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RUSH: Okay, a couple things here on Donald Trump before we get out of here today. “Former Mexican President Vicente Fox says … Donald Trump ‘doesn’t deserve’ his fortune, questioning how the billionaire found business success. ‘I don’t know how he’s made so much money. He doesn’t deserve it,’ Fox told TMZ…” You see how this works? The former Mexican president is on TMZ. He says, “I don’t know how he’s made so much money. He doesn’t deserve it. He’s acted like an idiot. As a man of business to another man of business, he has made a mistake, a very stupid mistake. As punishment he should donate all that money to resolve the immigration problem!”

TheHill.com: “Fox also called the White House hopeful ignorant about Mexico and its culture. ‘He doesn’t truly know Mexico,’ Fox said. ‘He should get to know it and what the Mexican people are about.’ ‘[They are] interesting people, hardworking people, people with dignity,’ he said of Mexicans. ‘[Trump] has made a mistake a thousand times over.'” Next: “The Federal Aviation Administration is removing Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from the name of airplane navigation codes near Palm Beach International Airport…”

Now, this is the height of pettiness. There are airways or highways in the sky, IFR flight, Instrument Flight Rule flight, which is practically every flight you’d ever take. They’re not straight lines unless it’s late at night and nothing else is up there. FedEx will get a straight line or UPS will get a straight line. But there are vectors. If you fly from Palm Beach to LA, you’re taken first over to Tampa, then to New Orleans, and you may (depending on winds and weather) go up further into Louisiana and then down. But it’s not a straight line.

And at every point where you change route, it is given a name. So if you ever find the route… If you look at FlightAware, for example, a Web app or an app called FlightAware — and you check your flight on whatever airline, it will publish the route. Every vector point is named after something, and some of them have been named after Trump here in Palm Beach. He didn’t even know it! It’s an honor he didn’t even know was bestowed on him.

The names are Donald, D-o-n-a-l-d; Trump, T-r-u-m-p; U-F-I-R-D, for “you’re fired.” These are names that various air traffic control people have put on the vectors. For all I know, there may be some named for me, because I’m loved and adored by air traffic controllers. Anyway all these that have been named after Trump are being cancelled. The FAA is removing “Trump from the name of airplane navigation codes near Palm Beach International Airport, the New York Times reports. … ‘In general, the FAA chooses names that are noncontroversial,’ FAA spokeswoman Laura Brown told the paper.”

What’s controversial?

Nobody knows what they are other than the pilots! Well, and the ATC people. But Trump was dazzled by this. (paraphrased) “I’m having an honor taking away from me that I didn’t even know I had?” Trump’s had lawsuits with the airport here. His big club here and his residence in Palm Beach, he claims that local authorities are vectoring take-offs right over his house so that the maximum engine noise on take-off is heard over his house. So he has sued. He’s wanted a longer runway built so the planes are higher on their departure routes over his house. It’s kind of funny. Trump will sue anybody, sue anything.

So he’s now got a deal with having had these names named after him, these routes named after him taken down.

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