. Sixty percent of the people,” in Freddie Gray’s neighborhood, “over 25 have less than a high school diploma.”

And you hear all this, and then you remind yourself that all these government officials are running around blaming the fact that there are no jobs, and that’s why these people have to do this? Isn’t it interesting? “No jobs! That’s why people join Al-Qaeda and ISIS,” and “No jobs! That’s why people are rioting here in our great city.” Well, is it any wonder they don’t have any jobs when half of ’em are chronically absent, 60% have less than a high school diploma, which means it’s a frightening percentage who probably don’t even know how to read.

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