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RUSH: Seth Meyers, well-known, late-night comedian. “Seth Meyers Cheers Iranian Foreign Minister’s ‘Well-Done’ Response to Tom Cotton’s Tweets.” Now, you know what this is about. Obama’s about to give away the store in Iran.

He’s about to let ’em develop nuclear weapons within two or three months after signing the deal with ’em. We’re gonna lift sanctions. There’s not gonna be any penalty. They’re gonna become a nuclear state. Obama’s doing this, and the left is not bothered by it. And I, frankly, have been wondering, “Why are they not bothered by this? For crying out loud, do they not understand who Iran is?” Hold on. I’ve got the answer. It’s all right here in this joke.

What happened? The foreign minister… Tom Cotton (a Republican senator, as you know), sent this letter. Well, he didn’t send it. He posted it on the website, claiming what all would happen, and he promised that the United States Senate would not ratify the deal that Obama was negotiating. So the Iranian foreign minister goes public with what a bunch of rotten scumbags the Republicans are and how Obama’s great, which they would obviously think.

And an American comedian is cheering the Iranian foreign minister for humiliating and disagreeing with great comedy: A Republican senator. It’s even worse than I thought, folks. I think — and maybe you all have figured this out. I may be arriving late in the day on this. But do you know where I think we are in this country right now? I think that anything that is of a traditional nature — long-term traditional belief — even in policy, is considered invalid if it is a tradition and belief found within the Republican Party.

For example, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan. The Iranians have always been an enemy. When those guys were president, Iran was treated as an enemy. They were treated for what they are: The state sponsor of terrorism. We did not do deals with them. We did not go out of our way to enable their nuclear aspirations. Apparently on the left today — including these young twerp comedians — the belief is anything the Republicans have championed or believed in in the past is laughable, is wrong.

I think it’s worse than we have even thought.

This goes beyond hero worship and idolatry of Obama, the left supporting him and whatever he does. It’s bigger than just the fact that they’re enamored of Obama. I actually think that with many of these people, the Republican/conservative brand, if you will, has such… Well, it’s not even cache. I think that they’re so hated and despised that whatever is associated with Republican presidents/Republican policy is automatically disagreed with and discounted.

How else could some twerp comedian side with the foreign minister of a country that’s the state sponsor of terrorism, that openly assassinates homosexuals and treats women the way they do, and the American left happened to side with this country over the Republican Party? How do you figure that? It’s got to be that the hatred, the absolute disgust that these people have for Republicans has totally perverted their sense of judgment.

And, as such, these people are participating in putting this country at greater risk than we otherwise would be. Yes, I can remember — it wasn’t that long ago — where it wasn’t a national divide over whether or not Iran is a bad guy. And just to pick Iran as one. There are many other nations that there’s sympathy for. Venezuela. There’s sympathy for North Korea. There’s sympathy for Cuba.

We’ve always thought it was just, you know, oddball leftists having some romantic tie to socialism. I think it’s deeper than that. I think it’s simply because Republicans don’t like these people… “Republicans don’t like them” is not the way to put it. “Republicans oppose communism; communism must be good. Republicans oppose a nuclear deal with Iran; it’s gotta be a good deal.” I think this is how these jokers look at it. It’s kind of stunning.

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