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RUSH: These new owners of The New Republic are on a tear. They had a story yesterday and I didn’t get to it. Mr. Snerdley brought it in stapled together is how long the story was, and he brought it in to me for one reason, and it was the last page. I ran across it again today, so I thought I may as well mention this. In fact, let me give you the headline: “The Best Thing Hillary Could Do for Her Campaign? Ditch Bill.”

This is a long piece by Rebecca Traister. Now, the New Republic is not owned and operated by the traditional establishment liberals that have always owned it. It’s owned by this cofounder of Facebook, Chris whatever his name is and his husband, who ran for office and lost. So they’re running it, and they’ve got a bunch of Millennial types in there that have taken over writing the articles. Still liberal, but it’s Millennial liberal. Speaking of which, got a story on the Millennials in Whole Foods. (laughing) Whole Foods has totally misjudged who the Millennials are in terms of marketing and pricing at the stores.

The bottom line is Whole Foods is gonna have to open a new line of stores like Walmart because Millennials don’t have any money to go out and buy all this high priced designer food. It’s hilarious. I know the Millennials don’t have any money. They’re all obsessed with things for free. Can’t miss it.

Anyway. This New Republic piece from today, the last page pretty much spells out exactly what I have been saying for 26-plus years about why Hillary is even in the running for the Democrat presidential nomination. It’s because she gave up her entire future to marry Clinton and move to the sticks of Arkansas. And this New Republic article with these young Millennials makes the point as though I wrote it, as though they have been listening. We know they haven’t, probably. Maybe they have. Who knows?

But before they even get there it is clear that to them Bill Clinton is not a star. Bill Clinton is not a hero, and these Millennial babes have no desire to go to bed with Clinton and they don’t want to celebrate Clinton for abortion. They think he’s the biggest drag that Hillary’s got going, and they want him out. They want him gone from the campaign. Now, you can’t judge them to be totally on board because they still think Hillary’s hot stuff, which means they have judgmental flaws.

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