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RUSH: Did you know that there continue to be murders and shootings in Baltimore? (interruption) What do you mean, it can’t be? (interruption) No, no. It’s not peaceful at all since the cops have been arrested. It’s not peaceful at all since Marilyn Mosby has come on the scene. It’s not peaceful at all since Ray Lewis and other notorious Baltimore athletes have spoken to the community to calm them down.

“The increase in violence,” Baltimore Sun, major newspaper of the region. “The increase in violence that has followed the death of Freddie Gray continued through the weekend, with four homicides reported since Saturday, according to Baltimore police. Ten people were reported shot on Sunday alone, including three who were shot to death within a span of 39 minutes. The violence comes as the city prepares for the Preakness on Saturday at Pimlico Race Course.”

Is that what they’re preparing for?

Are you telling me that in Freddie Gray’s neighborhood, they’re getting ready for the Preakness? I thought they were getting ready for the trial. (interruption) “How many police have been arrested?” I don’t know. Let’s find out. The numbers continue to flow here. “At least 87 people have been killed in Baltimore this year, 22 more than at this time last year. Nonfatal shootings are up nearly 50% across the city.” You mean at least 87 people have been killed in Baltimore?

I thought there was only one, Freddie Gray. Wait a minute. Yeah, Freddie Gray.

I thought he was the only one, right? (interruption) Well, I don’t think the cops killed these other 86 people. (interruption) Uh, I know, like a “duh” moment. “The most recent homicide came Monday afternoon. Police said a man was shot in the head in the 3400 block of Clifton Ave. in Southwest Baltimore. On Sunday, officers responding to a shooting in the 5400 block of Crismer Ave. in the Woodmere neighborhood of Northwest Baltimore at 10:21 p.m. found a man shot in the lower back.

“He died at an area hospital from his injuries, police said.” Police had nothing to do with the shooting. “On Sunday, officers responding to a shooting in the 5400 block of Crismer Ave. in the Woodmere neighborhood of Northwest Baltimore at 10:21 p.m. found a man shot in the lower back. He died at an area hospital from his injuries, police said. Nine minutes later, police investigated the discharging of a gun in the 1300 block of N. Carey St. in Sandtown-Winchester in West Baltimore, the neighborhood where Gray was arrested April 12.

“Officers found a man shot several times. He died shortly after they arrived. At 11 p.m., officers returned to the Woodmere neighborhood for another shooting, police said. They found a man shot several times, just one block from the homicide at 10:21 p.m. The man died at an area hospital, police said. Police said they have no suspects in the homicides.” There are two pages here that report all of these incidents. The wave of Baltimore shootings and killings continue. (interruption) Now, I don’t know if the mayor knows.

I don’t know if the Drive-By Media knows. I’m talking about the national Drive-By Media. I don’t know, but quick addition here: After all the riots in Baltimore, if you look at the timeline at least in this story — after those riots and after the curfew — there have been at least 25 shootings of young blacks in Baltimore, and the cops are not accused of a single one of them. Twenty-five shootings since the curfew ended. Twenty-five!

You haven’t heard about it, I’ll bet.

This is a Baltimore Sun local story. Cops were not involved in a single one of them, and yet what’s the narrative? “White cops — any cops — shooting innocent black citizens wantonly, all the time, frequently.” Think of the toll… Seriously here, folks. Think of the toll all of these incidents take on the police responding, on the medical people who have to try to save them all. You’ve got the first responders. You got emergency room personnel, doctors, nurses, and the cops.

Twenty-five shootings alone at least, since the Baltimore riots.

And we were led to believe it was all fixed! Ever since Mosby came out and charged the six cops, we were led to believe the town had been satisfied. Their desires and demands had been met, and they had all gone home and were living, now, once again peaceful lives. (interruption) Well, the concert from Prince? What good did it do? The concert from Prince? it doesn’t look like anything done in there has reduced the incidents of gun-related incidents.


RUSH: I wonder how many of these shooting incidents in Baltimore can be traced back to the ongoing efforts from the Department of Justice to make police departments act with more restraint — in other words: Back off. This is what the DOJ is forcing on all the police departments it’s taking over. Because, as you know, the left believes — it’s Obama. Obama, Eric Holder and the rest of the crowd believe — that violence in communities is the result of the police.

Too big a presence, militarized police force, cops everywhere, cops in your face — cops here, cops there — that promotes violence, they believe. Of course, it’s just the exact opposite. Anyway, they think if you withdraw the cops, make them invisible, then they’re not provoking anybody, and then the citizens will not feel as though they’re being put upon and will behave peacefully.

I just wonder how much of… I mean, I’ve looked up the numbers. It’s actually 50, folks, from the Baltimore Sun article. More than 50 people have been shot. Not all dead, but more than 50 people have been shoot since the April 28 Baltimore riots. I just wonder if police restraint could be responsible.


RUSH: You would not believe my e-mail, how many people do not believe that all these shootings are going on in Baltimore. They haven’t heard a word about it. They can’t believe it. They thought peace had been restored once Marilyn Mosby came out and charged the six cops and the curfew was ended. They’re really stunned, and I’ll bet most people around the country are because it’s not news.

Any more shootings in Baltimore after Marilyn Mosby’s taken charge and after Prince goes in and does a concert and after the DOJ says, “Yep, we’ll go fix the place,” of course it isn’t gonna be reported 50 shootings since the riots ended. Of course it isn’t gonna be reported. It totally flies in the face of the narrative.


RUSH: Jane in South Lake, Texas. I’m glad you called. It’s great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I was listening to you talk about the continued violence in Baltimore, and it just struck me that if Mrs. Obama had already tweeted something like the lines of #StopTheViolence, #StopTheKilling, this would all have ended.

RUSH: You mean like it worked in Nigeria?

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: For the Boko Haram.

CALLER: Because they clearly have brought the girls back.

RUSH: Clearly they haven’t. No, the girls are not back, more of them have been kidnapped, and more of them have died. No, it’s a great thought out there, Jane, but the hashtag wasn’t needed. They didn’t need the hashtag. The situation in Baltimore is fixed. All these shootings, you’re not supposed to hear about ’em. The situation in Baltimore is fixed now. There have been charges brought against the cops; Marilyn Mosby’s in charge running the show.

There’s gonna be a trial. The cops have been told to restrain and withdraw. Prince went in there and did a concert, and that’s it. Problem solved. And there’s evidence that the problem hasn’t been solved. Except you hadn’t heard but on this program of the between 25 and 50 shootings since the riots, not one of them committed by a cop. The way the left works, everything’s image, everything’s showbiz, everything’s PR, everything’s buzz.

They solved that problem.

A Michelle Obama hashtag wasn’t necessary.

That’s why she was free to go to the museum and rip it. (summarized)

“I am at this wonderful museum, and all I can think about is, even though I’m African-American and I’m first lady, all I can think about how is all the African-Americans that live a block or a mile from here would not be welcome. I haven’t stopped to ask, ‘Why am I welcome?’ If all the African-American children within a mile of this museum are not welcome here and would never think about coming here, then what am I doing here?

“I’m African-American, and I’m the first lady. How did I end up here? Why do I want to come here? Maybe I don’t want to come here. They asked me to come here, but I think this is not a place for me, so I’m gonna come here while standing here and tell people it’s not a place for me.” Well, that’s the logical progression for me. To the people at Comedy Central, that is “piling on.” That’s “making fun of.” That’s “joking around.” That’s “being disrespectful.


RUSH: Glenn in Bethel, Ohio. Great to have you on the program, sir. Thank you for waiting.

CALLER: Well, thank you, Rush, for taking my call. I tell you, my concern goes back a little bit to the Baltimore issue, and it concerns the police and law enforcement in this country, that they’re kind of back on their heels defending themselves. I remember an American lady of African descent saying that if a young man in Ferguson, Missouri, wouldn’t have been where he shouldn’t have been and wasn’t doing what he was doing, that he’d still be alive today.

And when these things take place in Baltimore, Detroit, and around, all of a sudden there’s the rush and the big push in the rioting and everything, and I think that the lawless have pushed the police, so to speak, back on their heels where they’re trying to defend themselves. And my contention is that the police need to take a more aggressive stand and go after the lawless, convincing them that you can’t do lawless activities in this country. And, you know, that’s basically what there is to say. I would like to encourage them to do that, and how you feel about that’s of importance to me.

RUSH: Well, that’s what used to happen. Why do you think the cops are withdrawing and pulling back? As you say, getting defensive. Why do you think they’re going on the defensive?

CALLER: Well, I think it’s because of their bosses, when you get up into Washington, DC, which shouldn’t be their bosses anyway, are telling them it keeps the country in a flurry and keeps the disruptive nature going and belittles law enforcement, which is probably giving those people exactly what they want, and that’s disarray.

RUSH: Yeah, if you keep going with this, in other words, if you continue to analyze this, just answer the basic questions I asked you, you will eventually arrive at the realization that this isn’t really about the cops, and it really isn’t about law enforcement, that those things are just tools or events that are capitalized on to advance an entirely different agenda. In other words, take the Reverend Sharpton or Reverend Jackson.

While it appears that the real focus and the target is police departments and that it stops there, and that there is a specific reason for opposing police, and that is, well, the police have traditionally been white, and they’ve traditionally been racist, and the police have always been unfair and discriminatory and profiling of blacks, and therefore every arrest is presumed to be illegitimate, every police department is presumed to be corrupt, because it’s rooted in racism and bias and unfairness, but the real target is not the police department.

The real target is, I believe, however you want to frame it, I mean, I call it the majority, and I don’t mean a racial majority. I’m talking about numerical majorities who happen to believe in various American traditions, there is an all-out assault on all of the institutions and traditions which have created and built this country and have held it together and have defined it. And policing, the police department is just one way, that’s authority. The police department is the authority or the use-of-force wing of that majority. And since the majority itself is illegitimate and unjust, in most cases since the founding of the country, then it’s simply a target area in the overall effort to weaken the nation’s majorities into acquiescence and silence and fear and just giving up.

What you said is exactly right. If the police back off you’re gonna get more crime. If the police restrain themselves, you’re gonna get more crime. Well, that happens to be part of the plan. More crime is unstable. More crime destabilizes. More crime causes fear. More crime creates panic. More crime creates unrest and unease in the majority. It’s all about ripping apart what the minorities of this country consider to be an unjust, unfair power structure.

The police departments of the city happen to be the armed representatives of the majority. So I don’t think it stops at just the cops. And I don’t think the purpose is to really let people out of jail. I think that the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world are smart enough to know that the vast majority of people in jail deserve to be there. They know this. But you wouldn’t know it by listening to ’em. They want people to believe that the vast majority of people in jail don’t deserve to be there, that that’s an example of the majority being unfair and unjust and why we’ve got to take power aware of ’em.

How do you take power away from a majority? I mean, this is a country… Make no mistake: This is a country that was designed to be run by a legitimately elected, representative majority. It was designed, it was set up that way on purpose, for express purposes and reasons. The minority was to have rights, but it was not to be able to trump. That sets up fights and battles and contests and so forth between the majority and the minority.

The minority is free, in legitimate ways, to try to wrest power and become the majority. It’s all about what you can do with public opinion. But public opinion was to be the result of majorities. Therefore, the majority should rule. It was always that way. That is simply unacceptable. It’s not just racial minorities. Women consider themselves a minority. Feminists consider themselves a minority. Every victimized group in this country considers themselves a minority.

Hispanics, you name it. They all have the same grievance. The grievance is that the majority is unfair, unjust, biased, bigoted, racist, sexist, homophobic, what have you, and they do not have justification for being a majority. So the cops is just one area where you attack it. They use fear and loathing. They use violence, threat, intimidation. They bully! The way it usually works is, the majority doesn’t get what’s going on.

The majority thinks that, “You know what? Let’s just be nicer. They think we’re mean. Let’s show them that we’re not. They think we’re racist. Let’s show them, demonstrate that we’re not.” They think that we’re bigots, let’s show them that we’re not.” They don’t think you’re really bigots. It’s just what they say. It’s the way that they’re able to amass support. It’s the way they’re able to mobilize their minorities to take intimidating, threatening, bullying action.

We had a story yesterday about religion. It’s a Pew Center story about how the Christian population this country is “fading fast,” they said. In 2007, the percentage of this country identified as Christian was 78%. Believe me, that is the big majority that’s under assault right now. Now, they don’t say it. You have to read between the lines. But gay marriage, gay rights, all of that, the militant extremists, the target is Christianity. Catholicism, all the denominations.

It went from 78% to 70% since 2007.

They’re out there celebrating (clapping), all these news agencies with stories. “Man, we’re having success! Look at the numbers of people leaving Christianity!” People aren’t leaving Christianity, I don’t believe. I think same number of people exist, maybe even more. Now, stick with me on this. I’m gonna go through this quickly because of time. What’s happened is that a number of these denominations — Methodists, Lutherans, Episcopalians — have watered down their religious message.

They have allowed social causes such as gay marriage and all this to infiltrate and become part of the church service. Well, people who want to be taught the Bible, who want hear sermons about the Bible, who are Christians for that reason, are gonna leave those churches. Now, whether they join others or not, it’s unknown. But the one group that has not shrunken is evangelicals, and evangelicals have not been corrupted.

They have not allowed any of the left’s social warriors to take over.

But even at that, look at this: 70% of the population is Christian, and less than 1% of the population is bullying them around! That’s what’s going on. That’s the purpose of all this. The police department is just one small, little branch of this effort. I read a story about this today. Do you realize that if the evangelicals in this country all united behind one candidate, the Republican Party would never lose? If evangelicals would choose a candidate and vote for him and all show up, the Democrats would never win the presidency.

And they know that.

That’s why the attacks on the Christian right, the Moral Majority, Christian Coalition, whatever it is. They’re scared to death of it for a whole host of reasons.

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