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RUSH: What a day folks! What a great day of happiness. Happiness is spreading all over the world. The Greek bailout. The Germans have relented. The Germans have caved. Merkel has said, “Okay, I’ll take care of it again.” Everybody’s happy. Wall Street’s rebounding. The Confederate flag is down in South Carolina. Even the NAALCP leader, the judge who refused to marry the lesbian couple… Another judge came along and said, “No problem. I’ll do it. It’s not an issue.” Everybody’s feeling great today! Yes, siree.

I’m going to explain to you how the Greek bailout happens. What actually happens in a Greek bailout? I’ve had it explained to me and I’m going to share it with you, and it’s fascinating. It’s fascinating the way this works. And, of course, let’s just take a review. What are the top news stories today? An American president assisting and legitimizing the world’s number-one exporter of terrorism as a nuclear power. Have you seen that story around today?

How about the Secretary of State, former Secretary of State, using an illegal server for her e-mails, destroyed evidence, and sold over $100 million worth of access to corporations in foreign countries, and then claims that she’s never had a subpoena about it. And yet the people that issued the subpoena showed the subpoena, clearly indicating that she’d lied once again. Has that shown up big in the news today? No.

Sanctuary cities and uncontrolled borders. Are you seeing much about that in the news today? Maybe a little bit. By the way, have you heard what President Obama said about the death of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco following the wanton act of murder by the illegal immigrant? Have you heard his words? (11 seconds of silence) Precisely that. Snerdley was shouting, “What’s he said? What’s he said? I haven’t heard anything!” He hasn’t said a word. A little dead air never hurt anybody.

How about this: The White House, the Department of Justice, the FBI and the IRS colluding to jail political enemies before the 2012 election. Have you seen that story? I mean, I mentioned it yesterday. Have you heard it? Is that story big anywhere? How about the latest ChiCom hack? Not just of the Office of Personnel Management. Another 20 million federal employees have had every piece of information about them on their computers hacked by the ChiComs. Have you heard a big deal being made about that? Very, very little.

On the other hand, is Caitlyn Jenner still in the news? Oh, yeah, big time. Now they’ve got video of the traffic accident in which somebody died. Caitlyn Jenner, I think, was still Bruce Jenner driving the car at the time. How about the Confederate flag? Have you found anything about the Confederate flag in the news? The Confederate flag news is all over the place. You can’t find anything about Obama assisting and legitimizing Iran as a nuclear power. But the Confederate flag, you can’t miss it.

No matter where you go, wherever there is news, you would think that is the only thing happening today. Oh, that and Donald Trump. It’s getting absurd now, the people who are trying to distance themselves from Trump.

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