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RUSH: Here’s Will. We have a caller on Skype from Europe, and I’m really glad you waited, Will. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Yes. Rush. You’re great. Glad I can talk with you.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Well, Rush, I’m calling concerning the gay marriage victory by the Supreme Court.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: My question is: “Have you gotten more responses to your question to the audience about ten days ago?” Do you remember that question you asked us?

RUSH: How is it that 2% of the population is succeeding?

CALLER: The actual question was, “Why hasn’t the faith community risen up and protested or marched in the streets or shown a battle cry?”

RUSH: Oh, that question, too. I did ask that. It wasn’t specifically about the Christian community, but it was about why…? You know, there’s a distinct difference here. You’ve got the gay population is 2%, and they’re succeeding in everything they want. The majority is just sitting idly by letting it happen. So the question is, “Why? Why is there no uprising against it?” Why is there no uprising in support of this businesses being shut down, for example? But, no. I haven’t gotten a whole lot of participation. I have not gotten a lot of answers to that, since you ask.

CALLER: Well, okay. I’m an evangelist for my church in Europe.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: And we get together, and what did we do? Well, like quoting Paul from the Scriptures, “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds,” and that stronghold is hate. We marched into our secret place called silent prayer, Rush. The vast community, this is what the evangelicals do. They go into that sacred communion place with Christ’s consciousness. And in this prayer, we were told to fulfill the last beatitude. You know which one that is, don’t you, Rush? It’s the eighth beatitude, Matthew 5, verse 10, and it’s called, “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake,” and it goes on.

RUSH: Let me jump in and ask you a question, because I have always… I have, as a policy matter… I’m not a theologian, and I don’t ever want to pretend to be one. So I don’t quote Scripture.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: But I know what you’re saying. You’re saying that there is no uprising; there’s silent prayer to God. I did have somebody send me an e-mail this morning with a question. Not a question. It wasn’t a question. It was a statement. The statement was after this person learned what had happened with the Iranian deal, the note that I got from this friend of mine said, “It’s clear now that God has forsaken America.” My question to you would be: “Has God forsaken America or has America forsaken God?”

CALLER: This is what we come to understand. We are a huge silent majority, the Christian majority who praise. And we look at freedom in America as a God-given Christ quality to us. And from that we’ve received individuality and integrity and self-control, self-discipline. From that comes free enterprise, ownership, and self-determination to respect God’s temple, which is our body, our human body. And we have standards —

RUSH: Mine’s pretty big. I’ve got a lot of room.

CALLER: Yeah. Excuse me, Rush?

RUSH: I said mine’s pretty big. I have a lot room in mine. It’s spacious, it can accommodate a lot of people.

CALLER: Yes. Well, there are standards concerning this morality. And the hard liberal left say there will be no standards, nothing to respect or cherish. And this is what we call the anti-Christ, which is hate. They are based on hate. Our response is based on love, Rush.

RUSH: Well, I understand that. But here’s my question. You go and pray, but that is the action that you’re taking, so you are in a society where there is free will, you appear to be turning over the deciding action on this to prayer rather than action undertaken by you outside of or in addition to your prayer. And that’s an answer to my question. It’s all I was looking for. You’re one of many answers. But I was not specifically asked of the faith community or the evangelical community. It was simply I just noted how many people admit they’re Christians this country, 71, 73%.

No matter how you slice it, the gay population is a very, very tiny minority, and we live in what many people think is a democracy, which features majority rule. We actually don’t. We have a representative republic. But the majority, no matter where you look, has taken it on the chin here left and right. So I was simply asking, why is the majority permitting it? And your answer I gather now is, well, you’re really not. In any way, shape, manner, or form you’re praying about it. And that’s the action that you take. So I appreciate the feedback.

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