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RUSH: Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, Barack Obama went to Georgetown University and participated in some kind of a conference on poverty and spirituality and just a whole bunch of stuff. And I am telling you, it is a gold mine. We have more from Barack Obama yesterday in terms of helping everybody understand who he is and who he has been from the beginning. He perfectly illustrated the chips on his shoulder about this country, the aspects of it that he doesn’t like and his ongoing efforts to transform it and change it. The things that he said yesterday were simply outrageous.

Some of the things that he said were just over the top, and I haven’t… I mean, there’s extensive reporting of it in the Drive-By Media, but not in a critical way, naturally. The reporting in the Drive-By Media is all supportive. In many cases on television, much of what he said has been ignored. It has been reported on at all, just a couple of little excerpts of Obama waxing eloquent about poverty and how, “We need to do something about it,” which is classic to me.

Here we have the latest representative of the Democrat Party — happens to be president, happens to have been a descendant of the architects of the War on Poverty 50 years ago. We’ve had no improvement, except Obama believes we have; the only reason that you don’t know it is Fox News. Obama said, “We need to change the way poverty news is reported.” And then he targeted Fox News and blamed Fox News for what people think about poverty, when in fact, it’s actually improved and gotten much better since Obama has been running the show.

And then Fox News came under assault for practically everything else that’s going wrong in the country as well. So we have that coming up.


RUSH: Barack Obama yesterday was at the Georgetown University poverty conference. “President Obama suggested that people of faith should focus more on helping the poor, instead of focusing on divisive issues such as gay marriage and abortion. During a panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, Obama specifically referred to his own Christian faith…

“‘I think it would be powerful for our faith-based organizations to speak out on this in a more forceful fashion,’ he said, admitting that his wish might sound ‘self-interested’ because he had disagreements with Christian and Catholic organizations about gay marriage and abortion. … He argued that churches should spend more time pursuing ‘powerful’ ideas such as helping those in poverty in order to attract more followers,”

Now, wait a minute. Isn’t abortion the foremost sacrament in the Church of Liberalism? Gay marriage running a close second there? How can Obama want to give up such core tenets? Could it be because he believes the abortionists and the gays have won now and he can move on? Time to get back to basics (i.e., income redistribution)? So the churches are not doing enough to help people in poverty.

This is his message: The churches are sidelined now. And, by the way, when he says “abortion” and “gay marriage,” he means opposing it. (summarized) “They need to stop opposing it. These churches are wasting time opposing gay marriage. It’s gonna happen. It has happened. It’s the fait accompli. Oh, and just stop opposing abortion! People want it. It’s the law of the land. You’re wasting time and you’re wasting money opposing abortion!

“Meanwhile, the poor are getting poorer and they’re staying poor.” Note it’s none of his fault. It has nothing to do with his policies. Oh, no! This is the fault of religion. Churches, religion, religious people, are so selfish, so preoccupied with discriminating against people that they have wantonly allowed more and more people to become poor and enslaved in poverty! That’s what he said. That is what he meant.

“At an event focused on overcoming poverty at Georgetown University Tuesday afternoon, President Obama took a shot at Fox News for propagating the narrative that ‘the poor are sponges, leeches, don’t want to work, are lazy, are undeserving.’ … ‘We’re going to have to change how the media reports on these issues,’ the president also said,” or at least we’re going to have to change the one media outlet that doesn’t report things the way Obama wants them reported.

So here we have the biggest class warrior to ever occupy the White House — and that’s saying something, but it’s true. We have the biggest enemy of achievement, the biggest enemy of liberty and freedom, the biggest enemy of independent economic achievement and advancement ever to occupy the White House now claiming that a cable news network with an audience topping out at four million — and I don’t mean that as an insult; I just want everything to be in perspective here.

Fox News is far and away number one. But the daily audience for Fox at its peak is around four million. That’s huge in their niche. Do not misunderstand me here. But Obama wants to blame a cable news network that reaches four million people for all of the poverty and all the discrimination. It’s Fox News that makes fun of the poor and criticizes the poor by calling them sponges and leeches; people that don’t want to work, lazy, undeserving.

I can assure you that is not what is said at Fox News, for crying out loud! I want somebody to produce somebody who has used those words in a news story, in a Fox News-reported story. I don’t know what analysts have said, but even at that. People don’t talk that way anymore. This is something Obama remembers having heard. Or in his biased, preconditioned mind, this is what he thinks people think of the poor.

But people don’t talk about the poor that way anymore, and they haven’t in this country for a long time, not at the level of cable news. Sponges, leeches, don’t want to work, lazy, undeserving? We could turn that around, by the way, if you wanted to. The poor are not sponges, they are not leeches, they do want to work, they’re not lazy, and they are deserving. Okay, of what? I mean, what’s standing in their way?

See, Obama wants you to think Fox News is standing in their way.

He’s president of the United States. He’s got a checkbook. If he wants to he could spend a billion dollars on Amtrak. If he wants to he can ignore the Constitution and flood the country with unskilled, uneducated, poverty-stricken people who are going to stay in poverty once they get here, by design, so they will constantly vote the Democrat Party. Obama has 25 gazillion times the power Fox News has or any radio talk show has. If Barack Obama wanted to, he could write everybody in poverty a check for a thousand dollars, instead of spending ’em on Amtrak or whatever.

But somehow the Limbaugh Theorem comes into play once again and Obama is an innocent bystander. While more and more people get sucked into poverty, he’s out there doing everything he can to stop it. He’s out there making sure that the powerful forces of greed who want people to be sponges and leeches and undeserving continue somehow to relegate them to poverty. I don’t know how it’s happening, but the Koch brothers are making sure people are poor and they’re making sure they’re steered to poverty, and they stay there.

Meanwhile, Obama, the president of the United States, with a checkbook that nobody will stop him from using, is powerless to do anything about it. So powerless, he had to convene a conference at Georgetown University to sit around and whine and moan with a bunch of other liberals about the plight of the poor, all the while exempting himself from any role, any responsibility when virtually every economic circumstance in this country today is attributable to Obama policies.

Do you know that the Obama health care exchange in Hawaii is about to implode? The health website, HealthCare.gov in Hawaii, is about to implode and go out of business. It was given 205, I don’t know, million dollars, billion, I forget what, whatever it was given, a huge amount of money, it’s gone. They haven’t registered anybody. There are no sign-ups. It’s an absolute, total disaster. And of course it’s all the fault of the rich, somehow.

So here’s the most powerful man in the world sitting around complaining and whining with a bunch of other impotent liberals, wringing their hands and so upset and crying about the poor and it’s all the fault of Fox News. And then he said we’re gonna have to change how the media reports on these issues. Really? Well, how does he propose that? How do you change the way the media reports on things? Do you command them to report a certain way? Or do you call members of Fox News executive team to the Oval Office and try to persuade them that they’re wrong, to see it your way?

Well, how do you make a news network stop reporting the news the way they are and start reporting the news the way you want it to be, if you are president of the United States? So we’ve got the biggest class warrior ever to occupy the White House, claiming a cable news network with an audience of four million people is stoking class warfare. Fox News doesn’t have to tell anybody how hard it is out there. Fox News doesn’t need to tell most people what it’s like to struggle in the Obama economy.

You know why? Because they’re living it! Most of the people in this country struggling in the Obama economy don’t need anybody telling them. They know full well what’s happening. And their problems have nothing to do with budget cuts because there haven’t been any budget cuts. The problems are entirely traceable to Barack Obama policies, every single one of which is geared toward taking things away from people who work for a living and giving to the people who don’t. The people who don’t work for a living, however, do one thing that’s crucial: They vote. That’s what the money is for.


RUSH: Back to Obama at Georgetown University and that poverty discussion. “Speaking to a panel on poverty at Georgetown University, President Barack Obama dismissed wealthy Americans as ‘societyÂ’s lottery winners.'” When’s the last time we heard that? That’s right, Dick Gephardt, former congressman from Missouri, St. Louis, told us about his friend, was one of the winners of life’s lottery, and that’s the only reason people have success and achievement and money and wealth is that they are the winners of life’s lottery.

It’s happenstance. It’s the Lucky Sperm Club, I call it. Obama thinks that everybody who has any kind of wealth is a member of the Lucky Sperm Club. Essentially nobody works for it. Now, Gephardt’s friend was a special guy. Gephardt told us that he had this friend (imitating Gephardt), “I’ve got this friend, this rich friend, and he came to my office the other day, you know what he said to me? He said, ‘I’m not paying enough in taxes. You need to raise my taxes, and if you do, I’ll get even richer.'”

Much like the guy that walked into Harry Reid’s office and said, “You know what? I heard that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in ten years.” And Harry Reid walks out there, “I have a friend that told me that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in 10 years.” The media said, “What? Well, what’s your evidence?”

“I don’t have any evidence; I don’t need any. You need to go ask Romney why he hasn’t paid his taxes in the last ten years.”

And the media said, “Oh, yeah,” and went and did it. So these Democrats have these imaginary friends out there that tell ’em things, and I’m sure Obama’s got his share of them. Speaking to this panel, Obama called the wealthy society’s lottery winners. He called on them to make “modest investment” to the poor in the form of tax increases. He said, “The top 25 hedge fund managers made more than all of the kindergarten teachers in the country,” as though that’s somehow unique, never before happened, and is outrageous.

That last bit, this top 25 hedge fund managers made more than all the kindergarten teachers in the country, that is a factoid made up last year by this wunderkind from the Washington Post that opened his new website called Vox, Ezra Klein. Anyway, even if it was true, hedge fund managers also paid a hell of a lot more in total income taxes than all the kindergarten teachers in the US combined, who maybe paid nothing and most likely even got some money back. In fact, where would the federal government be without the evil one-percenters who are the primary funders of government?

Get this, now. Latest tax data, Tax Foundation, the top 1% of wage earners, top 1% of the wealth in this country paid 45.7% of all income taxes in 2014, individual income taxes, top 1%, almost half of the tax revenue. So what Obama is doing here is trotting out the Warren Buffett game again, the so-called hedge fund manager’s tax break is known as the carried interest tax deduction. Carried interest is taxed at 20 or 25, it’s the equivalent to the capital gains rate, instead of the 39.6 rate that the regular high income gets taxed at.

But the New York Times even pointed out last year that hedge fund managers do not use the carried interest tax loophole. They shelter their income in the business of reinsurance using Bermuda-based reinsurance companies as a capital base for investment. They’re not using carried interest, and it is, by the way, a favored target of the left, but never forget who wrote that rule, who writes the tax code. Congress writes the tax code.

I’ll lay you a dollar to a doughnut this whole carried interest tax — and it’s not a loophole. It’s a law. It’s as every bit a part of the tax code as any other tax “loophole” is. It’s not a loophole, it’s a law. And I’ll bet you it was created by a bunch of Democrat lawyers in the House of Representatives.

Obama still wasn’t through. He said lack of self-awareness was on full display when he spoke at the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit at Georgetown University. He criticized people who send their kids to private schools and private clubs. Obama stated that those who have economic advantages are withdrawing from societal common areas. He claims that those who socially separate themselves are contributing to a sluggish economy that lacks opportunity.

I thought the economy was rocking. I thought we had a robust recovery going on. I know. This from a man whose own daughters go to private school, who plays private golf clubs. His wife went to elite private schools. His kids go to private schools. He golfs at private clubs. He flies on a private airplane. He segregates himself from all kinds of people he doesn’t want to hang around. I thought the whole game was to lift yourself up constantly, trying to improve yourself economically. And Obama’s coming along saying that’s wrong. When you do that, you are leaving your fellow citizens behind.

So what are people supposed to do, Mr. President, just stick in these cesspools that liberal policies have created for us? Is that what people are supposed to do? You know, in the upper reaches of African-American wealth, particularly sports stars, those people, many of them are ripped and criticized for not staying in the hood after they get wealthy. And they don’t stay in the hood. They get out of there and they go to Beverly Hills. They go to Holmby Hills. They go to Bel Air. They go to Malibu. They go to wherever the Kardashians are, it doesn’t matter, they do not stay in the hood.

Why should they? Why should anybody who doesn’t have to be there, be there? Why shouldn’t the objective be to get everybody out of the hood so that there is no more hood anymore? This is classic. It’s classic liberalism. You equalize everybody by shrinking people at the top, by lowering people at the top, by diminishing the achievements of those who have achieved and render them suspect as illegitimate. The name of the game for the Democrat Party. Anybody who is successful, anybody who succeeds, anybody’s achieved is somehow a suspect.

Here’s even more from Breitbart on this. “During a conversation about poverty, President Obama said he was concerned that more wealthy people were separated from poverty because they chose to frequent private institutions instead of public ones.” He said, “Part of whatÂ’s happened is, is that elites in a very mobile, globalized world are able to live together, away from folks who are not as wealthy, and so they feel less of a commitment to making those investments.”

What investments have not been made? The latest number — you know, frankly, I don’t get the point anymore of even mentioning this. What is the point? What difference does it make? We tell the truth on this stuff day in and day out, doesn’t make any difference. Twenty-two trillion, folks, since 1964 has been “invested,” if you want to use that corrupt word to describe this. Twenty-two trillion has been taxed, has been taken from people who work, from people that produce, and it has been transferred, redistributed, given to people who don’t.

Twenty-two trillion dollars and the man has the audacity, just like every other damn liberal does, to come every year, no matter what the circumstances, and claim the rich are not paying their fair share, every year. You can make book on it. Every year, multiple times a year sometimes, the rich are not paying their fair share. I don’t think this is just talk. I think Obama is giving an indication of some of the things that he’s gonna do in the remaining 22 months, whatever it is that he has left. He is identifying the enemies. He’s identifying the people who need to have action taken against them. He is rallying support for this. He is stoking class warfare.

He blames Fox News for this. Fox News doesn’t even come close to inciting anger like Obama is doing it here! Nobody in the media does. Nobody comes close to dividing people this country like Obama does every day. Nobody in the media is even trying to, except those that parrot Obama and his wife, who are not about unity, who are not about uplifting, who are not about inspiring. They’re about punishing. They’re about getting even with. And I know, the same questions.

“Okay, Rush, then tell me something: Why do all these hedge fund dopes and all these Hollywood dopes and all these rich Wall Street dopes…? Why do they give to this guy? Why do they give to any Democrat who talks this way? Why do they give to a guy who’s gonna turn around and blame them and then target them for all of the ills of society? ‘Cause all these people he’s talking about…?” Where does he go on vacation? Do you think he goes to Baltimore in the inner city?

Do you think he spends time in Watts, in Compton, that he goes to Detroit or Baltimore? No. You know where he goes? Martha’s Vineyard! Martha’s Vineyard. Do you think there is an underclass anywhere near Martha’s Vineyard, except the people working in the houses Obama stays? And do you think they live on Martha’s Vineyard or do they boat them in from nearby islands during the day and night? Do you think the poor can afford to live anywhere on Martha’s Vineyard?

What the hell is he talking about? I know he’s not out there playing public golf courses, unless the occasional military course is public. I don’t know. But he’s not doing any of this stuff that he’s admonishing all of the rest of us to do, and he never would. (interruption) I know he lived in the ritzy part of Chicago and he got it in a phony deal with some huckster, whatever. You remember the…? (interruption) A real estate developer, yeah.

I don’t even want to relive that, but point is he doesn’t do any of this stuff that he claims makes you a good citizen. There’s no leadership. He’s not showing us how to do it. Michelle doesn’t show us how to do it. No, Michelle Obama, an African-American, goes off to the Whitney Museum and says (paraphrased), “Hi, I’m here! I’m first lady and I’m African-American. This place doesn’t want people that look like me.”

Really? Well, what are you doing there, then?

“And just a mile from here there are people that look like me who are kids, who would never even dream of coming here because they don’t think they would be welcome.” Well, if they’re not, why are you there? Divide, divide, divide. Don’t doubt that it works, folks, this class warfare stuff. It may not win them elections every election, but it works in dividing the country, and it provides a ready made excuse for failure.

People living in poverty with no chance of getting out of it have a readymade excuse. Obama’s told ’em it’s not their fault. They can blame it on Warren Buffett or any rich guy that they can point to, and then add to all this we’re gonna open the borders of this country and let other poor people come in with no hope of escaping poverty themselves, because now we’ve learned that we’re making it part of their DNA.

So we’re making a permanent case for permanent poverty and claiming, “It’s impossible to lift yourself out of it because your DNA becomes corrupted with it, which means that conservative ideology of self-reliance is pointless and worthless and not even worth listening to.” This man has absolutely no economic knowledge whatsoever, and if people hadn’t been told how brilliant and smart he is, I don’t think anybody would draw that conclusion themselves, just listening to him speak about things.

‘Cause there’s nothing here that says, “Wow this is brilliance. This is sheer brilliance I’m listening to.” This is just half-baked, warmed-over Marxism, Alinskyism. Obama Rips Fox News Over Poor — President Obama on Tuesday criticized Fox News for showcasing people who represent negative stereotypes of the poor. ‘If you watch Fox news on a regular basis, they will find folks that make me mad,’ Obama said … ‘I don’t know where they find them.’

“The president chided the network for showing people who ‘just want a free Obamaphone’ and express no interest in work. ‘That becomes an entire narrative that gets worked up,’ he said. In the wake of unrest in Ferguson, Mo., and Baltimore, Obama has placed an increased focus on the root causes of the nation’s racial wounds, including poverty in minority communities. … ‘What used to be racial segregation now mirrors itself in class segregation,’ he said. ‘The broader trends in our society will make it harder and harder for us to deal with both poverty and inequality.'”

Let me tell you something: It isn’t hard to find people like Obama claimed. Remember that woman with the Obama phone? She was running after the cameras when she saw ’em.


RUSH: Folks, it is an interesting point, and I think it’s just short of being a profundity. Here’s Obama yesterday at Georgetown, and we all remember the videotape of the Obama phone woman, and obviously that’s still on his mind. When he saw that, it ticked him off. But not the way it would tick me off or you off if we were president. He’s mad that they dare even use this, and he’s obviously been holding resentment. This happened in 2012.

Three years ago! It seems like it’s longer ago, but I guess that’s what it was, and whatever length of time it, he has just been seething over this. He “chided the network for showing people who ‘just want a free Obamaphone’ and express no interest in work.” Here is that woman. It’s in Bedford, Ohio, outside a Romney event. A reporter and an Obama for President volunteer have this exchange about why she’s protesting Mitt Romney and supporting Obama.

WOMAN: Obama!

KEN ROGULSKI, WJR DETROIT: You got an Obama phone?

WOMAN: (screaming) Yes! Everybody in Cleveland, low minorities, got Obama phone. Keep Obama in president, you know? He gave us a phone!

ROGULSKI: He gave you a phone?

WOMAN: He gonna do more!

ROGULSKI: How did he give you a phone?

WOMAN: You sign up. If you’re… If you on food stamps, you on Social Security, you got low income, you disability…

ROGULSKI: Okay, what’s wrong with Romney, again?

WOMAN: Romney? He sucks! Bad!

RUSH: “Romney? He sucks! Bad. … I got an Obama phoooone!”

Okay, so we now know that Obama saw that, and we know that Obama was ticked off at the media for playing it. I won’t speak for you, but I feel confident in doing so if I wanted to. I’ll tell you, if I had been president, I ever were president, and I saw a videotape of that, I would be embarrassed. I would be embarrassed that that is how voters see me. “Is that all I’m good for? Is that the only reason they vote for me, ’cause they think I’m giving them stuff?”

I would immediately — and I’m serious, folks. I would immediately consider myself a failure, and I would realize that I have a hell of a project ahead of me, if that’s why people are voting for me. The same thing, I remember that situation in Detroit where they opened up some free apartments with rent vouchers. Something like 25,000 people showed up and they only had 1500 vouchers, and we had a radio reporter out there interviewing them, and they were clueless.

All they cared about was Obama was gonna give ’em an apartment.

Where was he getting the money?

(summarized) “From his stash! From Obama’s stash! See, it’s Obama’s stash,” like Obama phone. I would have been embarrassed. I would have wanted to change that. I would have look at those people and said, “Oh, my gosh. We gotta change that.” Instead, Obama sits around, and I guess he takes great pride in people like that voting for him, because to him that means his policies are working. To me, it would be an utter embarrassment — not just for me, but for the country — and I would immediately do what I could to change it.


RUSH: Isn’t it funny? So there’s Obama at his poverty confab at Georgetown all upset at Fox News. “I don’t know where they find these people.” They’re your volunteers, sir. They are your volunteers. They show up at your campaign events. Nobody has to seek these people out. That’s what the left does, in fact.

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