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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a couple of things also in the Drive-By Media today which… bear me out. Something I’ve often said about Mrs. Clinton, and that is the more she speaks the worse her public approval numbers go. The less she speaks, the higher they go. And some Drive-By Media people have discovered this now, even F. Chuck Todd, and they’re even reporting it. No credit given, of course, to your host. But it’s an observation I have made for years. And it’s an observation based on observation.

So, anyway, they’ve discovered this in the Drive-Bys, and they are worried. Now, they’re not worried that Hillary could lose, yet, because they are convinced that anybody with a D next to their name is going to win. But they really want it to be Hillary for all the reasons that you could imagine. It’s her turn. She deserves it after the excrement sandwich she’s been forced to eat because of her husband and everything else. They really want it to be Hillary because she’s the smartest woman in the world. But she’s none of those things — well, she is the most cheated-on woman in America. That is undeniable.

But she is not charismatic. She is not exciting. She does not excite a crowd. She puts a crowd to sleep. But they don’t think that’s a problem because of the electoral map and because they are convinced that the country hates Republicans, that the Republicans don’t have a chance no matter who they nominate. The biggest chance the Republicans have for victory, according to the Drive-Bys, is Jeb Bush. If the Republicans nominate Jeb, then maybe the Republicans have a chance, because of immigration and Jeb’s the only guy that Latinos don’t hate on the Republican side.

But even then, they don’t think any Republican has a chance just because of the electoral map, the demographics, the fact that Republicans are hated and despised, so it really doesn’t matter who the Democrat nominee is, but they really want it to be Hillary. But they’re now waking up, they’re shocked at the unpopularity of Hillary Clinton in the swing states. F. Chuck Todd was on MSNBC, and I’m not gonna lift the ban. I’m just gonna tell you what he said. I’m not gonna lift the ban. I’m not gonna start playing sound bites. What good’s a ban if the violate the ban?

But F. Chuck Todd said this fits another pattern of Hillary’s. Whenever she’s been out front as the face of the Democrat Party, her numbers have gone down. Wonder if he really meant to say it that way, when she’s the face of the Democrat Party? Well, that’s what he said. Whenever she’s been out front as the face of the Democrat Party her numbers have gone down. They always have whenever she’s the focal point. When asked why that is, F. Chuck answered, Americans like Clinton more when she is in a supportive or operative role.

They don’t like her when she’s the focal point. They don’t like her in a leadership role. As F. Chuck said, you could just simply say she doesn’t wear well. But the swing state business is polling data, and they are finding that Hillary’s popularity is sinking and waning and that all this stuff going on with Bernie Sanders is real. It may not be real in terms of Bernie winning the nomination, but it’s real in terms of it hurting Hillary.


RUSH: They’re finally getting around to doing that story on Fox about Hillary Clinton losing big ground in three swing states. I first saw it today on MSNBC, F. Chuck Todd and the boys talking about it. Not gonna lift the ban, just to repeat. And they’re panicking. They don’t understand it. No, they do. See, they do. They know Hillary is a stiff. They know that when Hillary Clinton is the face of the Democrat Party, the Democrat Party and her numbers go down.

F. Chuck Todd pretty much admits it. The less she appears, the less she speaks, the better her numbers do. The way F. Chuck said it is when she seems in a more supportive role, like taking a backseat to a strong man, that’s when people love her. But when she sits up front and gets in the pilot seat, that’s when people get nervous. And that’s not me talking; that’s F. Chuck Todd and what they’re starting to realize in the Drive-By Media. It doesn’t mean they’re worried she can’t win. They think any Democrat is gonna win. And don’t doubt me on that.

That’s not an exaggeration. They think the election’s all about the electoral map and the fact that Republicans are hated. They want to see Hillary for all the reasons you can think of. They’re not worried that she could lose ’cause they don’t think a Democrat can. Not really. I mean, they’ll act like the race is up for grabs just for ratings and stuff, but I mean deep down, they don’t think they can lose.

I mean, they start out with California and New York. And if they get Ohio or Florida, they’re in, the rest of it just matches up for ’em. The way the Democrats look at it — I’ve talked to ’em about it. They think the presidential election is about three states. They have all the other important states wrapped up and they’re not even contestable, and that’s why they’re shocked when they do lose because they think this at practically every turn.

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