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RUSH: In Baltimore we’ve got some great audio sound bites coming. The former state attorney, who used to do the job before Marilyn Mosby, went on CNN this morning about a quarter ’til 12, less than a half hour ago, and just made mincemeat out of Mosby and the entire process that has been used to arrive at charges for these cops.

The infobabe and the Ken doll anchor over at CNN were beside themselves, and they kept trying to trip this woman up. She would make an assertion — you’ll hear it coming up in a moment — “What do you mean?”

“Well, it’s like I just told you,” and then she repeated what she originally said.

“But, but, but, how can that be?”

“Look at what I just said.” And they feature her repeating it again. They finally dumped out of it because it wasn’t going well.

The new attorney general, Loretta Lynch, has gone to Baltimore to meet with the bereaved family of Freddie Gray. Do you know, by the way, in Ferguson there is a memorial right there in the middle of the street where the Gentle Giant — The false witness, the guy who lied about “hands up, don’t shoot,” the guy who lied to the grand jury who ought to be charged, he’s now suing. (laughing)

He’s suing the cop, and he’s suing the City of Ferguson. He lied about Gentle Giant being shot in the back with “hands up, don’t shoot” running away. If anything, he ought to be charged, he’s now suing. Anyway, this memorial in the center of the street where the Gentle Giant fell — sorry — attacked the cop and tried to get in the cop car. Some people are now making a move to get rid of the memorial. It’s literally in the middle of the street. Some people are calling it an eyesore. That’s not going over well. It’s impeding traffic and a number of things, and the whole idea of removing the memorial is not sitting well with some.

Anyway, the attorney general has gone to Baltimore to meet with the bereaved family of Freddie Gray. I don’t think that she has met with the bereaved family of Brian Moore in New York City. Do you even know who Brian Moore is? (interruption) New York City policeman shot in the head. Yes. Yes. Over the weekend. The New York Mets honored him in the pregame. Didn’t even know who he is. People on my staff involved in the news and the name “Brian Moore” — (interruption) No, this is important. The name Brian Moore did not — they had to ask, “Brian Moore? Brian Moore?”

They immediately started to think, “Okay, another victim of the cops, who is Brian Moore? What did I miss?” No, he is a cop, or was, and was shot for no apparent reason. And people don’t even know outside of New York City. Anyway, I don’t think the attorney general met with his bereaved family. And I don’t think Obama did, either, even though he was just in New York City for a fundraiser and an appearance on Letterman. I don’t think Obama met with the bereaved family of Brian Moore.

Anyway, it got me thinking, folks, about the White House reaction to the terror attack in Texas. In fact, the White House reaction to any terror attack in the US, have you noticed, they almost always say right off the bat that we should not rush to judgment. That we should not jump the gun. We should not automatically assume it’s terrorism, and it’s a local law enforcement matter that we really can’t get involved in.

Now, you contrast that with the way the White House reacts to any and all claims of police brutality against African-Americans, like Trayvon Martin and the Gentle Giant in Ferguson, and now Baltimore. Those cases are never a matter of local law enforcement. No, no, no.

The DOJ… I saw the mayor of Baltimore’s press conference today proudly, happily announcing that the Department of Justice is essentially gonna take over the guidelines of the local police department. So here’s another police department being federalized by the requirements of the Obama administration, which means stripping the police department of power, which means assuming off the bat that it’s the police department that’s guilty and it’s the police department causing all of these problems in these cities.

There was the mayor happily announcing all this, and I’ll tell you what the conclusion is. When you watch this and when you listen to these local officials happily describe the DOJ getting involved in their local law enforcement matters, you cannot avoid the conclusion that everybody thinks that the only reason people are in jail in these cities is because the cops are rounding up completely innocent people and putting them in jail simply because they’re minorities or black.

That is the image that’s being created here. All of these police departments that the federal government has to go in and take over, why? “Because they’re out of control!” They’re out of control how? “Well, they’re out there incarcerating, essentially, and killing innocent people. There aren’t any guilty people in these cities, but the police departments are just rounding up people.” That’s the image that’s being created here. The assertion is… The assumption is — better word.

The assumption is that there’s a whole bunch of innocent people that are in jail because of out-of-control police departments, and the DOJ has to go in and sort these messes out. What do you think is behind all these people that complain about the percentage African-Americans in jail versus whites in jail? What are they assuming, or what are they implying or want you to infer? They want you to infer that there’s all kinds of innocent people being put in jail because of racism and that the…


And what?


Yeah, the…


“The institutional racism deck is stacked. Cops, police departments are corrupt because of racism! Police departments are out of control, and they are incarcerating the innocent. They are incarcerating the not guilty.” So as a result, the DOJ is gonna go in, take over all these police departments, and they’re gonna pull ’em back. And you watch what happens after some time has passed, when the cops have to practice restraint and let crime happen.

Because that’s how you “fix” it.

That’s how you “fix” the stacked deck.


Well, I know it’s a black police officer. Doesn’t… That’s the problem. We talked about this yesterday. The problem in Baltimore is they got three black cops that are charged here. It’s gonna be really hard when you get down to the actual courtroom phase of this case and the jury to make the claim that it is “institutional racism” that led to the death of Freddie Gray. I’m looking forward to playing you the sound bites that I heard on CNN just a little while ago of the former state attorney explaining essentially the incompetence of the current state attorney.


RUSH: I have to let you hear the audio sound bites from the former state attorney in Baltimore, Page Croyder. She was on CNN this morning about an hour ago, less than an hour ago. I want to lead it off with an excerpt of Marilyn Mosby from last Friday in Baltimore, when she announced the charges, because one of the cops’ lawyers has demanded to see the knife.

Because Marilyn Mosby went out and made it clear in her press conference last Friday that the knife that Freddie Gray was carrying was legal. So the cop’s laywer said, “Okay, fine. Show it to us.” They have every right to see this knife. The cop’s lawyer has ever right to petition to see it. It forms the basis of one of the charges that Freddie Gray was not in possession of a deadly weapon, that he was not in violation of the law and therefore there was no reason to arrest him.

Here’s what she said about that…

MOSBY: Officers Miller and Nero then placed Mr. Gray in a seated position and subsequently found a knife clipped to the inside of his pants pocket! The blade of the knife was folded into the handle! The knife was not a switchblade and is lawful under Maryland law! Lieutenant Rice, Officer Miller, and Officer Nero failed to establish probable cause for Mr. Gray’s arrest, as no crime had been committed by Mr. Gray! Accordingly, Lieutenant Rice, Officer Miller, and Officer Nero illegally arrested Mr. Gray!

RUSH: Right, and now one of the lawyers says, “Okay, show us the knife. It’s evidence. We want to see the knife! You have to show us the knife.” You know, there are a lot of people… I think this was predictable. Last Friday, there was euphoria because we had a prosecutor who wasn’t a prosecutor. We had somebody actually for “the cause” who ends up as a prosecutor and she goes out and announces this whole procedure not as an instrument of the law or as an agent of the law, but rather as a community activist.

And the community cheered (clapping) and she’s out there saying, “I hear your call for, ‘No justice, no peace.’ Young people, this is our time! This is your time! This is where we’re gonna make things right,” or whatever it was she said. Way beyond the bounds of what somebody prosecuting a case and presenting evidence for trial and explaining charges and so forth, would say. There was in euphoria.

Now that’s kind of calmed down, and people are beginning to look at this and realize, “You know, these cops are gonna have lawyers, and they’re gonna have damn-good defense lawyers, and these damn-good defense lawyers are going to make mincemeat of these charges. Even if there ends up being a corrupt judge, and even if we get a jury like the OJ jury,” as far as the court of public opinion is concerned, “we’re gonna get some damn-good defense lawyers.”

Three of these cops are African-American, which gonna make it really, really, really questionable to anybody watching. “What do you mean this is case about racial bias and racial discrimination this Freddie Gray? The one cop charged with murder is black, driving the van. Where’s the racial bias? You telling me these three black cops did what they did because of racial bias?” So she’s bitten off quite a bit.

So CNN went out today and they found the former state attorney — Deputy Maryland State Attorney Page Croyder — because she had written an op-ed in today’s Baltimore Sun criticizing Marilyn Mosby. And you can’t do that. Marilyn Mosby is, as I said last Friday, now the “it” girl. I mean, she’s right up there with Michelle Obama in terms of heroine, political future, media in love.

And here comes a former state attorney writing a critical piece, so CNN had to go get her, had to get her on TV and try to destroy her. It didn’t work. The infobabe in the CNN anchor team, Kate Bolduan, said, “You were blunt! Off the top you say the decision reflects inexperience, it reflects recklessness, and you also talk about political ambition. Why did you feel so strongly about speaking out like this?”

CROYDER: When you have a complicated case like this and a volatile case like this, you have to take your time to get it right. You have to take your time so that people have confidence that the charges that you are placing are not motivated by political ambition and do not reflect your inexperience. In this case, two weeks is almost unheard of, of a case like this.

RUSH: Now, see, that really bothered ’em, because Page Croyder is essentially saying that the darling of the media, Marilyn Mosby, is motivated by political ambition not justice, and is profoundly inexperienced. And you could see the CNN anchor team, they were not comfortable. They wanted to go… They wanted to just destroy this and flick it away. But Page Croyder continued.

CROYDER: She did not use her own homicide units to investigate this. She was doing a separate investigation. Which, by the way, will probably complicate her ability to prosecute the case. But she did use her most experienced attorneys. She did not use the grand jury. Which should have been a very important tool to her to swear witnesses under oath, so that if they change their testimony later, they have an under-oath piece of evidence they can show to the jury.

To have ordinary citizens of that grand jury ask questions about what happened so she can get their feedback as to what questions are unanswered and as to what their perception of what the appropriate charges would be. She didn’t do any of that, and she didn’t even have the autopsy report until the morning she was announcing the charges. Her mind was already made up. Ditto with the police report.

RUSH: Speaking of which, the police commissioner, Anthony Batts, came out and said he didn’t even know until 10 minutes before her press conference that she was gonna do it! The police commissioner didn’t know until 10 minutes before her press conference that she was gonna charge these cops with all that she charged them with. Okay. So Page Croyder has just detailed everything Mosby should have done and didn’t do that is gonna come back and haunt her case.

Well, this didn’t sit well with CNN. So Kate Bolduan said, “You were with the state attorney’s office for 21 years. You’re not involved directly with this case. What is it about this that you don’t trust this prosecutor to have her ducks in a row before she brought these charges? What makes you think she doesn’t?”

CROYDER: I just explained it to you. She didn’t use the tools available. She didn’t use the tools available to her. She herself is terribly inexperienced. She never personally was involved in any cases of these magnitude. And further of all, you can look at the charges themselves that tell you that she doesn’t have her ducks in a row. Her probable cause statement which she drafted, and it wasn’t the police officer doing it, she drafted to establish probable cause for the arrest of these officers, do not support the charge of second-degree murder, okay? That alone. And then she has charged the two arresting officers with false imprisonment, when there is a serious question as to whether or not there was probable cause.

RUSH: And that will circle back to the knife, among other things. Now, Mr. Snerdley told me earlier that he’s been reading a lot here, and he’s seeing a bunch of different places in the Drive-By Media where the Drive-Bys are having second thoughts about the competence of Marilyn Mosby. Well, I haven’t seen a whole lot of that, but we have two examples of it. Wolf Blitzer and the esteemed, estimable Jeffrey Toobin. This is last night on The Situation Room on CNN, Blitzer speaking with their legal beagle, Jeffrey Toobin, about the mistakes made by Mosby. And Blitzer leads with this.

BLITZER: The Baltimore sheriff, the state attorney’s office, they mistakenly charged two innocent people who happened to share names with two of the police officers. It’s pretty awkward, pretty embarrassing. If the city can’t even get the court charging documents right and innocent people are being harassed with phone calls from reporters and others, how will they secure convictions?

RUSH: Right. And then Blitzer sought an answer from Toobin, and Toobin provided the answer next.

TOOBIN: This is an embarrassment. We know that. One of the officers has already filed a motion in court asking for production of that knife to show, his lawyer asserts, that it was in fact illegal under Baltimore. So, you know, these cops are not gonna just plead guilty and —


TOOBIN: — roll over. They’re gonna fight this case, and that’s just the beginning of what’s likely to be a long and difficult legal struggle on both sides.

RUSH: What do you mean, long and difficult legal struggle? Why, we were all led to believe this was slam dunk. Last Friday, listening to Marilyn Mosby, why, this is all a slam dunk. These cops are guilty. Freddie Gray was totally innocent. It was outrageous. “No justice, no peace” was gonna rule the day. Now it’s gonna be a long and difficult legal struggle on both sides? Hmm.


RUSH: Back to the audio sound bites, sticking now with Baltimore and what is happening there. I talked about this in the first hour, but I want you to hear the sound bite. This is the mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, at her press conference this morning talking about the new partnership she’s very proud of between the city of Baltimore and the Department of Justice.

BLAKE: I am requesting the Department of Justice conduct a federal pattern or practice investigation into the Baltimore city police department. I’m asking the Department of Justice to investigate if our police department has engaged in a pattern or practice of stops, searches, or arrests that violate the Fourth Amendment. I am asking that they investigate what systematic changes or systemic changes exist within our — excuse me, challenges exist within our — police department that can contribute to excessive force and discriminatory policing.

RUSH: Now, can I ask a question? Do you think she came up with this idea on her own? If she did, she has to, as mayor, be sitting there thinking her own police department is a mess, that her own police department is screwed up, that her own police department is corrupt. And, furthermore, she can’t fix it. So she has to call Big Brother. She has to call Loretta Lynch. She has to call the descendants of Eric Holder. She’s gotta call the DOJ to come in.

Why is she mayor?

Why did she want to be mayor if she thinks her own police department is so corrupt that she can’t fix it? She wants these foreigners to come in from out of town and basically take over. You know what the DOJ guidelines are gonna be, given the Obama administration’s attitude toward police departments. When they get through, this police department’s gonna be invisible. You’re not gonna be able to find ’em.

Because the police department, according to Obama, is the reason crime takes place. Yep! The police department intimidates, the police department scares, the police department discriminates. That’s right. In a 60% black city with African-Americans running the police department, police commissioner and all of this. Still we got racial bias, and the city of Baltimore is totally ill-equipped, incompetent to deal with it themselves.

Hello, Big Brother!

I didn’t even know that it happened that way, but it doesn’t matter how it happened. It is happening, and it’s happened in 17 or 18 police departments, and it’s gonna keep happening. Remember, now, the premise for all of this “reform” in local police departments from the Obama standpoint is, “The police are responsible for the crime.” Like in Ferguson, “hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t happen, but you’d never know that by listening to the media to this day, and to activists in Ferguson to this day.

You would never know what the grand jury results actually were. So the police department, because of “a pattern of abuse and discrimination and arresting and imprisoning the innocent,” have caused all this unrest, have caused this misery. So what do we have to do? “We have to restrain ’em! We have to get them out of the way.” You watch what happens.

You watch what happens in these police departments, or these cities where the police departments have become next to invisible. Not invisible, but from the standpoint that they’re not gonna be doing anything but reacting long after the events take place. The whole notion of prevention is gonna be out the window, because, “Prevention? Well, you can’t prevent unless you discriminate! You can’t prevent unless you already know who the guilty are before they even do it.”

That’s the thinking!

That’s the thinking.

How do you profile a city that…? You say that it is way it is because of the remnants of slavery like Obama did yesterday. Obama made clear that cities like Baltimore are the way they are — communities like Baltimore are the way they are — because of age-old discrimination dating to the founding of the country. Like I’ve always said, one of the many chips on his shoulder is the founding of this country was inherently unjust and immoral and racist.

We have made no progress — other than his election. He acknowledged that that’s progress, but that’s not nearly enough on matters of race. (interruption) No, he hasn’t gone to Baltimore, but at least he talked about it. Okay, now here’s Anthony Batts. I mentioned to you earlier that the police commissioner of Baltimore didn’t even know what the state attorney was gonna do until 10 minutes before she did it.

BATTS: I found out that the state attorney was going on — on and what, uh, uh, she was gonna present probably about 10 minutes before she went on. She, uh, gave me a phone call and told me what she was, uh, about to do and that she was going on live; she told me what the charges were. I can say that, uh, I was probably surprised, uh, you know, by the information that I heard.

RUSH: Right. But don’t get the wrong idea here, folks. He’s on her side. He continued. This is on Erin Burnett’s show on CNN. He continued. He basically said the cops are part of the problem there.

BATTS: There is a lack of trust within this community, period, bottom line, and that’s gonna take healing. That’s gonna take us acknowledging as a police department, not just here in Baltimore, but law enforcement as a whole that we’ve been part of the problem.

RUSH: There you go. There you go. So you even have the police commissioner in Baltimore now saying, “Oh, yeah, we’re part of the problem.” You just made yourself part of the problem. You’re the police commissioner, you said, “We’re part of the problem.” What have you been doing as commissioner to deal with the problem? So you see here, credit doesn’t lie in any action, remedial or otherwise. You just, in order to keep all of the people that want to destroy you at bay, you just have to say the right thing.

And the right thing right now to say, if you are anywhere involved in city government, “The police are the problem,” and you’ll be okay. No matter what you’ve done, you could be the best police commissioner in the world, you could be the worst, it doesn’t matter; as long as you say what Obama and his DOJ want to hear, “the cops are the problem,” you’re good, you’re gold. Exactly. It’s all you have to do. You could be the worst police commission, police chief, it doesn’t matter. As long as you know what to say, you’re gold, you’re safe.

Colonel Sanders could get a medal from Obama for being a leading critic of killing chickens if he said it was a bad thing to do, and they’d leave his restaurants open. Didn’t matter he’s killing them more than anybody else is. When he acknowledges, if that’s what everybody wants to hear, that people killing chickens are the worst people alive and Colonel Sanders says, “I agree with that and we got a big problem and we gotta work on it,” he’d get a gold star. Well, that’s just how it works.

There’s Elijah Cummings, former chairman, Congressional Black Caucasians, has represented Baltimore in office one or another for 34 years, state office, federal office, local office. He was on CNN today with Chris Cuomo. We have two sound bites here. He said, “The reports about the names being wrong,” innocent people were charged because the prosecutor got their names wrong in the charging documents. Anyway, he says, “The reports about the names being wrong and that maybe the knife did qualify as illegal. Does that give you pause for concern here, Congressman.”

CUMMINGS: I trust our prosecutor and I trust what she’s done, and I know that she’s gonna give it her best. And again, you know, if the officers are found not guilty, so be it. But this is the process that we go through. People in my neighborhood go through this process every day.

RUSH: What did I just say? It doesn’t matter what happens. All that matters is what you say. And he said the right thing. I trust our incompetent prosecutor, and I trust what our incompetent prosecutor has done, and I know that despite the fact she doesn’t know what she’s doing, she’s gonna give it her best. And, if the cops are found not guilty, so be it. So be it? You think that’s gonna mollify the crowd?

Whenever this case goes to trial and if the verdicts are not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, the crowd’s gonna say “so be it”? That’s the process we go through? What, the process you go through is that the guilty get away with it? Is that what you mean, the guilty get away with it or the innocent are charged all the time? Which is it? What is the process you go through? Well, the officers are found not guilty, so be it. What that means is it doesn’t matter, the trial doesn’t matter. We’ve scored already, we’ve charged ’em, we got out there and we said what we wanted to say. The DOJ’s taking over the police department, mission accomplished, doesn’t matter what happens to the cops now.

That’s what that means. Am I right, Mr. Snerdley, or am I right? And if the cops are found guilty, icing on the cake. But if they’re not, no sweat. We have still made progress here. We have furthered the notion that police departments are racist and we got it off the headlines. And we made sure it didn’t hurt Obama. So Chris Cuomo said, “Well, now, Congressman, Baltimore has been run by Democrats, and recently African-American Democrats for a really long time. It’s not really about Republicans, Congressman. I mean, the Democrats, you’ve had your people in there, Congressman Cummings. You guys are as responsible for what has and hasn’t been done as anybody else.”

Can you believe he asked that question? I’m stunned. I know a lot of people are asking it, but not on MSNBC or CNN or the New York Times. A lot of people are pointing out that the Democrats and African-American Democrats run this city for 60 years, but you don’t expect a former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucasians to be asked about that on CNN by Chris Cuomo, son of Mario “The Pious.” You just don’t expect this. Anyway, here is what Elijah Cummings said.

CUMMINGS: Chris, come on, Chris. You know, it’s not about personalities. It’s about policy. And you know and I know that a lot of the policies coming down from Washington are not necessarily kind to urban areas, particularly here lately. I mean, you keep in mind that Freddie Gray had a serious problem with lead poisoning. And we just found out that that budget has been cut 33%. The new neighborhoods budget figure has been cut some 70%. So, come on.

RUSH: I can’t believe this cracker asked me that. What the hell am I gonna say? Well, Freddie Gray, lead poisoning, come on, you know the federal government’s responsible. Chris, come on, come on. Chris, do you know who butters your bread, brother, what in the world are you asking me?

Uh, uh, well, you know, a lot of the policies that are coming down from Washington, which last I looked, you guys are also running that.


RUSH: The Official Program Observer, Mr. Snerdley, passionately telling me that he has seen evidence in the recent days that many Democrats are starting to realize that the question we’ve been asking is right: How can this be happening in all of these places run by Democrats for all of these decades when the Democrats stand for euphoria, utopia, they stand for contentedness and happiness and justice, why is everything so miserable? He says more and more Democrats are starting to ask the question. I haven’t seen it, but he says he has.

Although I have to grant you this. Juan Williams was on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, and he quoted Moynihan. Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote 50 years ago, “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.” And Juan Williams said that Moynihan, a Democrat, had it right about the breakdown of the black family and the government’s role in it. And people were taken aback, well, Juan Williams, African-American. So, yeah, Snerdley may have a point.


RUSH: Here’s Bruce in Jacksonville, Florida. Hey, Bruce. I’m glad you called. Thank you for waiting, and welcome to the program. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, Rush, it’s a such an honor to get on your program after all these years.

RUSH: Thank you much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Oh, gosh. I’ve been on hold so long that I almost forget what I was calling to talk about. You were talking about the mayor bringing in the Department of Justice.

RUSH: Yeah, Baltimore.

CALLER: Yeah. I think that’s just another deflection. I think, to play off the Clinton analogy you have of Ken Starr, it’s just another deflection. It’s another way just to distract from what’s really gonna happen. I think the mayor can see the forensics and the facts.

RUSH: Oh, you think that…? Let me see if I understand. You think that the mayor believes that these charges are not gonna amount to anything?

CALLER: Well, as you stated earlier in the show, it’s just gonna be a lot bigger circus than they anticipated. So I guess they’re calling in the big guns now while they still have some credibility.


CALLER: I think the press is turning against them a little bit because they’re just not getting the coverage, the sympathetic coverage they got in the past.

RUSH: I see.

CALLER: And I think it’s gonna be a fiasco. I mean, there’s gonna be millions of dollars in court costs and legal fees prosecuting all these people that didn’t need to be arrested for all of this protesting that could have been avoided if she had made the proper decision and allowed the police to do their job to begin with.

RUSH: So you’re calling the DOJ in advance to cover your rear end for having a shoddy operation in the first place.

CALLER: Yes. It’s just in addition to, you know, that sort of playground politics.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, I see.

CALLER: If one kid gets accused, he says, “Well, I didn’t do it. Look what he did,” you know? So that’s all they’re gonna do is just (unintelligible).

RUSH: Well, look. You could have a point. You may be 100% right, but I’m telling you this. Do not… I don’t care that this woman is the mayor. Do not… Because as far as all of these Democrat politicians are concerned, Washington is where the action is, and make no mistake: Everything you say could be right. She could be deflecting and diverting and all that for the disaster that’s yet to come.

But make no mistake about the fact that there is a desire to weaken this police department, even though they run it. Because it’s part of the ideology that police departments are evil and rotten to the core, even the ones they run. Liberals are liberals first, and individual agendas or items within liberalism are second. If the call has gone out, “We’re gonna reform police departments; we’re gonna weaken police departments because our president says police departments are the problem,” then a loyal Democrat mayor is gonna fall in line.

So it could be a little bit of both. I understand you have a reaction. “Why would a mayor want to weaken her own police department, Rush? Do you realize what you’re saying? Why would a mayor, this mayor of Baltimore, purposely want to give over control of her police department to the DOJ?” Liberals are liberals first. The agenda is crafted from on high. And right now, the liberal agenda coming from the Obama administration is: “Police departments suck.

“Police departments are the focus of evil. Police departments are why the criminal justice system is unjust to our people, and we’re gonna deemphasize ’em.” You might say, “But she’s got a city to run! She needs a police department to keep order.” No, no, no. “The police department is why there is disorder.” This is what they think. So it may be a little bit of both here. Anyway, Bruce, great call. I’m glad you waited. I really appreciate that.


RUSH: Joey in South Austin, Texas. Hi, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hello. Can you hear me well?

RUSH: Yeah, I hear you just fine, Joey. You hear me?

CALLER: I can hear you.

RUSH: Good.

CALLER: It’s an honor to speak to you and I want to say a quick thank-you to you and Kathryn and your staff. Last I called you offered to send us one of your books, and I was really grateful that we received it right away and it was really taken aback by the extras that came along with it. Thank you very much.

RUSH: I’m glad that you got it all, Joey.

CALLER: Now that I’ve taken that rare opportunity, let me get to my point. I see that, you know, one of the big goals of the left is to consolidate power at the federal level, and especially at the judiciary, because that’s where they have the most long-term operatives, and it just fits with what they want to do. I see this announcement by this DA in Baltimore, the charges being so messy and poor, although maybe she didn’t realize it was intentional, it’s a way they want this case to implode in order to create more disappointment, more disruption. And they would like nothing more than to see these charges dropped by a jury and then incriminate the local jury system so that the federal judiciary has to take over these cases from now on.

RUSH: Well, you know, I can see where you might think that, but this woman has got more ambition than to be known as somebody who screwed it up. If the thing gets blown sky-high and the answer is to attack the jury system because the criminal justice system is biased against whatever, she’s gonna end up looking overmatched and a fool and an idiot. This is gonna change before it gets to that point ’cause this woman’s got ambition way beyond Baltimore DA. Make no mistake about that. And her ambition is not gonna be furthered if she gets smoked on it.

You might make the case that she could benefit from that if she can claim that she was in the right and somehow the system — but they run the system is the problem. They’re gonna be on the jury. I mean, they run all of this. It’s not a bunch of Republicans that they’re up against here. So it’s an interesting thought. I love the way people think. I love hearing the thought processes that people have, because it juices my own, even. So, Joey, I appreciate the call very much.

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