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RUSH: This is a little throwaway that I doubt anybody is gonna make a big deal of. This little story here is on Fox News: “Obama to be First Sitting President to Visit Federal Prison.” Okay, that’s good, Obama’s gonna go visit a federal prison. Ah, presidents go places. Ah, no big deal, nothing to see here, no story. What’s the big deal. Ah, but that’s not the right way to look at this.

“President Obama is set to tour OklahomaÂ’s El Reno Correctional Institution on Thursday, becoming the first sitting president to visit a federal prison, the White House said last week. Obama will meet with law enforcement officials and prisoners when he visits El Reno, a medium security prison thatÂ’s home to 1,300 inmates. HeÂ’ll be accompanied by Federal Bureau of Prisons Director Charles E. Samuels, Jr.”

Now, many people, “So what, Rush, big deal.” Ladies and gentlemen, I just want to pose some possibilities to you. What is one of the campaign planks in a future Hillary Clinton campaign platform? Is it not her desire to extend the right to vote to felons? She’s not alone. The Democrat Party has had as an objective felon voting rights for quite a few years. The Democrats need every vote they can get, from amnesty for illegal aliens, to felons, to any number of so-called disenfranchised groups.

Now, felons can’t vote as a matter of statutory law. And it’s considered now discriminatory because when you add another fact that the Democrats keep hammering, and that is the jails are filled with people who have no business being there. These people have committed victimless crimes, usually drug crimes. They are largely African-American, and that is because this is a racist country and the white majority has done everything it can to put as many black men in prison just to get them out of circulation. They’re not guilty, and they’ve never been guilty, is the assumption, and it’s another example of Republican Party meanness or extremism or racism or what have you.

So here’s Obama going to visit a federal prison, first president ever. Let’s wait and see what he says to the prisoners. But I wouldn’t be surprised if down the road that certain prisoners are gonna end up being pardoned by President Obama at the end of this year and at the end of his last year in office. But a lot of them perhaps possibly pardoned this year and an effort made to extend the right to vote to our felon community, as the lingo goes.

Last week, I pointed out, made the observation, that Obama is flooding the zone. Literally every upsetting, disorienting thing that he can do to put existing pressure on traditions and institutions and blow them up, he’s doing. And this would just be the next one in line. You’ve all heard of Cloward-Piven, these two professors at Columbia University who had an idea and a theory that you could just destroy the United States and then pick up the pieces and start again and do it “right,” in their view, by just overwhelming its welfare states.

Just put as many people on the welfare state as possible and just bankrupt the country. Just Greece it. Just turn this country into Greece. Make it impossible for the government to survive as it exists paying welfare benefits. And you do that by getting as many people on possible on any form of welfare that you can. It’s done for that specific purpose, according to the Cloward-Piven theory. This is the CliffNotes version.

The purpose is to flood the zone with people who are not productive, who are not working, who supposedly have been victimized by the existence of this country since the days of the founding. You put them on the public dole, and the government eventually implodes because it can’t provide for them. This creates unrest and dissatisfaction among the populace who can’t get food, who can’t get water, who can’t get cell phones, who can’t get their big-screen TVs or whatever it is they want.

And they riot.

And they raise hell.

And the country falls apart.

This is the long-term theory. And then the left gets to rebuild this country from scratch after this theory is played out. Well, the Cloward-Piven was always an attack on the government from outside. Now, it had to have its participants inside, in the various bureaucracies and Congress, in order to either create regulations or write laws (and the president in there to sign the) that would create this massive welfare state. But this, if there is, for example… This is all speculation.

You know what I am. I mean, I’m the canary in the coal mine for this country. I’m the guy that’s trying to warn everybody before it happens, what’s going to happen. I’m trying. I’m the guy trying to give everybody a heads-up. I don’t mind being… If some of these things don’t happen, that’s great. You know, I don’t mind being wrong about some of these predictions. But if this visit to a prison leads to a bunch of prison pardons and leads to felons being able to vote, then what we’ve got here is essentially Cloward-Piven from the inside.

I hope this doesn’t happen. But given what we know about Obama and the modern-day Democrat Party and the anger and rage that they still harbor for this country? Despite the appearance (to us, anyway) that they’re winning every day, their rage and anger just continues unabated. There is so much abuse of power, so much, and there’s so little opposition to it. There are so few people who stand up and say, “stop!” It’s gotten to the point where it’s impossible to keep track, much less push back.

Just a bit of speculation, here, but when I saw the story, “Obama first sitting president to visit federal prison,” I asked, “What’s the point?” I mean, he’s not running for reelection. He will not benefit from a felon vote, if it happened. What’s the point here? Is he gonna go apologize? What is the point? Why would you go? If you want to address prison reform, why do you have to go to prison and talk to the inmates? Maybe you want to go apologize.

Can you see that? Can you see Obama apologizing to some who are incarcerated? Not by name, but he gives a speech before an assembled gathering of prisoners and says (impression), “I know many of you feel you’re here unjustifiably, and I agree!” Can you hear this? (interruption) Well, he’s gone around the world and made such statements about the country. What’s to stop him from going to a prison or two?

I mean, if you buy into the left-wing theory that prison is nothing more than a Republican, elitist creation to get rid of people you don’t like who have not broken the law… Remember, according to people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, most of the people in jail have not broken the law. Particularly most of the African-American men have not broken the law. It’s a miscarriage of justice. This is their big point. You know Obama agrees with that — or if he doesn’t, he will say that he does.

Why go to a federal prison otherwise?

So it’s gonna be Thursday. I don’t know how much earth-shattering will happen on Thursday, if anything at all, but I just… I’m gonna keep my eyes on this. Just one of these things that gets hardly any notice.


RUSH: One clarifying comment. The prison vote is actually what Obama and the Democrats are looking for. In some states, felons can now vote after they get out of prison and after a certain amount of time has gone by. What the Democrats want, what Hillary and Obama want, is for felons to be able to vote in prison, and that’s why he’s going there. He’s going to this Oklahoma prison; that’s one of the reasons. It was meant to be the kickoff of Obama’s efforts to let out more drug dealers and users, victimless crimes…

I don’t know how drug dealers can be said to be involved with “victimless crimes,” but this is something the Democrat Party/Obama have been threatening to take action on for years, and that is to get rid of these what they think are insane prison sentences for victimless crimes, and this trip to this Oklahoma prison is designed to kick off Obama’s efforts to begin that process. That’s why the El Chapo escape perhaps is not happening within the best time frame, because this is essentially what Obama is seeking.

He’s essentially wanting to let people in jail out of jail under the premise that many are there unjustifiably. In the process, he gets to blame America for being unfair and who knows, bigoted or racist or biased or whatever reason these people are unjustifiably in jail. He wants to be the agent and begins the process that would see their release and then expand the felon vote to include those in prison. Now here comes El Chapo, the No. 1 drug kingpin of the world, escaping — which, timing-wise, not the best for Obama. So I just wanted to clarify that so there was no confusion about that which I was momentarily ago saying.


RUSH: No, no, remember, folks, we had a story… Excuse me. I’m just a little hoarse today. But we’ll get through it. I don’t know how long ago. It was a few months ago. You’ll remember this when I mention it to you. We had a story about how the Democrats are missing a huge percentage of their voting bloc because they’re in jail, or because they are ex-cons, and it’s one of the problems that Obama and Hillary are trying to fix, and George Soros as well.

The study in the story that I’m talking about found that (see if you remember this) the Democrats would still control Congress if 15% of their base were not dead or in jail. You may not remember it, but I clearly do, and it dovetails right alongside Hillary, who is well known for this, “Felons Should Be Able to Vote” push, and so is her husband, Bill. I mean, this is a big deal for the Democrats. Why do you think…? You know, they’re aborting their base to the tune of one million babies a year.

They need to replace them somehow.

In the old days, people improved their lives as they got older. Maybe started out in the lower-middle class, kept working, then eventually made it to the middle class then the upward middle class. Remember when there was upward mobility in the US economy? As that happened, the Democrat Party lost people when they became more self-reliant, self-sufficient. You’ve heard the old saw that you get older, you become conservative, because you become more mature and are aware of how hard it is to earn what you have and how easy it is when the Democrats want to take it away from you.

Well, that upward mobility, there isn’t much of it anymore, and this is why there is so much angst in the country. There just isn’t. The Millennials don’t think there’s any, and that’s what they’re all saying in poll after poll. They’ve lost faith in the country, when it is specific Democrat Party policies that are responsible for the flat line that has become the US economy. So the Democrats have to get voters from somewhere. They have to replace the ones they’re aborting.

They have to replace the ones that are in jail by giving them the right to vote, and they need a permanent underclass of people that are incapable of self-reliance because they’re not educated and any number of other reasons. And that’s why amnesty, the voter-registration movement. And those three things are working together to shore up the Democrat Party future. It all dovetails together. Remember: To the Democrat Party, the status of the country is irrelevant to their power.

Their power comes first.

And it is in the middle of all this that we find ourselves.


RUSH: Frank in Del Mar, California. I’m glad you called, Frank. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Well, thank you, Rush for taking my call. I was shocked, our granddaughter Amaya is staying with us and we wanted to listen to you so we turned you on this morning and you start talking about Obama’s next step is to commute sentences for people in federal prisons. We all kind of chuckled about that, that’s not gonna happen for a while, and then I get an alert on my phone, and it says Obama has just commuted 48 sentences for federal prisoners. Shocking.

RUSH: Your granddaughter wanted to listen to the program?


RUSH: That’s cool. And then you heard me talking about Obama perhaps commuting prison sentences and you actually said they’ll never do that?

CALLER: Well, we sat around and said, like you, we agreed that it will come probably towards the end of the year or towards the end of his term.

RUSH: Okay, I misunderstood. I thought you said as you heard me say it that you and your group didn’t agree with me. Okay.

CALLER: Oh, no. We agree with you.

RUSH: Okay. Well, it wouldn’t have been a problem if you did. Most people when I make these predictions think I’m nuts until they come true, and they always do.

CALLER: Yours came true in minutes.

RUSH: Seconds. I, too, in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers have that very story that you got your alert about. By the way, what kind of phone do you have?

CALLER: I have an Apple iPhone. I’ve got one of the older ones.

RUSH: You got one of the older ones. But you got an alert so you obviously have some sort of a notification system set up.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Well, the story I have is from ABC News, and the headline is “Obama commutes sentences of 46 people convicted of nonviolent crimes.” And it’s just an alert, just an alert, just like you, don’t have the full story yet. It’s an AP alert, but ABC News has it published here. So isn’t it amazing how that works, El Rushbo makes a prediction, and, bam, right then it happens.

CALLER: Yeah, I kind of thought, Rush, that maybe Obama, as I’m sure he does, is listening to you and it was unfortunate because you kind of beat him to the punch and so he wanted to come out right away and clear up this prediction.

RUSH: Well, I don’t think Obama listens. I’m sure he’s got people that do, but I don’t think he does. But this had to be something in the works. This is all part of what’s leading up to his appearance at the prison on Thursday. I’m sure this has been planned for days, if not weeks ago, maybe the exact date of today was a last-minute decision. But this is not something they just decided to because they heard on the most listened to radio talk show in the country a guy talking about it. But I appreciate story. I appreciate story. I’m glad you got the alert, Frank. Thanks much.


RUSH: Okay. You can stop sending me the alert, folks, that Obama’s commuted the sentences of 46. We just announced it like 10 minutes ago. We had a call when I got the story. So we’ve known for about 10 minutes that Obama did this. Everybody’s trying to be helpful, I know. What they secretly want to be able to say is, “I told Rush!I told Rush and that’s why he said it!” But, no, we had it here. Obama has commuted the sentences of 46 people convicted of nonviolent offenses, and this comes as a prelude to his visit to the Oklahoma prison on Thursday.

I dare say, folks, you heard it here and you were warned about it here while everybody else talking about El Chapo.


RUSH: Here’s Obama announcing and commuting the sentences of these 46 prisoners that he thinks are in jail unnecessarily. Two sound bites from the White House. The first is actually from a video that the White House released explaining why Obama commuted the sentences of 46 drug offenders in federal prisons. We have just a 15 second excerpt.

OBAMA: Over the last few years a lot of people have become aware of the inequities in the criminal justice system.

RUSH: Really?

OBAMA: The fact that we spend over $80 billion a year —

RUSH: Yeah?

OBAMA: — in incarcerating people oftentimes who’ve only been engaged in nonviolent drug offenses.

RUSH: This is a classic Obama construction, by the way. “Over the last few years a lot of people have become aware of the inequities in the criminal justice system.” Who? Who is a lot of people, and how have they become aware? Nobody’s become aware. What we have is a bunch of left-wing activists out there claiming it and then that becomes everybody agrees. A lot of people have become aware. And then $80 billion a year on incarceration. How about $900 billion a year on a stupid stimulus that didn’t do anything to make anything better?

Eighty billion, are we really gonna talk about wasting 80? This Regime, which has added seven or eight trillion dollars to the national debt, wants to sit here and wring its hands over $80 billion incarcerating drug prisoners and now everybody has become aware that they’re not guilty? That’s what “inequities” means. So after they played the video then here comes Obama commuting sentences, announcing the commutations.

OBAMA: Right now, with our overall crime rate and incarceration rate both falling, we’re at a moment when some good people in both parties, Republicans and Democrats, and folks all across the country are coming together around ideas to make the system work smarter, make it work better.

RUSH: Who?

OBAMA: And I’m determined to do my part wherever I can. That’s one of the reasons why I’m commuting the sentences of 46 prisoners who were convicted many years or, in some cases, decades ago.

RUSH: Right.

OBAMA: These men and women were not hardened criminals.

RUSH: No. No, no, no.

OBAMA: But the overwhelming majority had been sentenced to at least 20 years.

RUSH: So there you go, folks, and he’s going Thursday to some prison, a federal prison in Oklahoma, and he’s gonna talk to the prisoners. What do you think he’s gonna say? (imitating Obama) “You know, a whole lot of people have become aware you shouldn’t be here. And I’m the guy that can let you out. But I’m also the guy that before you get out, I’m gonna let you vote.” Yay, Obama.

So the Republican Party has had another issue handed to it on a silver platter. And it used to be an issue that won. It used to be an issue that was almost a guaranteed winner. In the right candidate’s hands it was a guaranteed winner. You know what the issue is? Law and order. With the Supreme Court apparently out of control with Obama pandering to prisoners, with Obama and the Democrat Party attacking police officers and police departments, is this not a made-to-order issue for every Republican candidate seeking the presidency, an old basic standby that was a winner every time it was tried, law and order. Because everybody wants law and order, everybody wants, everybody wants the law obeyed and breakers of the law apprehended and dealt with.

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