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RUSH: John Kerry. Folks, this is simply stunning. Here is the Iran Stack today. The first story: “Iran Parliament Wants to Revise Nuclear Deal.” This is from Breitbart. This story is about how Iran’s parliament wants to revise the Iran deal to drop the eight-year ban on ballistic missiles. They don’t like the fact that they can’t use ICBMs for eight years, and parliament wants to change that.

It also points out, this article does, the deal says that Iran parliament has to ratify an additional protocol to the long-standing nonproliferation treaty, and this additional protocol is essential for the International Atomic Energy Agency to be able to monitor Iran’s nuclear development, but the Iran parliament might not even ratify. You hear what I’m saying here? The Iranian parliament has all kinds of say-so over this deal, and ours doesn’t. The Iran parliament has all kinds of input. They can make things happen; they can deny things happening in this deal; they can make addendum; they can make changes; they can add to it; they can take away from it.

The Iran parliament has the power to revise or even reject this deal, according to Breitbart. Our Congress does not. Our Congress, and we, are being told that the UN’s already voted on our side of the deal, and so that’s done, there’s nothing the US Congress can do. And again, if you’re thinking Corker bill, would you please don’t doubt me. The Corker bill doesn’t do a single thing to help.

The Corker bill will not provide the Senate an opportunity to dispose of this. The Corker bill does not give anybody the option to put up a stop sign. It’s nothing of the sort. But it’s irrelevant anyway, because Obama and his Regime are telling us that the UN’s already ratified our side. So here we have a story about how the Iranian parliament, they don’t like this and they don’t like that, and they do want something thrown in. They want to be able to get rid of this eight-year ban on ICBMs.

They want a deal to ratify an additional protocol to the long-standing nonproliferation treaty. This is gobbledygook sounding, but the additional protocol that they want is essential for the International Atomic Energy Agency to be able to monitor nuclear development. In other words, the Iranian parliament wants to have a say-so in whether or not Iran’s nuclear development can be inspected.

The whole ballistic missile ban is a sham anyway. On paper it’s supposed to last eight years, but in reality the International Atomic Energy Agency can lift it as soon as they’re convinced that Iran is abiding by the treaty, which means that the International Atomic Energy Agency will lift the ban on ICBMs as soon as they can in order to keep Iran happy and on the reservation.

Iran, somehow in this whole deal became the power and we became the inferior, and everybody’s worried now about what Iran wants and what Iran will do if they don’t get what they want. So Iran’s gonna get this eight year ban on ICBMs stricken, mark my words they’re gonna get it stricken because the International Atomic Energy Agency wants to keep Iran happy. I mean, they’re on their way to getting nukes, you don’t want to make ’em mad. It’s just insane what is happening here.

But that’s just the beginning. From the Washington Free Beacon headline: “Iran: ‘We Will Trample Upon America’ — A senior Iranian cleric delivered Friday prayers in Tehran while standing behind a podium that declared, ‘We Will Trample Upon America,’ according to photos released by IranÂ’s state-controlled media.” Iranian cleric Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani, was handpicked by the Ayatollah Khamenei to go out and do Friday prayers.

So since this Ayatollah was picked by the Ayatollah Khamenei to go out and do the prayers, what he said was sanctioned by the supreme leader. “A Persian-language message on the podium declared, ‘We will trample upon America.'” The English phrase underneath it that was used to translate it for people who could not read Farsi was, “We defeat the United States.” That could be seen underneath. “We will trample upon America.”

Well, John Kerry was told about this. John Kerry, who, by the way, served in Vietnam, our secretary of state. He was in Dubai. You see, the Ayatollah Khamenei went out there after Friday prayers, the Ayatollah Khamenei went out there and did a speech, gave a speech. By the way, do you know this? I saw a picture. The Ayatollah Khamenei was standing at the podium holding a rifle or a shotgun. You couldn’t see it if you’re in the crowd because it was hidden by the podium, but it was standing on the floor, the butt of the gun was on the floor, and the nozzle was pointing up. If it had gone off it would have blown his head off, but he was holding a rifle.

When’s the last time you’ve seen an American president go to the podium holding a gun? The Ayatollah Khamenei there had a gun, he had a big rifle. And he went out and he continued to lay into the United States, and he reiterated what the Ayatollah prayer was on Friday, gonna trample the US, and then he doubled down and said that the Iranian deal doesn’t at all change their country’s policy with us.

They’re gonna continue to fund terrorism. They’re gonna continue to hate Israel. They’re not gonna change one iota. So Kerry was told about this when he was in Dubai. And here’s the story from Reuters. “US secretary of state John Kerry,” who served in Vietnam, “said a speech by the Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei on Sunday vowing to defy American policies in the region despite a deal over the nuclear program was, quote, ‘very disturbing.'” John Kerry says it’s very, very disturbing. What Khamenei said is not nearly as disturbing as Kerry seeming to be surprised.

The Ayatollah Khamenei has been saying these things all along. I mean, this is nothing new from Iran. (impression) “Death to America! Death to America! We will trample you! We can walk all over you! Death to your camels! Our camels will fart all over your country,” whatever. They’ve been saying this for 35, 40 years, and Kerry’s running around acting surprised by it. Here’s what he said. This was an interview with Al-Arabiya Television.

Kerry said, “I don’t know how to interpret it at this point in time except to take it at face value that’s his policy. But I do know that often comments are made publicly and things could evolve that are different. But if it’s the policy, it’s very disturbing. It’s very troubling.” So Kerry is sitting there hoping that the Ayatollah Khamenei was saying this for public consumption. Let me tell you what’s going on, and I don’t have any doubt that what I’m telling you is true.

I want to say this in a way that does not in any way approach name-calling, ’cause I don’t want to cheapen the thrust of my point. I really do believe that John Kerry is an order of fries short of a Happy Meal. I don’t think the elevator goes to the penthouse level. I think there is something missing intellectually, and what’s missing in John Kerry is replaced by an arrogance and a hubris that has led him and people like him to literally live inside fantasies they have concocted.

I firmly believe that John Kerry is so self-focused, self-aware, self-conscious, so impressed with himself, I think he’s the kind of guy that does sit home at night with the lights off sipping a cocktail after everybody else has gone to bed thinking how great he is and how special he is and how unique he is. I think he tells himself and convinces himself that he’s actually done one of the greatest acts of statesmanship that’s ever been done here. I think he also believes that as part of this…

The power of his brilliance and greatness and presence is such that the Iranians love him now and have profound, deep respect for him and realize what a brilliant gentleman he is. I think he believes all this. I think he believes it because he’s secretary of state. I think he believes it because his leftist ideology points him in that direction. I think he believes it because it’s his personality. I think he believes it because he really, really believes that what’s happened here in this Iranian nuke deal is unprecedented greatness.

I think he really, really believes that nobody but him could have ever done this, and I think he tells himself the proof of that is that nobody ever has done it; that he did it. He may have room in his self-conscious thoughts for the greatness of Barack Obama as well for having the vision to name him secretary of state, but I really believe this. It’s the only way that you would publicly admit that you are surprised that the Iranians would say what they’re saying and that you would admit to being disturbed by it.

I mean, if this disturbs you, and if you’re shocked by it, what in the world must you have thought the day before? That with this deal we have buried decades and decades of enmity with Iran? And why did we do that? How did that happen? How did we finally end all the acrimony? Was it because finally the US had sent smart people like John Kerry to negotiate and the Iranians realized how smart John Kerry was and how you couldn’t outsmart John Kerry?

The Iranians realized the greatness of this administration and the Iranians realized that because these people– John Kerry, Obama, whoever — are so smart, that this was the best they were gonna ever get? They have to be delusional. Kerry specifically has to be delusional here. He’s so delusional, he is so into self, he doesn’t even have the presence of mind to not act surprised! He doesn’t even have the presence of mind not to admit that he’s disturbed. There’s a much better way of dealing with this than to actually go out and admit you’ve been fooled, which is what he’s done.

But he doesn’t know that because, you see, it’s not possible to fool John Kerry. He’s too smart. He is too clever. He served in Vietnam! He is secretary of state for Barack Obama. So it’s impossible to fool him. So he is deeply troubled at what this means. He’s the kind of guy everybody laughs at behind his back and never knows it — and if he did, wouldn’t understand it. It’s dangerous, having somebody like this, who basically brokered this deal all on the pretext and basis of this self-love and adulation that borders on danger.

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