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RUSH: Lincoln, Nebraska. This is Chris. Great to have you, sir. You’re up first. Welcome to the EIB Network, hello.

CALLER: Hello. How are you?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thank you for calling.

CALLER: Long-term listener, first-time caller. Anyway, what I was questioning, or to ask a question to you is, do you think the anti-gun left will come full circle to pro-gun after these Ferguson and Baltimore incidents? I’m not saying those are justifications for — you know, but the Second Amendment’s there to protect against —

RUSH: Why would the left —

CALLER: And our own governor. And our own government.

RUSH: Why would you think the left would all of a sudden become pro-gun after these two incidents?

CALLER: I don’t think they necessarily would. I just wonder if they would see the light, though.

RUSH: That’s a good question. It’s Open Line Friday. I’m open to anything. What you have to understand out there, Chris, when you hear the left go on to their anti-gun screed, they mean for you. They’re always gonna be armed, Chris. They don’t need to see Ferguson. I mean, Baltimore is a liberal city, and I guarantee you there’s all kinds of people there that you think are against the Second Amendment who are armed, that have guns. The liberals are an elite class system. They make rules for everybody else that they exempt themselves from. So whereby they might do their best to wipe out the Second Amendment, they are important people, and they are responsible people, and they will have guns.

I’m not talking about rank-and-file. I’m not talking about the liberal citizen who lives on Main Street. I’m talking about elite liberals, rich liberals, liberals in government, liberals in leadership, they’re always gonna have their guns, they’re always gonna be armed. They don’t want you to be. Their minds don’t need to be made right on this. There’s nothing they can learn here that would result in them changing their minds. And you know what the root of this question is?

I’ve gotten this question for 25 years. “Rush, when is the media gonna start being fair with us? When is the media gonna start telling the truth about us?” Never. Try never. The Democrat Party media never is. That’s why there is alternative media now. They’re never gonna understand the truth. There’s nothing that could happen that could make them see the light, that the people they have been supporting all of their lives are wrong and dangerous and, conversely, every conservative that they’ve hated and reviled is all of a sudden right and then here they come apologizing for all these years of getting it wrong. Never gonna happen.

See, the root of the question is, “Okay, you got these anti-gun libs. Yeah, now they get hold of police departments and they find out they can’t control the bad guys without guns, are they gonna see the light?” They already know that. They’re gonna have their guns, Chris. It’s you they want to take them away from. There’s nothing they need to learn. There’s nothing they can learn. They don’t think they’re wrong about anything. And there’s no event, particularly in an event like Ferguson or Baltimore, there’s nothing in these stories that could happen that would make your average, ordinary liberal go, “Oh, my God, I’ve had it wrong all my life.” Never gonna happen.

If you’re waiting for that to happen, you’re missing the point. These people are, in the political sense, now, to be defeated. That’s why I say it’s a mistake — and it’s being demonstrated more and more than ever before now — it’s a mistake to go on Drive-By Media as a conservative to try to get them to understand. They don’t want to understand. They don’t think they’re wrong. There’s nothing a Republican presidential candidate could say to George Stephanopoulos or Charlie Rose or any of them to make them change their mind. Nothing. It isn’t gonna happen.

That’s not why they invite them there. They don’t invite Republicans on these shows ’cause they really care what they think. They invite them on these shows to expose them. Can I give you an example? Let me jump forward here, find the sound bites. Ted Cruz went on Mark Halperin’s show, whatever it’s called. Let me just give you an example here. I’m not gonna have time to get to all these. Bloomberg TV, All Due Respect, Mark Halperin, John Heilemann, liberal cohost. There’s Ted Cruz talking about his background. They are assaulting Cruz on whether he’s an authentic Hispanic. Now, listen to this.

HALPERIN: People are really interested in you and your identity, so I just want to ask you, as a historical matter, when you filled out your application to Princeton, to Harvard Law School, did you list yourself as an Hispanic?

CRUZ. Oh, sure. I’ve listed myself as Cuban-American. That’s my heritage and my background.

RUSH: Right. Okay. Here’s the next one. Listen to this.

HALPERIN: Talk a little bit more about your Cuban heritage and ask you in the following categories whether you have an affinity for or a connection to anything part of your Cuban past. You got a favorite Cuban food, Cuban dish?

CRUZ: Oh, I grew up eating Cuban food all the time —

HALPERIN: What’s your favorite dish?

CRUZ: — at my grandparents. You know, picadillo I grew up eating all the time. We had plantains. We had beans and rice. For Christmas, we would roast a whole pig a lot of years for Christmas Eve. And so my grandparents, my abuelo and abuela, they didn’t speak English.

RUSH: You see what this is? He’s not an authentic Hispanic. He’s a conservative. He’s a fake, he’s a phony. What is your favorite Cuban dish? It’s pointless here. It’s insulting. This is demeaning, it’s racist, and it’s disgusting. And here’s the last one.

HALPERIN: Do you have a favorite Cuban singer?

CRUZ: You know, I have to admit in that I’m much more of a Texan. I tend to listen to country music more than Cuban music.

HALPERIN: Finally, you know, we wanted to give you the opportunity to directly welcome your colleague, Senator Sanders, to the race, and I’d like you to do it, if you would, en Espanol.

CRUZ: I’m gonna stick to English, but I appreciate the invitation, Senor.

RUSH: So you can’t even speak Spanish, eh? You call yourself an Hispanic? The whole point of this was to expose Ted Cruz as a fraud, that he’s not a Hispanic. The whole point of this interview was to say to liberals and Hispanics: don’t buy this Cruz guy as one of you. He can’t even speak their language. What is this, he doesn’t even have a favorite Cuban singer. He can’t even answer these questions about basic life in Cuba.

That’s what this is all about. They didn’t care what Ted Cruz really thinks about issues. They don’t give a rat’s rear end about Ted Cruz and his policy. The whole reason Ted Cruz was invited there was to expose him or present him as an unqualified fraud and faker. So the idea that the libs are gonna get their minds right on gun control or conservatism, ain’t gonna happen, folks.

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