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RUSH: I don’t mean to be cutting. You know me. There’s a story at the Weekly Standard — a little, brief story at the Weekly Standard — Bill Kristol’s magazine. That’s just to identify it. That’s not a criticism of anybody. It’s a teachable moment: “Why Are Hillary Clinton’s Numbers So Good?” (sigh) This… I’m sorry. Sighing like that is very rude. (sigh) Algore did that repeatedly in a debate with W, if you remember that. It was very off-putting. Here are people that are still looking through politics with the same old prism.

“Polls are everything! Up in the polls? Great news! Down in the polls? Bad news!” Here are people thinking that Hillary Clinton — because of all the news that’s been uncovered by her and her foundation and her e-mails and her server and her incompetence — ought to be sitting in the twenties or thirties and her numbers are still way up. “Why is that?” They can’t figure it out. Ever heard…? There’s a giant (D) by her name, number one, and she’s it.

So far, she’s it. When is the last time the Democrats threw one of their own overboard? That’s what we do. They don’t do it. They shore ’em up. Now, if Hillary begins to look like she’s really gonna be vulnerable then somebody else will move in, but the Democrats don’t destroy their own, and just because her poll numbers right now are down… We’re barely at the year-and-a-half point, here. It doesn’t matter what her poll numbers are now. It doesn’t matter what Jeb’s numbers are.

It does in terms of fundraising, maybe, on the Republican side, but it doesn’t mean anything right now. Too far out. It’s way too soon to make any firm judgments. There’s more important things than polling. But the bottom line is: If we haven’t learned by now that the rest of the country doesn’t see the Clintons the way we do, then we’re gonna have to really make some drastic changes or steps in terms of reaching these people.

Because we have been saying what we have been saying about the Clintons since 1992, and it hasn’t affected anything. Getting the truth out about the Clintons… Even Schweizer’s book. Oh, yeah, people are having fun with it and all, but that’s all. Even with Schweizer’s book, “How Come Hillary’s Number Are Still Up?” It’s because we keep either misunderstanding or misfocusing on what their appeal is or what her appeal is to Democrat voters, and it’s multifaceted.

But at the top of the list is the well-considered opinion that she can beat Republicans.

And that’s all that matters.

Beating us is all that matters. To think that polling data will cause Democrats to lose some enthusiasm? I think it just steels them for battle even more, and they become more and more desirous of helping Hillary when her poll numbers are down. I know what you’re shouting. You’re shouting, “But what about Obama?” Ah, that’s a great question, and it’s a unique circumstance that will not be repeated this time around, unless somebody gets Al Sharpton to run.

You had an African-American, young guy… The bottom line is that if somebody else comes along that looks better, Democrats will gravitate toward them. But if they think that Hillary’s all they’ve got, they’re not gonna abandon her. No matter what Schweizer says in his book and no matter what they say on Fox News and no matter what Drudge posts. No matter what I say or anybody else, they are not. Certainly they’re not gonna abandon Hillary and let us get away with having made it happen.

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