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RUSH: I was just reading some random notes here. You know, Ann Coulter has a new book coming out on immigration, and I am going to be interviewing her next week for the next issue of the Limbaugh Letter. Do you know — try this statistic out. Twenty-five percent of the population of Mexico has already immigrated to the United States. When you hear that, do you believe it? Does it sound, “No, Rush, come on, it can’t be”? Or does it sound totally believable to you? Now, 25% of the total population of Mexico’s already immigrated. Not all legal, obviously, to the United States. Twenty-five percent, and it’s not enough! Keep this in mind. Keep this perspective. Twenty-five percent, it isn’t enough. Twenty-five percent and Jorge Ramos and all these other advocates on the left for all this immigration, “Hey, it’s not stopping, man. We’re just gonna keep coming.”

Twenty-five percent of the population of Mexico. You can trace the demise of California to this. You know, Teddy Kennedy — the reason these guys reinvigorated illegal immigration — and they did. They reinvigorated illegal immigration because we didn’t have any immigration. 1924 through ’65 we stopped all immigration so the immigrants then could assimilate and actually become Americans. And there was an economic boom, and a lot of Democrat voters were leaving the Democrat Party because they were escaping the middle class and the lower middle class. They were becoming richer, wealthier, they are becoming, more well off. So what they decided to do, the Democrats needed, they need a permanent underclass. They need a never-ending group of people, uneducated, poor, low skilled, that will forever be proud, subservient dependents of the federal government. And hence here comes illegal immigration. Well, they didn’t call it then, of course, but that’s what the objective of it was. Here comes immigration. And that’s the purpose it’s serving now, plus other reasons, obviously, as well. But that’s exactly what’s going on. One-fourth of the entire Mexican population has already immigrated.

And do you know the country from which most immigrants are coming to the US? This will shock you, too, unless you already know. It’s Nigeria. Yeah. According to the latest stats, is Nigeria. This H-1B visa program, H-what is happening with that is literally outrageous, and it traces back to the Chamber of Commerce. This is the kind of immigration that Zuckerberg and his bunch are for. And the way they’re casting it or trying to sell it, “Hey, hey, we’re not talking about illegal. No, no. We need skilled immigrants, We need trained geniuses. We need engineers. We need technologically advanced, educated engineers. We need those. We need more H-1B visas so that we can allow those who come to this country from foreign countries be educated to stay here — that’s the people we want to hire.”

Well, that sounds great, doesn’t it? I mean, on the surface, what a great alternative to illegal immigration. These guys trying to make it sound like they’re doing some way, way up here in loftiness. But here’s the secret of it. They want these H-1B visas expanded and granted because they’re not adding employees; they’re replacing. They are firing and laying off current genius high-tech, high-educated engineers and replacing them with the immigrant H-1B visa engineers who will come here and obviously work for much less. And this they are not saying, they’re not saying this. What they’re trying to position themselves as doing as, “Now, we’re doing good immigration, we’re getting quality people, educated people, skilled people, people that we need to run our high-tech businesses.” And that much is true. But what they don’t tell you is they’re not being added to work forces.

They are replacing people who are earning a lot more than their replacements are being paid, and in many cases, the people being laid off have to train their replacements. There’s a whole big story that has sprung up out of this. And it’s becoming more and more widespread and more and more people are getting up to speed on it. But no matter which way you look, either this H-1B immigration program or the Democrat Party’s immigration program, neither of them are strengthening the country, like immigration is thought to have strengthened the country in the past. And I don’t think it’s arguable that has. But this isn’t. This kind of immigration that we got going on now is not strengthening the country. It’s weakening it. And never of an forget that, and when you hear the advocates for it continue to talk about how wonderful it is, it’s great for America, we’re a nation of immigrants, not this kind. America’s a great country, and it was strengthened by virtue of immigration, but you can’t say that that is happening now.

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