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RUSH: Now, let’s go to C-SPAN because this is kind of funny. This morning on the show they call Washington Journal, they were doing a viewer call-in segment on the whole Stephanopoulos thing. And the co-host, Peter Slen, S-l-e-n, reads from my website to set up the segment. And you know how things are at C-SPAN. “Tell us, James Carville, just exactly what was involved in the period of time it took you to pen your tome?”

(imitating Carville) “You know what, it was all about getting Ken Starr. Ken Starr, he’s out there, he’s poisoning our kids with cigarettes and this spaceman from Mars, Larry.”

“That’s a serious charge. We at C-SPAN take these things –“

“Of course it’s serious, what are you talking about?” So that’s the mentality. The NPR, very serious. So they go to my website where the Stephanopoulos story is headlined: “Fake Newsman Caught Giving 50 Large to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.” That’s the headline. And here is the C-SPAN anchor reading it, and then they take calls. But here’s the reading first.

SLEN: Rush Limbaugh, here’s his report, or the transcript when he was talking about this issue yesterday. “Fake Newsman Caught Giving 50 Large to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation” is the headline on this transcript. Rush Limbaugh said, “He’s not sorry for anything. The real question is how many other reporters have donated to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. That’s what I want to know. I don’t think it stops at Stephanopoulos. You think he’s the only one of those guys giving to that foundation? Every damn one of these. The Clintons have let it be known, if you want them, you have to buy them. If you want access, you have to pay for it. You want to interview them, you have to pay for it, except for NBC because they hired Chelsea.” That’s Rush Limbaugh on George Stephanopoulos.

RUSH: Now, honestly, if you were here yesterday it didn’t sound that way when I did it, but that’s C-SPAN reading to their audience from my website this morning. So let’s go to the calls. First is a guy, Wayne, from Virginia.

WAYNE: I do not any it’s a conflict of interest. Look, reporters give money. They got Fox News, and you know what Fox News does and the “Grudge” Report and Rush Limbaugh. I’ve been listening to him for 25 years ago. I always know what my enemies are doing.

RUSH: Of course, see, it’s not a conflict, it’s not a conflict at all, because he’s on our side. Stephanopoulos, why, all of these reporters give money. He’s right about that. You think Stephanopoulos is the only guy donating to Democrats or the family foundation? Stephanopoulos, 75 grand, maybe more than most reporters give, but it doesn’t matter. They’re all doing it, folks, and it’s exactly as I said; they’re buying access or buying something, or they’re paying protection money. But this guy, this caller here, “Yeah, they got Fox News, and you know what Fox News does.”

No, what does Fox News do? It’s code language for other liberals watching this show. “You know what Fox News does.” What? What does Fox News do? And then, “they got the Grudge Report.” Not Drudge Report. (laughing) And of course, “they got Rush Limbaugh, been listening to him for 25 years. I always know what my enemies are doing.” He listens here because it’s a good show. You know it, Wayne, and I know it. And the next was Kimberly from Wisconsin.

KIMBERLY: There is no conflict of interest. He is a human being. He’s worked hard for Democrats. He’s been a Democrat. He’s open on that. This is a foundation. So you gonna sit here and criticize every human being, whether they’re a journalist or not, to help people? What, you gonna go after him if he donated to Special Olympics or to Children’s Miracle Network? Really? People have a right to spend their money on a foundation that they choose to. There’s no conflict of interest. He’s asking hard questions because he wants to know the truth and he wants the people to know the truth, unlike some people, like Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: (laughing) They just can’t help mentioning me no matter what they’re talking about. They have to throw me in the discussion.

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