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RUSH: Back to my question here: Are any of you surprised by the utter lack of public protest or anger or uprising against our culture? We are sitting here and we are witnessing a time-honored, thousands-of-year tradition and institution literally be destroyed, and nobody apparently thinks anything about it!

The answer to the question leads you to ask further: Well, really, is maybe a majority of the country already gone? A couple of stories for you, here. “The Shocking Proportion of Americans Who Believe That ‘Religious Institutions or Clergy’ Should Be Forced to Perform Gay Weddings.” Twenty percent of the country thinks that, 26% of Millennials. From TheHill.com: “Millennial Republicans are urging GOP leaders to adopt an inclusive tone on gay marriage following last week’s Supreme Court ruling.

“They argue that combative rhetoric risks alienating a new generation of voters who could abandon Republican candidates over the issue. ‘Dignity, respect and fairness are a huge part of what this generation wants to see in this debate,’ said Alex Smith, national chairwoman of the College Republican National Committee.” You know what’s funny about that? In all candor, again, here. In all honesty. There isn’t… Well, they say they want to see dignity, respect and fairness…

I don’t know what that means. The point is that the proponents of gay marriage are permitted all kinds of indignity. The proponents of gay marriage are permitted all kinds of disrespect. The proponents of gay marriage or any other thing that is causing cultural upheaval — the proponents of whatever it is — are perfectly allowed to be unfair. It’s okay if they are undignified in their approach and manner. But the proponents of gay marriage are permitted all kinds of indignities.

The proponents of gay marriage are permitted all kinds of disrespect. The proponents of gay marriage — or, any other issue here that is causing cultural appeal. The proponents of whatever it is are perfectly allowed to be unfair. It’s okay if they are undignified in their approach and manner in which they secure it. But the opponents had better sit idly by with inclusiveness and tolerance while what they believe in is destroyed, or else there’s going to be trouble.

Now, does that make any sense, folks?

The people who are doing the upheaval, the people who are engaging in efforts to upend the culture, they can be as undignified as they want — they can be as unfair as they want — and nobody is critical of them. But if those whose culture is being turned upside-down and destroyed do not act docile and tolerant and stand aside quietly, why, then there’s going to be trouble. This kind of reminds me of the old saw that Republicans better understand here that if they start getting too critical of Democrats, the independents are going to abandon them and run right to the Democrat Party.

But the Democrat Party can be as undignified, as mean-spirited, as extremist as it wants, and that never seems to bother the independents. So I’m just confused here. I literally don’t understand what the point is. We’re told the same thing about amnesty. We’re told the same thing about race relations. We’re told the same thing about abortion. We’re told the same thing about drug legalization. Ever other thing the left wants. You’re just supposed to act dignified and be fair and be tolerant and shut up — and whatever you do, don’t oppose it! That’s going to give us all kinds of trouble.

But the proponents can go out there and destroy their opponents, literally and figuratively. They can put people out of work. They can destroy businesses. Whatever they want to do in furtherance of their objective, why, that’s applauded! And that’s said to be okay. But the victims of all this are not even allowed victim status. Now, somebody tell me how that works. Somebody tell me if that’s really true. Is the way…? Let’s say you… Just to pick… Eh, stick with gay marriage. Say you oppose it.

You’re not supposed to say so, and you’re not supposed to act on it. That’s undignified, and you’re exhibiting unfairness if you’re not tolerant. If you don’t stand aside and let it happen, well, we’re going to have real problems as Republicans. Meanwhile, the people in favor of it can destroy that bake shop over there or that photographer studio over there, or whoever they want to. They can render a church meaningless if they want to.

They can engage in whatever behavior they want, and that’s not criticized. How does this work, folks? How exactly? This is what Trump is actually standing up against. Young Republicans Say Party Risks Losing Millennials After Gay Marriage Ruling” if they don’t just shut up. And so, Mitch McConnell says, “Hey, it’s the law of the land now. Nothing we can do about it! We have to move on.” The next story from Breitbart, the young and brilliant Ben Shapiro.

“A new poll from TransferWise shows that 35 percent of those born in the United States would consider ditching their home country to live elsewhere; that number skyrockets among those aged 18-34, the so-called Millennials.” Fifty-five percent, according to TransferWise. Never heard of it, but if Shapiro is quoting them, they have to be okay. Fifty-five percent of Millennials, 18 to 34, said they would think of taking off, leaving America if given the chance. “Most of those Millennials cite economics as a chief factor in their desire to leave: 43 percent of men and 38 percent of women said theyÂ’d leave if they could get paid more in another country.”

You know, wait. How does that jibe with everything else we’re being told about Millennials who love Obama, who love what’s happening to America culturally. They’re obsessed with equality and fairness and tolerance, and yet 55% of them want to leave the country if given a chance for more money? I mean, I have been led to believe that Millennials didn’t care about money. That that was not as important to them as it was to other generations. That they were more into equality and fair treatment and everybody getting along. But if you’ve got 55%, this doesn’t jibe with any other piece of news we ever get about Millennials.

The story we get from Millennials is that they’re in love with the Democrat Party. They love the left-wing media. They love what’s happening to our culture. They massively support gay marriage and transgender rights and whatever else is going on in the culture. And we just had the college Republican guy say that if you people don’t stand up and shut up about gay marriage, then you’re going to hurt the Republicans because the Millennials all support this. How does that jibe with them all wanting to leave the country? Fifty-five percent, and 43% are men.

It tells us two things. One thing it tells us is that Millennials have been taught that they do not have a good economic future in this country. And number two, they don’t realize that the US is the place with the best economic opportunities in the world. But, really, how can you blame them? Stop and think of how old they are. They’re 18 to 34. What have they seen growing up? Remember, 18 to 34, discount the first 15 years. Maybe the first 12. So in the last half of their lives, if they are 34, what have they seen as evidence of a great American economy? I submit to you, they haven’t seen it. And to the extent that they may think they’ve seen it, what have they been told about it?

Eighteen to 34s become of age between 2000, 2008, what was happening then? The media and the public schools were just literally trying to destroy the Bush administration. The war in Iraq. The US economy. It was a steady drumbeat of America sucks on virtually everything, from torture to war to the economy to Republicans. That’s all they know. That’s all they’ve been treated to.


RUSH: We had a call yesterday we didn’t have time to finish, and I asked if we could call the man back. He graciously gave us his number. We’re calling him back. It’s Nelson in Pittsburgh. Nelson, you’re a young Latino. Correct?


RUSH: And what Nelson called about yesterday was that the Republican Party needs to make a move here to capture Latino voters early. I think you said you’re 30. You were really on to something and I just ran out of time. I wanted to continue the conversation with you. So basically, let’s start again with what you originally called about and go from there.

CALLER: Yeah. Absolutely. I appreciate you calling me back. The way that I see it, Rush, is just that as a conservative voice — and I am Hispanic and I do fall into that Millennial generation — we really need to get into that mindset of getting that candidate ready to roll. We need to vet our candidates early to close that gap on misinformation. And that’s where I was getting with. Your example of Katie Couric and the a-ha gotcha moment versus Ted Cruz and asking him about some questions that really don’t pertain to what we need as a president.

We’re looking for somebody that’s going to be leading our country and stand for our values. We don’t care about their Cuban cuisine knowledge. We don’t care about any of this little stuff. I really don’t care if Hillary Clinton does not know how to operate a fax machine. I really don’t care about any of that. As a person, are they going to be standing for our values in the right way? And that’s what we as Latino voters are looking for. And being a Millennial, you’re absolutely right. You nailed it right on there. I get a lot of information from Drudge Report. I get on Facebook. I get all the news feeds from the New York Times. Yeah, they’re not the Bible, but it’s a news feed that I get. And whether it’s click bait or not, I choose what to read and what to acknowledge.

RUSH: Well, that story about Ted Cruz and Katie Couric. Katie Couric had Cruz on and she thought that she was going to get him with a gotcha question.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I forget the specifics of what it was. But Katie Couric assumed that the Republicans were guilty of doing some stupid, crazy thing. And Cruz informed her that, Katie, do you know who really was the author of that? And her face just fell. And it was classic. Oh, yeah. Cruz informed her that it was the Hillary campaign that started the whole birther movement against Obama. And Katie Couric thinks, of course, that some extremist conspiracy kook Republican did it. And Cruz pointed out to her that it was Hillary. She was clueless. She had no idea.

And that’s when I mentioned to you that the other guys that interviewed Cruz were asking him what kind of Cuban food was his favorite. And what kind of Cuban songs did the family dance to at night in the Cruz home and all that. Trying to prove that he was not authentically Cuban. And the point is that in each of these instances, wherever Cruz goes, there’s an effort to disqualify him and discredit him with Republicans. Not with the Democrats, per se. They think that’s already done. And your point is that all of this is a side issue when it comes to people your age determining who to vote for. And you think Republicans are missing the boat in focusing on Hillary doesn’t know how to use a fax machine. It will not convince anyone in your age-group not to vote for her. Right?

CALLER: Right. And even more so, Rush, I believe — just look at the media, the liberal media. Look at Katie Couric’s nonverbal communication when Ted Cruz was explaining it. That I think was the most telling of it all. She crossed her arms, almost as a, “Huh, okay, so what else are you going to try to deflect?” That’s just the point. I think we’re a lot smarter than what the media portrays us to be.

RUSH: Meaning Latino voters.

CALLER: Exactly.

RUSH: Okay. So what do the Republicans need to do, do you think? We have 14, 15, 16 whatever candidates that are running, and it seems like for 80% of them, Nelson — 80% of them — think that they have to come in favor of Obama’s executive amnesty on immigration if they stand a chance to get Latino votes. Is that right?

CALLER: I… (sigh) I stand on the issue… On the issue, you’re looking at 54 million Hispanics in the US. A lot of people are even… They come in from Puerto Rico. From other places in Latin America. So it’s not just Mexico. That’s the perception that really bothers me. We’re looking for a candidate that speaks our voice. I’m not looking for specifically a Latino candidate. I mean, you can even use “the Google” and get Jeb Bush and he speaks very eloquent Spanish.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: We just need to be talking to somebody right now that has the sense of direction to say, “You know what? I know we’ve made mistakes in the past.” We need to reinvigorate the party and stand for our values. The way to get to the Millennials is by going on social media. Getting on Facebook. Getting on Twitter. Talk about the facts. Not deflecting. And just be straightforward with the issues. It’s that simple. It’s nothing extraordinary. Just be real. All Millennials are looking for is someone that’s real, authentic, that sticks to the cause they stand behind.

RUSH: Well, social media is the place in recent years where all of the damage to Republican “branding,” if you will, and individual Republicans and conservatives has taken place. That’s where they’re destroyed. That’s where the trolls in the Twitter sewers happen to be, who launch all this drivel and BS about Republicans and so forth. The people on social media, they eat it up, and they believe it.

It’s the printed word. Even though it’s Twitter or Facebook, it’s published. It’s printed. It’s not somebody saying it. It’s printed. They automatically believe it. Republicans are not famous for being on Twitter, Facebook, and for knowing how to use it. What should a…? If you’re reading Twitter or you’re going through your daily root through all of these things that you access, what do you want to see from Republicans on these places? What do you think they need to do to counter what’s being done to them there?

CALLER: They just need to stick to the facts. They should really get out there what the conservative movement is, what we represent. Not stick to the, “Oh, let’s see what other (crosstalk) we can get.”

RUSH: Well, amen to that. I’ll tell you, that’s one thing… Well, there are a couple of candidates that are trying to do it now. But that has been missing. The Republican Party has not been articulating a particularly conservative agenda. Well, look, Nelson, I appreciate your time for the second day in a row. Thanks for letting us call you back. I’d be interested to see and hear from you as we go forward here, if you think any progress is being made in reaching the people you think need to be reached.

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