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RUSH: The Steny Hoyer story. It’s in TheHill.com: “Dems Downplay Whispers of Coup Against Steny Hoyer.” There’s one sentence in this story that makes this relevant, and it is this: “House Democrats have been licking their wounds following a disastrous 2014 election cycle.” Folks, I want to reiterate something. Because we’re in the midst now of Hillary is god, goddess, coverage. Hillary this, Hillary that. We’re in the midst of paying homage to another great liberal, David Letterman, who has retired.

The zone is being flooded with the wonders and the greatness and the sweetness and anything that has to do with liberalism and the Democrat Party, while at the same time the Republicans are getting lambasted and plastered all over the place. But the truth of the matter is, the midterm elections in 2010 and 2014 were devastating to the Democrat Party in the real world, not in the world of PR and buzz.

The Democrat Party lost a total of 1,500 or more electoral seats all the way from the US Congress down to the local level of mayor and dogcatcher and governor. The Republicans control a majority of the governorships and statehouses, and the number is rising. The Republicans own the House of Representatives. This is not a comment on what they’re doing with it. It’s a comment on who’s winning elections.

Now, I know that midterm election turnout is not the same as a presidential year turnout in the sense that the Democrats don’t get their base of minority voters out in big droves for midterm elections like they do presidential. But that doesn’t mask or hide the fact that in 2010 and 2014, the Democrat Party got shellacked twice, seriously shellacked. It’s why so many Democrats who’ve been in Congress for decades retired, they don’t want to be in Congress in the losing party, the minority party.

It’s why so many of them quit. It’s why Dingy Harry is quitting, a number of Senators as well, and this story about there being a coup against Steny Hoyer, that is a reflection of these election defeats. In the last two midterm elections, the current Democrat leadership, “Blabbermouth” Schultz all the way down to the congressional campaign committees and so forth, everybody there is under the microscope ’cause it’s been a disaster. They are not winning at the local level, the grassroots level. They are losing big.

This is why I think it’s a mistake for the Republicans to give up on states like New York and California. Campaign for something there. It may not be the governorship that you’re gonna win and it may not be a statewide office, but get Republican turnout going somewhere for local elections somewhere. It can have an impact. It can reduce the Democrats’ victory margin in these states that are considered to be hopeless for us. But in the real world, the Democrats know it’s not good for them out there.


RUSH: Let me just tell you how bad it is for Democrats. The Democrats have lost 900 seats in state legislatures alone, just in state legislatures. They’ve lost 900 seats since Obama was immacculated, since Obama’s been president, and the number is almost twice that when you go deeper like to mayor and city council, dogcatcher — and I am not making fun of dogcatchers. Any elective office that used to be automatically held by a Democrat, they are losing them big in these nonpresidential years

Even presidential election years when you get to the local level, Democrats are not sweeping things away. You never read about it. You never hear about the problems in the Democrat Party. You just get the resignations and, “Oh, such a wonderful things! All the great work Barney Frank did. We’re so sorry to see him go.” You don’t hear that he’s leaving because he thinks he’s got no future, and ditto with Dingy Harry and all the rest of these people.

You just are not gonna hear the truth written about the Democrats in this regard. All you’re gonna get is what a mess the Republicans are in. But I’m telling you that it is not pretty for the Democrat Party. They have their own problems. This talk about the Republican Party aging and dying off? It’s the same thing for the Democrats. You know, at least Republican deaths are legitimate. Democrat deaths happen before people are born!

This idea that only the negatives things are happening to Republicans? It’s all across the board, folks, and I mention this to you so you don’t get depressed and down in the dumps. It’s hard not to if you absorb the media every day. But it’s not sweetness and light. It’s not a cherry sundae with a little cherry on top and some chocolate sauce for the Democrat Party every day. They’ve got their problems, too. It’s just nobody is ever told about ’em.

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