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RUSH: This is from the “Monkey Cage” section of the Washington Post: “Blacks Die Sooner than Whites. How Many Votes Has This Cost Democrats?” This is an honest-to-God story by Dean Robinson. “Black people in the United States continue to be sicker and die sooner than whites. … [T]hey suffer from ‘excess mortality’ — that is, black deaths that would not have occurred had the death rate among blacks been the same as that among whites.”

So we have here, as now documented in the Washington Post, yet another terrible inequity that is distinctly American: The death rate inequality. So now we even need quotas when it comes to the death rate. But then this guy goes on to talk about what the biggest practical application of this news is and the biggest problem it portends. “But what are the political consequences of excess mortality among blacks?

“A new article by Javier Rodriguez, Arline Geronimus, John Bound and Danny Dorling — ‘Black lives matter: Differential mortality and the racial composition of the US electorate, 1970-2004’ — answers this question. It finds that excess mortality among blacks reduces their voting power significantly, perhaps costing Democratic candidates several elections.” You think I’m making this up? Another terrible inequality that’s distinctly American, traced right back to our founding: The death rate inequality.

The black death rate, together with the black rate of incarceration, is costing the Democrats 15% of the vote, according to this. From the article: The authors of this study, “Rodriguez and colleagues estimate that … [c]ombining excess mortality with the consequences of felon disenfranchisement, they find that about 1 in 7 blacks (15%) did not have the opportunity to vote in 2004 for one of these two reasons.” Isn’t that terrible? Democrats lost 15%!

This is all that matters — or the number one reality from the death rate inequality — is the votes it cost the Democrat Party? Democrats lost 15% of their voters because they were either dead or in jail? (Hold on. I know, folks. I hear what you’re shouting at your radio. Hang on. I’m getting there. Let me get there. It’s real simple, if you’ll just wait for me. I know what you all saying: The giant A-word. Hang in there and be tough.) No wonder Obama and Hillary and George Soros want to empty the prisons.

No wonder they want to open the borders. Their number one constituency group is unfairly dying prematurely and unfairly incarcerated as felons, which means they can’t vote. As the article basically sums up at the bottom: We have to control our racist police and let more blacks out of prison in order to save our democracy.

I’m not making this up.

Just like an attack on roses and flowers for Mother’s Day. How’s that hurting anybody? What in the world…? I don’t care if greeting card companies and flower companies created Mother’s Day. It doesn’t matter. It’s a time-honored tradition; everybody enjoys it. It doesn’t harm anybody. “Yes, it does, Rush! What about the people that don’t have mothers?” What do you mean, “What about the people that don’t have mothers?” Everybody’s got a mother! “Well, yeah, but maybe some don’t know her.”

That doesn’t matter.

Everybody has a mother; that’s the one thing you can’t get past.

No matter what you do with marriage, no matter what you do with all these things and decimate all these institutions, the one thing you can’t deny is that everybody has a mother and father, no matter what else you try to create. So they’re trying to attack Mother’s Day, flowers. It’s an American institution; it’s under assault. Now the black death rate is apparently much higher than the white death rate; that’s the fault of America, because of racist cops, story says, and unfair incarceration.

And the talking point is what it costs the Democrat Party?

The Washington Post, when they say, “Black Lives Matter,” is what they really mean: “Black Votes Matter”? Is that all black people represent to the Democrat Party? How the hell do you come up with these statistics and have as your number one concern the fact that Democrat Party’s losing votes and may be losing elections? I would love for every African-American in the country to hear this.

Do you realize the Democrats are concerned about the unequal death rate in your population? Do you know why? They’re losing votes, that’s all! That’s why they’re opening the Southern border and letting a wave of uneducated, ill-equipped, and unskilled people in, because you people aren’t living long enough! And that’s why they want to let felons out of jail. That’s why they want to open up the jails, because they’re losing out on votes.

That’s all you mean to them.

But here’s the dirty little secret that dare not be mentioned in this story. I have a story that’s not even related to this. It’s, ironically, about ESPN and how they are destroying sports by virtue of the people they hire. It’s by a guy named Mike Adams, who has a PhD in criminology. His primary point in this story… He calls ESPN “the Enlightened Socialist Progressive Network,” and his primary point is that there’s… Well, not his primary.

One of the major points is there’s a reason why you hear so many class warfare sermons from TV sportscasters, and that is this: Many TV sportscasters used to be academically unqualified athletes who had to major in sociology in order to survive academically so they could remain eligible to play football or basketball. And when they had to major in sociology — a relatively easy major — they were treated to what?

The liberal curriculum in sociology. They come out of school as student athletes learning everything the liberals believe sociologically — and, of course, you could piece together what all those elements are. They play their sport, ESPN ends up hiring a bunch of them, and that’s how you end up converting ESPN from what was a sports network to another arm of the leftist media.

But in this story is this interesting fact. “Thirty-seven percent of aborted babies are black. In fact, more blacks are aborted every week –” are you listening to this? “More blacks are aborted every week than have been lynched in the entire history of the United States of America.” You didn’t get that? Thirty-seven percent of aborted babies are black. The number per year is 1.3 million babies aborted, 37% of them are black. In fact, more blacks are aborted every week than have been lynched in the entire history of the country.

“Eighty percent of all crime is intra-racial. In other words, about four out of five crimes committed by a black citizen are committed against another black citizen. Of the remaining 20 percent of crimes that are inter-racial there are far more black-on-white crimes than white-on-black crimes.

“Just about every negative social outcome is directly and strongly related to fatherlessness. Whether you are talking about unemployment, illiteracy, crime, or drug dependency, the absence of a father is a principal driving factor.” Again, Mike Adams, Ph.D., criminology.

“Imagine if college athletes studied legitimate academic disciplines like economics. Later, they could seek employment as educated sportscasters performing a legitimate public service. Instead of legitimizing the mobs, they could teach the masses the obvious: Ignorance is the problem and basic economic education is the answer,” according to Adams. One of his reasons for writing this is how come so many sportscasters on ESPN and elsewhere support the Crips and Bloods and the whole gang, lionize it, celebrate it, talk about it, it’s because that was their education in college as student athletes.

But, anyway, back to the main point. So the Washington Post has a story by Dean Robinson, and they’re wringing their hands out there over the death rate inequality in the US and how many votes it’s costing the Democrat Party. “Black people in the United States continue to be sicker and die sooner than whites. … Blacks suffer from ‘excess mortality’ — that is, black deaths that would not have occurred had the death rate among blacks been the same as that among whites.”

So it’s yet another black mark on America, death rate inequality. And in this story it’s because of cops unjustly killing so many young black men and America incarcerate. No, no. No, no, no, no. That’s not why. If the premise is even true here. The answer is abortion. The Democrat Party is aborting itself, and this is a claim long made on this program, 1.3 million aborted. There’s no doubt, folks, why the Democrats are so pro-amnesty, pro-open borders. They are aborting their own future voters. Thirty-seven percent of all aborted babies are black. Thirty-seven percent of 1.3 million a year.

More blacks aborted every week than have been lynched in the entire history of the US. So what do we have today? An attack on Mother’s Day, it’s destroying the planet. It’s killing, unnecessarily, flowers, chopping off their reproductive organs. It’s causing pain, it’s so unnecessary, and now America is flawed again, revealed to be flawed and unjust and unfair once again because the black death rate is so much higher than the white death rate. And the attacks just keep on coming.


RUSH: So I get this note from a friend of mine who is not the target reader for the story on how the inequality in black deaths is costing the Democrat Party votes. This guy sends me a note: “Wait, wait, wait, wait. It doesn’t make sense. The Democrats get 92, 93% of the black vote every election. How in the world could have JFK been elected?” I said, “You don’t misunderstand. That’s just the hook. The idea that the Democrat Party’s losing votes because of the inequality in black death rates, that’s just the hook.” The purpose of that is to further convince African-Americans that the country has been stacked against them from the first days of its founding.

The real purpose of the story is to grease the skids and further the premise that America is unjust and needs to be transformed and rewired and rebuilt and that we’ve got to get rid of all of these Republicans, and we’ve got to change all these police departments because they are killing all these black people. And since black people love the Democrat Party, if you throw in this little bit about the Democrat Party being hurt by this, that’s just icing on the cake. That’s not the real point of the story.

An intelligent reader is not supposed to ask, “Wait a minute. Black death rate inequality is costing the Democrat Party black votes? How in the hell is that possible? It’s not costing the Democrat Party black votes.” Of course from the Democrats’ perspective they don’t think they should ever lose an election, and when they do there’s always been fraud or something went wrong because in a true just world and election, they would never lose. There has to be some trick, and this also feeds that myth. But as usual, it’s Democrat Party policies responsible for the death rate inequality, mainly abortion. It’s funny how that doesn’t get mentioned in this story, isn’t it?

We also have ongoing news about the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. You know, folks, it’s somewhat amazing that this story continues to build. This story continues to feature new revelations that are not flattering to either Bill or Hillary. It’s obvious to me now there’s much more going on with this story than just the media doing it now to get it out of the way so that all of this is forgotten by the time we get to the actual primaries and then the election.

When all of this crime family foundation started, that was the smart money theory, that this was a big, big albatross out there and the media had to get it out of the way. They couldn’t ignore it, so let’s go do it now and any pain that it causes, any damage that results can be fixed over time rather than release the details of this story closer to the election. But it just keeps growing. So there’s more going on here than just a media effort to get this story out of the way.


RUSH: I know. I know. If dead Democrats can’t vote, then how did JFK win in 1960? The real hook of this story is to make sure that Obama and the Democrats double down on their efforts to crack down on the cops and empty the prisons. That’s what the purpose of this story is. I mean, this story goes on to even imply that Algore would have won the presidency twice if it hadn’t been for death inequality in the African-American population.

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