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RUSH: Now, Barack Obama. What is it about Oklahoma and Democrat presidents. Bill Clinton went into — actually he didn’t do this in Oklahoma City. I think he actually blamed me for Oklahoma City while he was in Michigan. But there’s something about Oklahoma that makes Democrat presidents think about me and talk radio.

After the Oklahoma City bombing, Bill Clinton made a speech and talked about the hateful anti-American rhetoric (imitating Clinton) “that you can hear on the airwaves every day in America. And it’s not right.” And it was clear, the only person on the airwaves that mattered back then was me. The blogs hadn’t started. There was no Fox News. It was only CNN on cable doing news, and it was just us and talk radio. So he’s talking about the airwaves and when we called him out on it, the White House, “No, no, no, we’re talking about the Michigan militia shortwave.”

Well, Obama went into Oklahoma. As you know, he went to speak to prisoners. First sitting president to go to a prison. In fact, there’s a great headline on this story today. “Obama Goes to Prison.” And of course it didn’t mean what the headline implies. But he went out, he went, he addressed convicts. He addressed prisoners. The idea that they’re not legitimately there, that they are victims of an unfair, unjust legal system, and Obama is out there representing them. He’s commuted 46. Well, actually more, 15 in March, 61 different sentences, and there will be more to come. So last night Durant, Oklahoma, at Durant High School, President Obama.

OBAMA: When we make those commitments to all of our children, the great thing about it is the blessings are returned back to us. Because you end up having a workforce that is better educated, which means suddenly companies want to locate, which means businesses start booming, which means businesses start hiring, which means everybody does better. So not only is it the right thing to do, itÂ’s the smart thing to do. ThatÂ’s our tradition. ItÂ’s not Democratic or Republican; it is the American tradition. And we forget that sometimes because weÂ’re so caught up in our day-to-day politics, and we listen to a bunch of hooey on TV or talk radio — (laughter) — that doesnÂ’t really (applause starts) tell the truth about whatÂ’s going on.

RUSH: There you have it. Something about Oklahoma and presidents, Democrat presidents that makes them zero in on talk radio. Did you hear the president describe trickle-down there? (interruption) You didn’t? Well, let me read the transcript for you. He’s describing trickle-down economics when he’s talking about if we can just educate people in prison, that we can have a new economic boom. That’s right.

When we make those commitments to all of our children, the great thing about it is the blessings that are returned back to us. Yes, all these young skulls full of mush out there, if we just indoctrinate them with the right kind of liberalism and education, wow, the things they’re gonna give back to us we can only marvel at. He says because you end up having a workforce that’s better educated, and that means that suddenly companies want to locate where the smart people are, which means that businesses start booming, which means that businesses start hiring, which means that everybody does better.

He just described trickle-down. He just described free market commerce. It’s just a shame he doesn’t believe it. But he just described it. So letting convicted prisoners out of prison is the right thing to do because the love we show them in letting them out of jail is going to come back to us in blessing upon blessing upon blessing. And as we educate the prisoners and then let them out of jail, and make sure they can vote, yes, then they are gonna add intelligence to our workforce.

Did you know our workforce is kind of stagnating because the best and brightest of us are in prison? That’s right. If we simply would find a way to educate and activate the prison community, why, Katie, bar the door, there’s no telling what our economy could become, because the real bright people are sitting in the prison cells unfairly.

And if we could just get in there and educate ’em and let ’em go, they will show everybody how smart they are, which means companies, because these prisoners have been let go will want to locate to where the prisoners live since they got out of jail, and that means businesses will start booming, which means businesses will start hiring, which means everybody does better if we only activate the prison community. Did you know that?

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