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RUSH: So they’re really ticked off out there, huh? (interruption) I knew when I warned you people, if we go to phones on this, you’re gonna be shocked at what you hear. Snerdley tells me that he’s being bombarded by calls from New York shouting at him, telling me where to go, that I’m lying. They’ve read the New York Times story about this, and I’m making all this up. “This didn’t happen,” and then they’re hanging up. Snerdley says he hasn’t seen a response to anything like this in a long, long time.

Folks, I’m not in any way surprised. Look, would you like to listen to the Cosmo magazine reaction to this? You shouldn’t be surprised. I know everybody is thinking there’s gonna be a tipping point. There’s gonna be something that happens that wakes everybody up and alerts them that we are close to the edge here and if we don’t change our ways, we’re finished. Well, it may happen, but it isn’t this. The author of the Cosmo piece on this is Robin Marty, and this is really all I need to know.

“I’ve read the emails. I’ve watched the short-version video. I’ve read the website and the other anti-abortion action groups’ press releases. I’ve even poked through all the primary sources posted so far in the ‘Document Vault.’ Now, frankly, I’m just going to yawn.” (Yawning). And then she goes on to parrot the Planned Parenthood press release talking points. And then says, “Overall, yes, the video put out by Center for Medical Progress is upsetting and off-putting.

“The highlights of the conversation were unpleasant, I shuddered when listening to the discussion of how the fetus can be removed, and the idea of a ‘menu’ of fetal tissue and organs that could be procured depending on the gestational age of the pregnancies being terminated and the number of patients who consent to donating is one I hope I never have to encounter again. However, medicine overall is often gory and gruesome.” That’s your reaction from Cosmo. “Now, frankly, I’m just going to yawn. … [M]edicine overall is often gory and gruesome.”

This is “medicine,” you see? This is scientific research. (interruption) Dr. Mengele? Oh-ho-ho! Dr. Mengele? Just mentioning that name probably will inspire a bunch of more calls from New York. “How dare you associate Mengele with this?” I was once interviewed by Jeff Greenfield of the 92nd Street Y, waaaay back, way back there, when I began the explanations of why I was pro-life, all on the cultural side. It has nothing to do with forcing anybody to do anything. I was always for a change of hearts.

I’ve never been for some massive, controlling, authoritarian center in the government requiring and demanding everything. That’s not the way you persuade people. I’ve always hoped to reach people’s minds and hearts. You’re not gonna stop these things from happening. Nobody’s gonna… You can’t legislate it away. You couldn’t have government bureaucracy set up to stop it and have it stopped. That’s not the point. What you want to do is reduce the frequency and the instances, and you want to reduce this kind of stuff associated with it.

But now, see, this is the depravity here, folks.

We have a procedure called abortion, and now people have found another way to make money off of it, and to cover it up it’s being called “scientific research.” Medicine! It’s insulting, ’cause that’s not at all what is going on. The actual Cosmo piece ends this way. “Abortion opponents may be winning in their own media circles with this PR campaign against Planned Parenthood, but when it comes to actually proving illegal activity, at this point, their evidence is sorely lacking.” (chuckles) Really?

“Evidence is sorely lacking”? They have a taped video confession of the practice and that isn’t evidence? It’s the kind of stuff that puts people behind bars every day in courts all over the country. But here it’s… I’ve always loved the… You should have seen the audience at the 92nd Street Y. They just were outraged at my principled explanation of why I was pro-life, but everybody assumes that… You know, we’re not the Big Government gang here, folks.

We’re not the ones that want to set up a bureaucracy over here that tells you how you have to live. That’s what you people on the left do. We want to provide spiritual, moral guidance. We want to have guardrails. We want to have law. We want to have moral indicators. We realize people are gonna be depraved; not everybody is gonna be clean and pure as the wind-driven snow. It’s how you deal with the ones who aren’t that’s the problem. Don’t accuse us of trying to set up some massive government to intrude on your privacy to have you do what we want you to do.

We’re not those people.

That is who you people are, if I may be honest.

You’re the ones that tried to determine what everybody eats. You’re the ones determining what we think about climate change. You’re the ones demanding that we not only support your causes but that we love them at the same time. Don’t dare confuse us with you! You’re the totalitarians, not us. We just don’t believe that freedom includes the ability to wantonly break the law, and we are concerned about the longtime impacts of moral depravity. That’s all it is.


RUSH: Dave out of Long Island, great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Can you hear me?

RUSH: Yep. I do.

CALLER: Okay, let me tell you why I’m calling. Talking about the Planned Parenthood video, we’re talking about fetal waste. My daughter was born 25 years ago. She was born in 1990 at 23 and a half weeks gestation. She was a pound and a half at birth. She’s a living, breathing, creative, working, a real person. We love her, she’s our child, she’s successful in life, and I just want people to know that. She teaches in a yeshiva, a Jewish school, and that’s what she is. These are not body parts. These are people.

RUSH: Yeah, I know. And I tell you, your story… Here’s the thing. I don’t want to be… I’ve been compartmentally negative on this. The overall story on abortion is actually pretty good. It’s nowhere near a majority support abortion issue anymore. It’s always been 50-50. I don’t care what poll you’ve ever seen, it’s never been slam-dunk majority of Americans favor abortion. It never has been. It’s always been a 50-50 issue. But it’s losing now. The pro-choice side is beginning to lose, in polling data.

And the reason is because of stories like this.

The reason is… Here again, for 25, 30, 40 years we hear the left describe a six-month-old baby as an “unviable tissue mass.” Okay, now, there’s a great unwashed out there that believes that. There’s a great unwashed that it’s unviable tissue mass. There’s a great unwashed that has been made to believe that pregnancy is an illness and that dealing with it is a cure for illness. All the things the left has tried, you have to come to grips with the idea that a bunch of numskulls (we call ’em low-information voters) believe it.

However, as medical science has advanced, there is abundant evidence that it isn’t an unviable tissue mass, that it is actually a baby. These are things that you think everybody would understand without having to be told. Well, these are new recent discoveries to several low-information people, and so the pro-choice crowd’s taken a little bit of a hit as have the feminists and Planned Parenthood, both in their fundraising and precisely because the stories like Dave’s here.

It’s been a slow slog, but nevertheless. Again, the story, to me, is how easily the left succeeds with their BS; how easily people lap that up, whatever the BS is. Anyway, I appreciate the call, Dave. And congratulations. It’s obviously a huge baby, a pound and a half at 23-1/2weeks. That shouldn’t even be possible if you listen to the Planned Parenthood crowd. It’s not possible, or shouldn’t be, and shouldn’t even be tried. Yet look.


RUSH: Here’s the headline for the Mother Jones story on the Planned Parenthood stealth video. You ready? “Planned Parenthood “Sting” Video Is Yet Another Right-Wing Nothingburger.” It’s Mother Jones. I’m telling you, do not doubt me when I tell you how the left is gonna react to things. When I tell you what Obama’s presidency is gonna mean back in 2009, don’t doubt me.

God, Don’t doubt.


RUSH: It’s Greg in Louisville. Great to have you on the program, Greg. Hi.

CALLER: Hello, Rush how are you today?

RUSH: Good. Thank you.

CALLER: It’s always good to talk to you.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Look, I think one thing about the left is they love Big Government; they’re pretty open about it. The problem I have with conservatives is conservatives claim they want smaller government, but of course they love the government when it comes to their issues — you know, immigration, abortion, drugs, NSA snooping. All the things they that love, they want government to do. So I think that’s a problem with you on the social issues. You have a problem with consistency. So I think that’s the issue.

RUSH: Well, see, I can understand your take on that. But I would offer a bit of a difference here. When you say that conservatives love Big Government for our issues, you mentioned immigration. We’re just in favor of enforcing the law. The law’s been broken right now. We’re not asking for a new department of immigration. We’re not asking for more power for the department of immigration. We’re asking that the law be obeyed, in this case enforced, and that’s pretty much the case in all the issues that you would bring up.

Abortion is the law of the land, so that is a reason. But I don’t know a single conservative… There may be some. I don’t know a single conservative who is in favor of the government taking proactive action to stop behavior. I don’t know of a single person. Now, you may, but I don’t. On the right side of things, there’s simply a desire for the rule of law, and the rule of morality. But I think it’s a straw dog to say that we are secret Big Government fans. Now, the Republican establishment, you’re right. But not on social issues. The Republican establishment is Big Government on economic issues, and that’s where you’re right.


RUSH: Judy, Colorado Springs, and I’m glad you called. It’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: I am so thrilled to talk to you. Mr. Snerdley told me I could weigh in on the Planned Parenthood chop shop if I promised to behave, so I’ll try. I just want to point out some more the left’s hypocrisy even now. They’re saying it’s just a clump of cells, just fetal tissue, but their “menu” lists kidneys and livers and organs. Rush, you have touched on such a raw nerve here. I thank you for this, and I really think it’s a winning issue for the right. People don’t know what they’ve been doing all these years.

RUSH: Yeah. The question is: “To the people that don’t know, but yet who remain pro-choice, will this move them at all, or will it move people who are ambivalent to be a little bit more politically oriented or opposed to this kind of thing.” This is what we don’t know. But I just want to warn you, Judy. The country is so polarized right now, and people on the left — you call ’em Democrats or liberals or whatever — they really do hate us, Judy.

They hate us more than they hate the Iranians. They hate us because we are threats to their existence, to their power, they think that we’re threats. And they’re gonna look at this as a vic. They do not want us winning anything. They will do anything to keep that from happening, including lie, ignore, or what have you. But the truth is the truth. You’re exactly right. Planned Parenthood is “a human chop shop.” What a great way to characterize it.

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