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RUSH: Remember the other day, folks, last week I asked you a hypothetical question. Let’s draw a boundary line right down the middle of the country. I don’t care where the line is. Well, it might matter but for my quick example here it doesn’t. On one side all Democrats, all socialists, all liberals. On the other side all Republicans. And the question was, which side would be the first to try immigrate to the other side?

We all know that the Democrats would try to abandon their half of the country and get into ours. Which leads me to a question. Why don’t we do sanctuary cities? I mean, for crying out loud, if establishing a sanctuary city allows an illegal immigrant to shoot people to death with impunity, then why don’t we set up sanctuary cities where things that we believe in can happen. Even if they are in violation of the law. Even if they are in violation of federal statutes or what have you. That’s what the purpose of sanctuary cities is. San Francisco, there’s a bunch of them out there.

Anyway, great to have you here folks as we kick off another brand new week of broadcast excellence here at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. The telephone number if you want to be on the program is 800-282-2882, the email address elrushbo@eib.com.

This is made to order for Donald Trump. By the way, folks, I want to go through things to set the table today. I’ve got four different stacks of stuff here. One is Greece, and it’s fascinating, wait ’til you hear what actually has been going on in Greece. There’s a lot you don’t know because the domestic US media is not reporting it. How about, just to wet your whistle, the people in Greece that are faking disabilities and have been for decades in order to get disability payments is just one of the many ways the Greek system is being defrauded.

On one Greek island alone 800 people claim to be blind, and they’re not. Seven-hundred some-odd of them are perfectly able to see. They are collecting benefits. That’s just one example. And of course, to read — well, a little hint here, I read my little tech bloggers all the time, and they react to all this stuff. Wail ’til you hear what they think, the problem increases. And look, the Millenials, it’s not that the tech bloggers are anything special, it’s just that they are a great indicator of the Millennials in general and how they think. So that’s why I keep bringing them up.

Remember the question I asked, I asked two questions last week, and one of the questions was I’ve got a bunch of friends of mine, “Rush, there’s a silent majority out there and it’s just waiting for the right candidate to explode. Just waiting for the right leadership. And that majority is going to show up and it’s going to demonstrate its a majority and all this stuff is going to be slapped down and slapped back.” I hope that that’s true, and the 2010, 2014 midterm elections would tend to indicate there’s a tremendous number of people out there fed up and unhappy. But then I ask where are they? Like Oregon is going to raise, average insurance premiums are going to go 36% next year. I don’t care if you get a subsidy, you can’t afford that. And Oregon is just one state. Where is the uprising against it? Where’s the outrage? Where’s the refusal?

In the state of Oregon, maybe the state of Washington, I’m not sure, one of the two, one of those bakeries that refused to bake a cake for a gay couple has been ordered to pay $135,000, which essentially has shut them down. And they’ve been given a gag order where they’re not allowed to talk about it or they get fined again. No First Amendment rights, no nothing. Where is the uprising against it? Where is the outrage?

So I keep asking all these questions. Well, Terry Jeffrey writing in Cybercast News Service today: “Only 19 percent of American adults know that the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights guarantees the freedom of religion, according to a new survey by the Newseum Institute.” There’s a Newseum. I guess it’s in New York or Washington, museum of the news. And granted we can figure out who runs this place.

But nevertheless they’ve got this poll and they’ve released it. Only 19 percent of adults know that the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment, guarantees freedom of religion. Stop and think about that. Only 19 percent. Twenty percent, one in five people know. Well, maybe that’s why there’s no outrage against all these violations of people’s religious rights, because people don’t have any idea it is one.

“Only 10 percent –” ready for this? “Only 10 percent know the First Amendment guarantees the freedom of the press.” Only 10 percent of Americans. “And 33 percent of Americans have no idea at all what rights the First Amendment guarantees.” Thirty-three percent have no clue whatsoever what the First Amendment is about, and of those that do, a precious few indeed. “The First Amendment says: ‘Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion –‘” I guess those words just go by, they don’t even stop and register with people.

Let’s take that a little slower. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or abridging the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” That’s the First Amendment. Ten percent knew that freedom of the press is in there; 19 percent knew that freedom of religion was in there; 33 percent had no idea what was in there.

“The Newseum Institute survey conducted by Dr. Ken Dautrich, president of the Stats Group, interviewed 1,002 American adults from May 14 through 23. The survey had a margin of error of +/- 3.2 percentage points.” Seventy percent of Americans believe the news media is intentionally biased. This is the 2015 State of the First Amendment survey conducted by the First Amendment Center and USA today. It was released last Friday.

Now, if you’d read the whole thing, you would come away from it feeling very positively. Seventy percent of the American people believe the news media is intentionally biased, yet, yet, Democrats still continue to win elections. I have a problem with this. It’s 70 percent of the American people think the news media is biased. Why do they believe them? And I don’t think there’s any doubt about the fact they believe them. That’s what we’ve been chronicling here from the low information voters to low information adults, the Millennials. There’s no question the Drive-By Media still has considerable ability to influence. I mean, it goes without saying.

Bad news for the Millennials. Did you realize there were 82 shootings in Chicago over the weekend, 14 more deaths. And yet the problem is the Confederate Flag in South Carolina. Eighty-two shootings, 14 deaths, but that’s going to be overlooked. In fact, it probably already is being overlooked because Chicago is out of money. Chicago needs cash. Chicago, the mayor and the city, the board of aldermen have discovered that the people of Chicago like to watch television, particularly like to watch movies. And so a ruling by Chicago’s department of finance will allow the city to add an extra 9 percent tax on to electronically delivered amusements. You know what that is? Electronically delivered amusements is designed to keep people from understanding what is being taxed here.

Essentially, it’s Netflix. Netflix delivers electronic amusements. They’re called movies and television shows and other forms of propaganda. The Millennials, young people and it’s now expanding beyond that demographic, love Netflix, they absolutely love it. And boy, when Netflix raises prices that gets their dire, their anger up more than anything I can recall. Now, when they find out in Chicago there’s a 9 percent tax increase this may be the most worthwhile, teachable moment tax increase in our recent lives, folks.

Okay, I’ll just tell you. You know what the Millennials think about Greece? I shouldn’t laugh. You know what they think the problem in Greece is? Two things. The problem in Greece is they’re not taxing themselves enough. Those people in Greece, they’re greedy because they’re not paying enough taxes. And the second reason is the global financial meltdown, whenever that was.

I thought we averted the global financial meltdown with TARP and the porkulus bill. I thought we narrowly averted it, but right there it is, the global financial meltdown and greedy Greeks unwilling to pay high enough taxes. That’s somebody in his 30s, that’s what he thinks, that’s what he wrote, that’s what he believes is going wrong in Greece.

I have some incredible stuff in the race stack today, and it’s out of academia. It’s out of classrooms, higher education classrooms and is some of it is explanatory, but it’s all absurd. You won’t believe it. But it’s happening and it’s true. This was in the New York Times. They’ve got a blog called the Opinionator. They get two academicians, two intellectuals debating each other in print back and forth.

Honest to God, folks, this is not in any way parody or satire. The New York Times over the weekend, maybe it was Friday, actually ran a very long blog post on the proposition that the whole concept of reason and critical thinking is white privilege racism. So even the act of being reasonable, being able to reason, use common sense, that is the result of white privilege. These are two academics, one from Yale, and the other guy I forget where he’s from.

Also this: How many of you over the weekend had one or a couple or maybe more backyard barbecues, and how many of you blew up your hand playing with fireworks like Jason Pierre-Paul from the New York Giants? Did you hear about that? Well, they said severe injuries in his hand. He was playing with fireworks and an accident happened. I understand now it’s not career threatening. But there’s another guy that launched fireworks from the top of his head. He’s dead. He assumed room temperature rather quickly.

Your backyard barbecue, however many of them you’ve had this weekend and in your life, every one of them was stolen from slaves and Native Americans. I kid you not. The details are coming up. Backyard barbecues. The whites didn’t even invent that! They stole that. They stole that from the slaves and Indians, and you’re to feel guilty. In fact, you’re not supposed to do a backyard barbecue, anymore, because it isn’t yours. (interruption) The slaves didn’t have a grill. They had charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid. I don’t know what they had! I’m telling you… (interruption) Outdoor barbecue… (interruption) I guess they did.

They went out on the patio at the plantation.

They wheeled in the Weber — they invented the Weber — and the charcoal briquettes from Kingsford and the Ronson Lighter Fluid, and then they invented barbecue. Outdoor grilling. And the Native Americans as well. (interruption) No, they didn’t share anything. It was stolen! That’s the whole point. It was stolen. They didn’t share anything. It was seen, it was witnessed, and the slave owners and others of that era saw it and liked it and just took it. Just like everything of African culture has been stolen. (interruption) Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, all of it.

None of it is real. Everything that’s happened in this country is the result of white privilege and white supremacy. And it’s being taught.

All of this is coming from what I have gleaned being passed along to young skulls full of mush at the universities.

There’s all kinds of stuff.


RUSH: The Academic Race Stack. Up first, from the Daily Caller: “A humanities professor…”

Remember, now, these are at major universities where American kids are attending and have been for decades under the control of an obviously extreme, uber-progressive, leftist movement. In the social sciences, feminist studies, the multi-cultural curriculum has been taught now full speed 30 years and going “A humanities professor at a private college in Illinois has used his Twitter account and his website to inform AmericaÂ’s white people that they ‘are complicit in’ slavery even if their long-dead ancestors never actually owned any slaves — and despite a 150-year American ban on slavery.

“The professor is Adam Kotsko, an assistant professor at Shimer College, a tiny great books bastion on ChicagoÂ’s South Side.” You might say, “Well, Rush, what do you mean? It’s not a major college. I never heard of this guy!” You have now. That’s the point. This guy is not a one-off. The point here is that this is the kind of filth and perversion that’s being taught to your kids in class every day all across this country, even in high schools.

Adam Kostko tweeted, “Whether or not your individual ancestors owned slaves, you as a white person have benefited from slavery and are therefore complicit in it. Sorry.” Now, at the root of all of this white racism, white supremacy, the accusations of it. At the root of all of this is these people… This Adam Kotsko was at one time a kid, himself. At one time he was a student. Whenever he went to school, maybe in his own home, who knows, but certainly wherever he went to school he was ladled with so much guilt by his teachers and maybe other students that he had no choice other than to take it on.

And he has spent the rest of his life feeling the dead weight of guilt all across him for being white, and now he’s teaching it. “Whether or not your individual ancestors owned slaves, you as a white person have benefited from slavery and are complicit in it.” Somebody replied to him on Twitter, “What follows from this, Professor?” Adam Kotsko’s reply, “We should commit mass suicide.” Now I know that I denigrate Twitter quite often, referring to it as a place that has very many sewers. And it does.

But there is also value at Twitter, because Twitter allows us to see all of the mentally ill people that have become teachers and professors and what they are teaching. The American campus today, the American university is a containment area for the mentally ill — and that’s the faculty. Why would any college hire somebody who thinks like this and wants to teach this stuff that we are all complicit and responsible for what people alive 250 years ago, 200 years ago did? Now, this guy is now screaming that his tweets were all sarcasm and we’re just too dense to get it. He was just being sarcastic and being a little bit satirical, and we’re not sophisticated enough to understand that he was only joking.

Okay. Fine. Well, let’s move on.

UK Guardian: “Barbecue is a form of cultural power and is intensely political … and if America is about people creating new worlds based on rebellion against oppression and slavery, then barbecue is the ideal dish: it was made by enslaved Africans with inspiration and contributions from Native Americans struggling to maintain their independence,” against the evil white Europeans. “If anything, both in etymology and culinary technique, barbecue is as African as it is Native American and European, though enslaved Africans have largely been erased from the modern story of American barbecue.”

Did you know that there was a modern story of American barbecue? And did you know that African-Americans, once again, taking it in the shorts? They created it. They invented it. They were responsible. Evil whites came along, stole the whole idea, and Africans have nothing to show for it, because we are all now assured that white Europeans had never ever cooked meat over a wood fire before. White Europeans never even thought of it. They never cooked meat over a wood fire until they were shown how by enslaved Africans and Indians.

I’m not making any of this up. And the real point of this article is that anybody that has anything to do with white America should feel just tremendous guilt and should not have a minute of enjoyment over a single crumb of your existence. Even your backyard barbecue on the 4th of July where, if you had half a brain, you would realize you are celebrating your nation’s independence, even that’s a fraud. You even need to feel guilty about that because your evil ancestors stole the whole idea of a barbecue from enslaved Africans.

“Zandria Robinson, the recently-departed University of Memphis professor who described ‘whiteness’ as synonymous with ‘terror,’ had even more old tweets resurface Thursday, in which she blames whites for every lethal riot in US history, blasts Dick and Jane stories for being ‘heteropatriarchal,’ and even attributes her menstrual disorder to white ‘microaggressions.'”

Zandria Robinson, recently departed University of Memphis professor, blames white people for her menstrual problems. This woman taught your kids. Well, some of you. This woman blames everything wrong in the world on white supremacy and white micro-aggression. Now, folks, you sit here and you listen to me talk about this, and it’s something obscure and it sounds really out there and sort of fringy. And for the longest time I thought it was too. But it hasn’t been fringe for a long time. This is mainstream in academe. This stuff and the stories now pop up routinely. They are frequent and they are often and they’re common now about the dribble and the bilge that is being taught as mainstream education in American universities.

There’s a new crop of teachers, by the way, in college right now. They’re about to graduate. And they’re going to come out the next two or three years and they’ll be teachers themselves. What do you think they’re learning? Remember from the Newseum poll today, 19 percent of American adults know the First Amendment guarantees the freedom of religion. In other words, 81 percent of Americans do not know that the First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion. Only 10 percent know that the First Amendment guarantees freedom of the press. And a whopping 33 percent of Americans have no idea of anything in the First Amendment.

Put another way, only 67 percent of Americans know what’s in the First Amendment. What percentage of that 37 percent that doesn’t know do you think votes? I bet you all of it. Which is the point. So what are today’s and tomorrow’s teachers, what are they being taught, do you think, about America, about American history, about the American founding, about slavery, about native Americans? Do you think their entire learning experience has been devoted to multi-culturalism?

No, no, I’m not making this up. It was back in March there were a couple of tweets, Zandria Robinson admitted to having “severe premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD),” as opposed to PMS. This is PMDD. It is “a condition characterized by emotional and mood problems. Due to her difficulty treating it, Robinson theorized her menstrual mood swings may simply have been caused by white people rather than any internal hormonal fluctuations,” or anything wrong in her body. And she was teaching this and she was tweeting this. There is a whole series of tweets of people interacting with her here in this story.


RUSH: I have to get to Greece here for a quick second. I’m going to have to hold some of this stuff over to tomorrow because it’s relevant because we’re headed in that direction. And the direction we’re headed is the attitude of the Greek people. They are in debt to the point they’re about to default. Folks, they’re in just horrible, horrible shape. Greece is not a self-sufficient country. So they had a vote on more austerity measures. The people of Greece were asked to vote on cutting back social services and all kinds of crazy welfare state things, and they said F-no. F-you. F-no we’re not cutting back a thing. We’re not going to be held prisoner to debt hostage or debt bondage.

That’s the new term. Debt bondage is when the people who loaned you money want you to pay it back. If that’s you, you are in debt bondage. You shouldn’t have to pay back what people give you. You shouldn’t have to pay back what they loan you. And if they demand to be paid back then you are living in debt bondage. That’s what the finance minister said.

So I was reading my tech blogs over the weekend, and the reason I do this, folks, it’s a beeline to the Millennial mind. I’m not trying to pummel you with my hobby here. It’s a beeline to the Millennia mind. Try this.

“For those outside Europe who may not have seen too much news coverage, a combination of a long history of low levels of tax collection and the global financial crash has left Greece unable to pay its international debts.” So here you have a young Millennial who thinks the problem in Greece is under-taxation. They’re not taxing themselves enough and they’re not paying their taxes enough.

Now, there is some truth to that, but that’s not why they’re in trouble. They’re in trouble because the country is made up of slothful — it’s a lounge act. People are sitting around. The whole country has become a hammock. Not a safety net. And the UK Daily Mail has the most incredible story. It’s actually a story on a book written by James Angelos. And this is where the story of taxation really surfaced because his book looks at widespread tax evasion and benefit fraud. There’s an island, one of the Greek islands, 498 people pretend to be blind to get blind benefits. They’re not blind. I mean, some of them have 20/20 vision.

Another thing that’s happened, the super rich have bought camouflage tents for their swimming pools so that tax authorities cannot see that they have pools so they can avoid tax. But this new book is filled with example after example of widespread benefits fraud and tax avoidance. And it is incredible, 680 people live on this island and 498 claim to be blind and they are not. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg about the kind of welfare state this country has become.

They had this referendum vote on whether to tighten down government services. They can’t afford this. They’re about to go into default. It would be the first country to do this. And the whole European Union is teetering as a result, because the European Union doesn’t have the money to bail them out of debt bondage, and they’re leaning on Angela Merkel in Germany and they voted and they said screw you, we’re not giving back a thing, we’re not paying more taxes, you make it work, because we’re not going to work. It’s the most amazing thing, and I can see this in our future. I mean, not the whole population, but we’re already trending that way in wide swaths of our population.

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