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RUSH: RGIII, the quarterback of (I don’t know for how long) the Washington Redskins came into the league amidst great fanfare. He was the first-round draft choice of Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Redskins, traded up to get RGIII, and he’s had some injuries. And he just hasn’t maxed his potential. Well, some people think he’s bombed. The media, it’s kind of strange. Because here we have an African-American quarterback. And yet, the media has been kind of mean to RGIII.

One of the reasons is that it’s suspected that RGIII is a Republican. So in light of all of that, “Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was among the many celebrities, including Samuel L. Jackson, to address the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday to advocate for the protection of the Earth’s oceans. RGIII spoke to how humanity’s actions are destroying the oceans, specifically the use of plastic bottles, although that’s not the only problem plaguing them.

“‘It’s incredible how many plastic water bottles we use a year, sometimes even in a day,’ Griffin III told Redskins.com Tuesday. ‘I’ve already started eliminating it from my daily routine. Plastic is everywhere. It doesn’t dissolve and it’s always there and that’s part of the problem.’ Griffin was approached by the Parley foundation and invited to speak to its central mission to address the ‘major threats towards our oceans, the most important ecosystem of our planet,’ as it is set forth on the organization’s website.

“‘To have an opportunity to go to the UN and speak to some of the delegates — it was really cool,’ RGIII said. ‘Not everybody gets that experience…’ When asked what the oceans mean personally to him…” What do the oceans mean personally to you? What do you think the oceans personally mean to people on the beach in North Carolina today? What do the oceans mean to you, personally? Snerdley, what do the oceans mean to you? (interruption) Come on! Are you telling me you don’t even think about it?

The oceans don’t mean anything to you? See, this is the problem. “When asked what the oceans mean personally to him, Griffin III said, ‘I just said that literally, it’s something so much bigger than me as an individual … metaphorically speaking, itÂ’s bigger than me because we rely on the ocean. That — people donÂ’t understand. Once they obtain that knowledge, they can truly understand what weÂ’re doing to it and why itÂ’s important that we don’t destroy it.'”

Now, this program debutted, August 1988, and shortly thereafter, right around that time, Ted Danson — noted bartender on TV and now crime-stopper on TV — gave the world’s oceans ten years. In 1988. We had ten years or we were going to die out. Because the oceans were going to die out. But he was not the first. Four years prior, there have been celebrities and environmentalists, wackos, warning everybody that if we don’t take care of the oceans — if we don’t fix it, if we don’t clean it up, if we don’t stop this pollution — then we’re finished.

It’s just one part of the overall apocalyptic message from all of environmentalism. The oceans are going to kill us. Climate change is going to kill us. You name it. It just never ends. Nobody has ever been right yet. May I remind you of something about the oceans? We couldn’t destroy the ocean if we tried, just like we could not destroy the ozone if we tried. The sun creates the ozone. We would have to put the sun out if we wanted to destroy the ozone layer. No matter what we do, there’s going to be an ozone layer.

As long as the sun is emitting its rays.

You remember the BP oil spill, ladies and gentlemen? What could possibly be more yucky? What could possibly be more icky? What could possibly be dirtier and filthier and grimier than oil? Have you ever seen what oil does to anything? Gee, you put it on the seat of your car. It’s horrible. Oil is just gunk. It’s just junk, gunk to a lot of people. Until the miracle of refinement takes place and oil has become the fuel of the greatest economic engine the world has ever known.

Nevertheless, the BP oil spill, remember all of that oil? Remember all the videotape? Remember all the video you’ve seen of that? Oil just spurting into the sea from that blown platform. The Gulf of Mexico. Remember all the media and the environmentalist wackos and President Obama really just worried. “Oh, my God! The Gulf of Mexico.” They told us and predicted that the Gulf of Mexico was going to be polluted with oil for decades. “There’s no way we can ever clean up this amount of oil!”

Three weeks after they capped the well, they couldn’t find any oil in the Gulf of Mexico. They literally couldn’t find it. Many of the media commentators and analysts and environmentalist wacko guests began to inspect various ocean currents. “Well, maybe… Of course, you know, oil floats. That’s why they couldn’t find it! Oil floats. It should be up there right on the surface. I mean, you should be able to see it for miles and miles and miles,” and they couldn’t find it. You know why? The ocean just devoured it.

The Gulf of Mexico just devoured it.

Do you know, ladies and gentlemen, that on the ocean floor, oil is constantly seeping into the water from cracks on the ocean floor? Constantly. It’s a never-ending stream. In some cases, it’s a gusher. Never makes it to the surface. The sea literally destroys it. It devours it. It neutralizes it. You know what it is? It’s called “nature,” and no matter where you go, and there have been massive oil spills, they all end up getting cleaned up, don’t they? And not largely by man. I mean, I know we take our little…

What is the dishwasher detergent that they took out there to clean the rocks? (interruption) That’s right. Dawn dishwashing detergent. Remember that? Prince William Sound. They actually had people wiping oil off the rocks. Prince William Sound, with Dawn dishwasher detergent because they said it eats oil. The earth fixes itself in all kinds of way. They really could not find. It doesn’t matter. RGIII is a nice guy. He is out there saying we have to save the ocean from plastic bottles.

By the way, who invented plastic bottles. Who gave us the concept of plastic bottles? Environmentalists. Environmental wackos and health nuts who told us that tap water in America was foul, filthy, near poisonous, and was going to make you sick. They started urging everyone decades ago now, to start drinking bottled water. It led to a massive new industry. Now the environmental wackos claim that there’s way too much plastic and we have to stop drinking bottled water, and RGIII is on the case.

You think there’s any coincidence in the fact that RGIII’s career appears to be hanging in the balance, and all of a sudden out of the blue, there he is at the UN, talking about saving the oceans? And there’s one other little tidbit that may or may not be related. Did you see where President Obama is saying he’s going to refuse to support Washington, DC, trying to lure the Redskins back on the very soil where RFK Stadium used to be? That was the Redskins’ heyday. I mean, the Redskins were champions going to the Super Bowls.

Everybody loved RFK stadium. Well, Washington wants them back. They own the land underneath it. And they’ll try to get Snyder and the Redskins to come back. Obama says: No, you’re not! “But Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, whose department includes the [National Park Service], told DC Mayor Muriel Bowser in April that, unless the Redskins change their name, the Obama [Regime] would not work to accommodate construction of a new venue” for them in Washington. Only if they change their name. Now, it’s the city of Washington trying to lure them back. I don’t think this is the Redskins’ idea. Washington wants them back.
They’re currently in land over Maryland.


RUSH: Okay, checking the email. Snark in the email. “Mr. Limbaugh, do your realize how idiotic you sound when you say the ocean just ate the oil from the BP spill?” See, this is… In the old days I would laugh about this. This depresses me! Do I realize how stupid I sound? “Do you realize how stupid you are for not understanding it?” Let me put this in perspective for you. The amount of oil that was spilled by BP in the Gulf of Mexico as the size of Cowboys Stadium.

If you want to visualize the amount of oil that was spilled, it would fill Cowboys Stadium. Do you know how big Cowboys Stadium is compared to the Gulf of Mexico? The spilled oil… By the way, these stats are from CNBC. The spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico would be like pouring a 24oz can of beer into Cowboys Stadium. You wouldn’t even notice it. Grab a 24oz can or two 12oz cans of beer and pour it in Cowboys Stadium, now AT&T Stadium. Pour them in there! You can’t find what happens.

Just randomly pour the beer wherever — on the floor, on the field — and you won’t find it. The equivalent of 24oz of beer was spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. It was nothing for the ocean to devour it! It was nothing for the ocean to eat it up. It was not the end of anything. It was not the end of plant life; it was not the end of marine life. It was not the end of the ocean. It was not the end of humanity. It was not the end of BP. It was not the end of anything! It was insignificant!

But nobody knows that because the media treated it as an outrageous, unparalleled natural disaster unlike anything we had ever seen — and it was chump change. Now all these plastic bottles. Where do you think we get them? Any of you have any idea? In fact, the Dawn dishwashing detergent that we took out to Prince William Sound with paper towels to try to get the oil off of the rocks? Do you know that Dawn dishwashing detergent is in plastic bottles?

Do you know where we get the plastic bottles?

It is a petroleum-based product. It is oil from which plastic bottles are derived and made. If we would burn all the oil our cars, they wouldn’t be able to make plastic bottles. So much of this is just… (sigh)

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