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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, you know, as sure as I called it, I’m telling you, remember the story we had yesterday on the Wi-Fi? A supposed doctor — he’s a doctor of environmental science — has released his results from surveys or research or whatever that 5% of the population is susceptible to Wi-Fi sickness. And if you were here yesterday I spent a little bit of time on this ’cause I saw it was a lead item on Drudge, and I said, “I know what that means. Here we go.”

A totally manufactured new illness to create panic and crisis about technology, about progress, about advancing Wi-Fi sickness, Wi-Fi waves. And the only reason anybody would fall for that is if they have a large degree of ignorance about all of the different frequency waves that we are being bombarded with every day.

Well, just as I called it, that guy was on Fox & Friends today. I knew it. He’s gonna be a lot of places besides Fox & Friends in coming months, coming days. He’s behind this fearmongering. He was on Fox & Friends and they took him seriously. Oh, it was deadly serious. Oh, and it was, thank God, doctor, you have discovered this. This could help a lot of people. They just totally fell for it.

And Fox & Friends are my friends. They’re gonna get mad at me for ripping them, but I’m not gonna name ’em. I’m just gonna tell you that it’s — I don’t even really blame ’em. It’s the way this stuff happens. It’s no different than those clowns at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a couple of anorexic, near skeletal human beings with a fax machine and a logo.

They start sending you faxes that coconut oil will kill you, that all the MSG in Chinese food will kill you, and they become accepted experts on everything you eat or drink. And they’re nothing but a bunch of miserable, angry, malcontent, anorexic leftists who are not content to be freaks on their own.

They want everybody else to join them in their freakiness. And like everything else on the left they want to take what they are, define it as normal, and make everybody conform. They’re just not content. “Okay, if you don’t like coconut oil, don’t eat it, leave me alone.”

“Oh, no, I’m not leaving you alone, pal. You’re gonna stop eating it since I’ve stopped eating it. I know better than you do. You don’t know for yourself. I’m gonna fix you. I’m gonna save you.”

And the media just jumped right in it, and whatever that idiotic group says is gospel. Now, here comes the Wi-Fi sickness guy, and it’s all starting again, same thing. There are more scientists that claim this is bunk. There’s one guy out there talking about Wi-Fi wave sickness and a bunch of other scientists correctly identify it as a psychological, pseudopsychological, neuropsychological, whatever, problem. And it affects 5% of the population. Why, that means we’ve gotta have the other 95% stop doing what they’re doing. And there it was.

So it’s got legitimacy now. Fox & Friends treated it seriously. “Thank you, doctor, thank you for saving us,” blah, blah, blah. We put together a little PSA. We want to get in on this. It’s clear what you have to do in situations like this. Here is our contribution.

(playing of spoof)

RUSH: See, anybody can get in this game. Now we’ve upped the ante. You can cancel out Wi-Fi poisoning by having a gluten-free diet. That’s our contribution to this. And notice how we cleverly portray Wi-Fi sickness. Google searches and e-mails going through your body. The next thing that’s gonna happen with Wi-Fi sickness, since that’s what it is, I mean, Wi-Fi is carrying digital data, somebody is gonna wake up in the middle of the night claiming to have just received the nuclear launch codes that have been transmitted via Wi-Fi or some such thing as that. And the incidence of Wi-Fi sickness is gonna be noted as getting worse.

Now there are people able to translate the data within their brains, that’s how powerful these waves are. And, meanwhile, the 95% unaffected by it or the 99%, are just gonna sit by, idly by, and let all this stuff happen. Just like they have with the Center for Science in the Public Interest on food and how they’ve sat idly by and let the cars they love come under assault and attack. So you mark my words.

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