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RUSH: Mrs. Clinton, much as I try to relegate Mrs. Clinton to the outer regions of this program, it’s becoming more and more difficult because she just keeps forcing her way. I mean, she does things that we just can’t ignore. Things happen with Hillary and Bill Clinton that we in good conscience just can’t ignore. But one of the latest is we’ve learned that the Clinton Crime Family Foundation has been paying Sidney Blumenthal $10,000 a month to go out and do their dirty work.

In and of itself it’s not a big deal, but when you add it to all of the other things that we are learning about the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. Now we got Paula Jones out trying to warn everybody: Don’t like Bill Clinton back in the White House. Women are not safe there, and Hillary knew it. God bless her, I mean, she’s just trying to alert everybody to what happens to women when Bill Clinton’s around, and the left, supposedly the group that cares more about women than anybody in the world, is just not interested. When Bill Clinton’s doing the abusing, it’s not a problem. And Hillary Clinton knew it and Paula Jones is saying, do not let him back in the White House. He is a disaster waiting to happen for any woman he runs into. And Hillary knew about it. Hillary knows about it. And she did; she ran the bimbo eruptions.

Now, I mentioned to you some time ago back, a week or so ago, that I was observing that the Drive-Bys were actually getting worried about Hillary and her performance or lack of performance in just everything. And I think there’s evidence now to suggest my prediction may be coming true.


RUSH: Here’s the prediction I made or the observation I made back on Friday last week, May 22nd, about the media and Hillary Clinton.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I think there’s a Clinton obsession going on now, and I think they’re scared to death, if you want to know the truth. I think they’re worried silly over Mrs. Clinton’s chances. They can remember what happened in 2008. And despite what they’re writing, this is too much, folks. All of this overboard on Hillary’s greatness and Hillary’s competence and the cover-ups of her obvious incompetence and her obvious detachment and her obvious personality flaws, all that stuff never gets mentioned. We just hear about how wonderful and smart and brilliant and effective and all this. And I think it’s betraying the fact that they’re worried.

RUSH: Yes indeed. And I think they’ve been worried for a while. It’s all of these things that are eating at them, and they’re worried that they’re not gonna be able to cover up for all of it. And they are worried that Mrs. Clinton herself is not gonna be able to overcome it, no matter how much assistance that she is given. Now, here’s a brief little example. John King, CNN New Day today, he’s their chief national correspondent, and he was talking about a new CNN poll on the Democrat presidential race.

KING: If you’re Hillary Clinton, you’re not nervous here. You’ve gone from 60 down to 57. I do think it’s interesting that Bernie Sanders has nearly doubled his numbers here. Now, again, he’s be getting a lot of media attention. He just officially got in the race last month, had this big rally this past week. You know, I’m not worried if I’m Hillary Clinton, but I’m gonna watch that a little bit. He is moving.

RUSH: Well, if you’re not worried if you’re Hillary Clinton, why talk about it? They’re worried. When a dork like Bernie Sanders can move in there and take points away from Hillary, they’re worried. Martin O’Malley is lurking out there with his abs and his pecs all flexed and ready to go. And Elizabeth Warren is out there on the warpath, too. Don’t doubt me that they’re worried, and it’s gonna flavor the way they do things with her. It’s important, folks, because they thought — maybe better say they hoped, that it was gonna be smooth sailing after 2008.

They hoped it was gonna be a slam dunk. They hoped it would be regal-like, coronation. They thought that they had done enough damage to all the Republicans that it just wouldn’t matter what they did. This rollout is not happening. She doesn’t look good. Yesterday — where was she? We’ve got the tape coming. South Carolina, North Carolina, somewhere, where she just started again with this, “I ain’t no ways tired.” Except she didn’t do a black Southern accent; she just tried to do a Southern accent while talking about the fact that she does know about coloring her hair.

It’s just stiff as she tries to make women think that she’s just one of them. She’s just like every soccer mom out there. She’s just like every other woman. She can’t pull that off. She told a joke and she needed it written down on cue cards. It was a lame joke at that, but she needed the cue card to consult. Today show. This is a portion of Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, talking about Mrs. Clinton’s wealth.

MITCHELL: Hillary and Bill Clinton are being trailed by questions over money, including foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation and their own finances after raking in $25 million in paid speeches since the beginning of 2014. Fueling the controversy, recent revelations from the AP that Bill Clinton had a shell company, WJC, LLC, in which money could pass unreported. With the election still more than a year away, Hillary Clinton is trying to avoid making her wealth a liability, like Mitt Romney in 2012.

RUSH: Oh, no, they didn’t do that, did they? Oh, no! No, no, you’re not supposed to say Mitt Romney in the same sentence with Hillary Clinton when you’re talking about the same thing: wealth. When you’re talking about pass-through corporations, unreported income, schemes, and money, you’re not supposed to be linked to any Republican like Andrea Mitchell just did, specifically Mitt Romney, who, aside from the Koch brothers, may be the meanest and most vicious rich guy in America, according to the Drive-By Media campaign of 2012. I mean, this is a guy that routinely risked his dog’s life by putting it on the top of the family station wagon. And this is the guy who looked idly by with no interest at all while employee’s wife died of cancer. I mean, that’s the picture they maintain of Mitt Romney.

And then Dingy Harry, saying a good friend of his told him that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes in ten years. So they ginned up all of this hatred for Mitt Romney because of his wealth. And now here comes Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington, linking Hillary and her husband to wealth and problems in the same way they talk about Romney.

And she wasn’t the only one. Back to the Today show. Savannah Guthrie talking with F. Chuck Todd, who moderates Meet the Press, said, “You made the argument that potentially the Clintons’ wealth and their complex finances, this shell company that Bill Clinton has, latest example, it’s a potential liability along the lines that Mitt Romney faced.” Oh, no, Andrea Mitchell mentions Romney and now Savannah Guthrie asks F. Chuck to comment on it?

TODD: About 2011 the Barack Obama campaign did everything they could to make Mitt Romney seem like “other.” Us versus them. He’s one of them. He’s not one of us. And his wealth constantly throughout 2011 and then 2012, whatever they could find, how he paid his taxes, would he release his tax returns, everything, all of it was designed to make it look like it wasn’t about them. And that’s what’s going on right now president Clintons. All of a sudden they’re the wealthiest candidate running for president, Hillary Clinton is, wealthier than even Jeb Bush.

RUSH: Now you might say, Rush, they’re just getting this out of the way early so they can say down the line, down the road they’ve already covered this. But there’s more, they’re worried. My only point here, I don’t know how it’s gonna manifest itself. I’m not making a long-term prediction. I don’t know what it’s gonna mean. I’m just telling you that in the moment they are worried. They’re worried they’re not gonna be able to pull here out of these coals — fire. They’re worried that she can’t do it herself. When they start linking her and thinking of her in the way they think of Romney, don’t doubt me; that’s not good for them, in their mind.


RUSH: By the way, a judge on the Hillary Clinton e-mails, this is so classic. “A federal judge issued an order Wednesday requiring the State Department to make public batches of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails every 30 days starting next month. … The monthly disclosure essentially splits the difference between the State Department’s most recent proposal of releases every 60 days and lawyers for [a plaintiff] who proposed releases every two weeks.”

Now, it’s gonna be a monthly drip. I mean, what a great way to convert this into something boring. I mean, Hillary Clinton’s missing e-mails obviously are a gold mine. There’s something in there that she doesn’t want anybody to see. That’s why they’re missing. So we’ve had this long, drawn-out argument over how to get them released to the public. See, the State Department didn’t want to release any of them ’til January of 2016, or sometime in 2016, and that’s too long. Come on, it won’t take you that long to go through these and redact the stuff that’s genuine national security.

So a compromise was reached and it’s now, “Okay, we’ll have a little dribble every 30 days.” That’s the fastest way to turn this into a boring, nothing-to-see-here kind of story because the narrative is gonna be, “And another batch of Hillary Clinton e-mails was released today from the State Department, the second batch since the first batch 30 days ago,” and the story will be all about how Mrs. Clinton is being forced to hand over stuff she doesn’t want to hand over. None of it is gonna be devoted to the actual subject matter or the substance of the e-mails.

By the time anything of substance might be learned, everybody’s gonna be bored with it. When I say everybody, I mean the low-information crowd. They’re gonna be bored with it. This is another example of how the Clintons are able to swat this kind of stuff away that other people would not be able to get away with.

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