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RUSH: FIFA. When I first heard about this, I was stunned. We’ve got a new attorney general, and how long has this investigation been going? She didn’t do this. Did she start this? How many moons ago has this been going on? Holder started this or some — not that that matters. The thing about this that blows my mind, of course FIFA is corrupt. They’re a bunch of Western socialist guys. Of course it’s corrupt.

That’s the story of the world before the United States of America came along. It’s just another opportunity here to define American exceptionalism in a way. I mean, we’ve got our own corruption. How do you go after FIFA and not touch the Clintons, for crying out loud? I mean, as I read what the FIFA guys have done, it’s no different than what the Clinton Crime Family Foundation’s doing. Tax breaks.

One of the things the FIFA guys did for the World Cup in Brazil — you know, soccer is the most popular sport in the world and the FIFA guys run it like a fiefdom. The World Cup was in Brazil last year and they built a stadium in some far-off little town in the interior, and the stadium was gonna be used for four games. It cost $270 million to build.

Brazil is slum city. The people there are saying, “Wait a minute, what about us?” And the FIFA guys got a tax break for building a $270 million stadium that will be used for four games in the World Cup and that’s it. In the town where they built this stadium, there isn’t a team. There’s nothing going on there that would fill that stadium for anything. It was a total boondoggle. I mean, it was obviously graft and fraud and payoffs from the get-go. This is what these types of guys have been known for.

It’s like the Olympic committee. You know, you read what FIFA did, setting up what happened in the World Cup in Brazil and you swear you’re reading about the Olympics and the way they assign — I mean, you can’t tell me that bribery and payoffs are not going on. The Clinton Crime Family Foundation is evidence of what goes on around the world and how the Clintons think you have to deal with it.

But I’m not joking about this. I mean, if you’re gonna investigate these FIFA guys, how do you let the Clinton Foundation off the hook? They’re selling influence. It has just been discovered that Clinton’s got a shell corporation. You tell your average low-information voter that some rich guy has a shell corporation, and they want to put him in the electric chair. Something about a shell corporation equates, in the low-information middle class community, shell corporation equals cheat. Shell corporation, when you hear somebody has one or a company has a shell corporation, you immediately think somebody’s cheating and hiding and not paying taxes and sheltering money.

That’s exactly what people think of. Whether they’re right or wrong doesn’t matter. I’m talking about perceptions. Well, Clinton’s got a shell corporation. He’s got a pass-through. And this shell corporation was used to launder money that ends up in his back pocket, in a sense. That’s what the purpose of a shell corporation is, it’s a pass-through. It has no assets. There’s no tax return filed for it. There it might be a tax return, but a shell corporation never has any assets. It is used to hide things. It is to create a layer, another layer in case investigators ever come along.

Now, you go out and tell your average Democrat that hates corporate America, you go tell your average Democrat that some business, like, “Hey, did you hear about the shell corporation that Ford’s using?” “Oh, I’m not surprised, shell corporation, you know they’re cheating everybody. Does Big Pharma have a shell corp? ‘Cause you know they’re killing their customers.” But you go out and tell this same crowd that Bill Clinton has a shell corporation and they’ll find a reason to justify that a shell corporation is a good thing. Shell corporation, pass through, whatever.

Now, get this. This is from The Daily Beast, not the Daily Caller. That’s Chatsworth Osborne Jr.’s site. The Daily Beast, left wing: “Corrupt FIFA Has Clinton Foundation Ties; World Cup Host Qatar Gave Millions — Both Bill Clinton and his familyÂ’s charity have been tied to soccerÂ’s governing body, as well as QatarÂ’s disastrous World Cup bid.

And just like that, another Clinton Foundation donor is in the news. The Clinton global charity has received between $50,000 and $100,000 from soccerÂ’s governing body and has partnered with the Fédération Internationale de Football Association on several occasions, according to donor listings on the foundationÂ’s website.”

Now, what in the world is FIFA doing donating to the Clintons? Now, remember, this is the Obama Justice Department telling us that FIFA is nothing but rife corruption and graft and theft and fraud, and they’re in business with the Clintons. Why is FIFA giving money to the Clintons? Is Hillary known for playing soccer or loving soccer? Is Bill known for loving soccer? It’s clear, the FIFA guys, this is how they do business. They expect tax breaks. They expect gifts. They expect that if they are going to award, say, the World Cup to a country, to a city or whatever, that city is gonna end up paying them for the privilege and then some, both above the table, above the line and below the line.

Anyway, “Several top FIFA executives were arrested Wednesday in Zurich and face corruption charges stretching back two decades, according to the US Department of Justice. Involvement with the embattled body extends beyond the foundation to Bill Clinton himself. The former president was an honorary chairman of the bid committee put together to promote the United States as a possible host nation for the 2018 or 2022 World Cup.

“When the US lost the 2022 bid to Qatar, Clinton was rumored to be so upset he shattered a mirror. But apparently Qatar tried to make it up to him. The Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee, partnering with the State of Qatar, ‘committed to utilizing its research and development for sustainable infrastructure at the 2022 FIFA World Cup to improve food security in Qatar, the Middle East, and other arid and water-stressed regions throughout the world,’ according to the Clinton Foundation website.”

The Clinton Crime Family Foundation pushing Qatar to host the World Cup, saying the state of Qatar is committed to utilizing its research and development for sustainable infrastructure. Don’t you love that, the Democrats are constantly talking about infrastructure. There must be a focus group on that word. There must be magic in that word.

Anyway, “committed to utilizing its research and development for sustainable infrastructure at the 2022 FIFA World Cup to improve food security in Qatar.”
What the hell is food security? I didn’t know food ever felt insecure. Oh well. “– improve food security in Qatar, the Middle East, and other arid and water-stressed regions throughout the world,” according to the Clinton Foundation website.

“The cost of the two-year project is not listed on the Clinton Foundation website, but the Qatar 2022 committee gave the foundation between $250,000 and $500,000 in 2014 and the State of Qatar gave between $1 million and $5 million,” to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. All related to a World Cup bid. It’s kind of like, remember when Obama was first immaculated and they sent him over there to Geneva or wherever it was to secure the Olympics for Chicago, and in about five minutes they told him to go pound sand on Michigan Avenue.

It was a major embarrassment for the Regime and everybody, because they thought it was a slam dunk. Obama just won the Nobel Peace Prize, and they were believing their own media, so Obama goes over there accompanying the Chicago host committee for the twenty whatever it was Olympics, and they got rejected. It was Rio who got it. So now Clinton gets rejected representing the US for the World Cup in the United States in 2022, ends up finding a partnership here with Qatar, which also wanted the games in 2022.

I mean, your first question when you read about this FIFA scandal is, “Well, how do they not investigate something like the Clinton Crime Family Foundation?” I’m being serious, folks. The Crime Family Foundation we throw in as humor, but, for crying out loud, they’re selling access to a sitting Secretary of State and on the come selling access to a potential next president, Hillary Clinton. There’s no other reason for people to be giving the amounts of money they’re giving. They’re not doing it ’cause Bill’s a charismatic guy and they’re not doing it so they can accompany Bill on skirt chases.

These guys can pick up babes on their own. They don’t need to hang around Bill Clinton for that and they certainly don’t need to pay the Clinton Crime Family Foundation a hundred million or 50 million or even a hundred thousand dollars just so these guys can get women by hanging along with Clinton. There’s more than that to this. And to think all of this was started, the Clinton Foundation stuff, for two reasons, to get rich quick and to change the public image stemming from the Lewinsky circumstance.

But I’ll just make one more point. If you have FIFA over here and it’s a corrupt organization, and we know it is. I mean, it’s the way the world operates, a bunch of European socialists, for crying out loud. The only way anybody in Europe in a socialist country has any money is to be screwing everybody else. That’s what socialism does. The leaders make off with all the loot while the average, ordinary population thinks that they’re living the life of Reilly by getting handouts here and handouts there.

They never get rich. The guys running the show get rich. The only way they can do it is by stealing from everybody. They say capitalism, the rich get rich by stealing from the poor. No, that’s socialism. In socialism the middle class doesn’t have a chance of getting rich. In socialism the middle class, lower class, they are condemned. That’s where they are. If that’s where they are, that’s where they stay. Capitalism, everybody’s got a chance to move up.

I don’t mean to say there’s not fraud and corruption in capitalism. There’s fraud and corruption everywhere ’cause there are bad guys out there, bad women now, too, out there. It used to be there were no bad women, just bad guys, but now that women have positions of power, they’re corrupt, too. Slap me. It’s true.

But in Western European socialism, for crying out loud, it’s the name of the game, it’s the coin of the realm. Corruption, graft, scratch my back, I’ll scratch your back. Want a bikini wax, fine, I want something besides that. Whatever it takes. Cut corners, screw people left and right. The fact that we’re even taking time to try to straighten this out when soccer doesn’t matter a hill of beans to anybody in this country, stop and figure that.


RUSH: Okay. So let’s see here, folks. We got destruction of evidence, tax evasion, influence peddling, arms dealing, and now shell corporations. Yeah, baby, that Hillary Clinton’s one hell of a presidential candidate, isn’t she? I mean, all of that’s wrapped up in the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

And the Clinton shell company, the pass-through, what Clinton was using that for was to hide consulting fees, not speech. Clinton’s out there being paid half a million dollars to consult a government here, a business over there. And the shell corporation was used to pass the income from that through to the foundation, or to him personally.


RUSH: I just saw something here. Oh, yeah. There’s a new donor to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation that has just been revealed. Penguin Random House donated between one and five grand to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. They just announced a book deal with Chelsea Clinton. Chelsea Clinton’s gonna do a children’s book to help them deal with climate change, you know, issues that really matter to young kids. How to deal with racism and sexism and climate change and all that. The book is gonna be published by Penguin, a donor to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

It’s just like NBC hires Chelsea at 600 grand when she hasn’t the slightest idea what she’s doing. She might not even know what the red light on the camera means. She’d never been on TV. They hired her and put her on NBC. Brian Williams (imitating Williams), “I’ve never seen anybody with more natural talent. Oh, my, we’re all blown away here.” She never made it on the air past the first attempt. Six-hundred grand, everybody knew, NBC, buying access to the Clintons by giving the kid some independent money.

Now here comes Penguin Random House. I mean, you know what, it might be quicker, could somebody name for me a major American player in anything who has not paid protection money to the Clintons? Every major automobile manufacturer has. Every major media and small, large, medium media companies have all made protection racket donations to the Clintons. It seems like everywhere you turn. Now we find out that FIFA’s involved and the government of Qatar, trying to get the World Cup in 2022, sought the assistance of Clinton. And it failed. But, honestly, it would take less time to list the people that haven’t given money, I mean, the major players, to the Clinton global trust or whatever the heck it is.

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