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RUSH: “Senator Tom Cotton and Congressman Mike Pompeo Discover ‘Backroom’ Iran Deals Not Shared with Congress.” Not surprised, right? It turns out the US made a secret side deal with Iran on two of the more important sticking points in the negotiations. Number one, the inspection of a military base where Iran had done major nuclear weapons research in the past, and, number two, the requirement that Iran tell us about their past nuclear work, which is necessary in order to for there to be a baseline for the inspectors.

I mean, we have to know how far they’ve made it in order to judge how far they’re going. On both of those points, according to Cotton and Pompeo, “there will be a secret, opaque procedure to verify IranÂ’s compliance with these side agreements.” They say, “Both arrangements will not be vetted by any organization other than Iran and the IAEA, and will not be released even to the nations that negotiated the JCPOA [Iran nuclear agreement].

“This means that the secret arrangements have not been released for public scrutiny and have not been submitted to Congress as part of its legislatively mandated review of the Iran deal,” which means Congress will have no way of knowing whether Iran complied with either of these side agreements. “The United States has been shut out of this aspect of the verification of the deal, the inspection of a military base where Iran had done major nuclear weapons research.”

We have no access to it. We agreed to this! Secretary of State Kerry agreed to this, and the requirement that Iran tell us about their past nuclear work so we can get a baseline of how far they had made it? Not allowed to know that. Two side deals were made between the United States and Iran to eliminate the US ability to learn either data point.


RUSH: Now, back to the story about Senator Tom Cotton and Congressman Mike Pompeo, who is a Republican from Kansas. The story appears in National Review, and they essentially say, to reiterate, that the United States made a secret side deal with Iran on two of the more important sticking points in the negotiations. The first one is the inspection of a military base where Iran had done major nuclear weapons research in the past and may still be.

We don’t know. We’re not allowed to see! By virtue of a side deal, we’re not allowed to go there. The second aspect, is the requirement that Iran fess up — the requirement that Iran tell everybody, including us, about their past nuclear work, which is necessary in order for there to be a baseline for the inspectors. I guess we don’t need a baseline for the inspectors because there are really not gonna be get any inspectors, because there’s a 24-day window that the Iranians have to clean up whatever mess that somebody claims they have made before any inspectors can get in there.

And then the Iranians have to approve the inspectors anyway. So inspection and verification is actually a pipe dream in this deal, but even so, even if it weren’t, the Iranians do not have to openly admit/demonstrate/prove where they are in terms of their stage of nuclear development now. If they don’t have to do that, we can’t establish a baseline to discover whether they are making progress or not. The fact that these two items were agreed to on a side deal that are not part of the main agreement?

It means that these two “crucial measures of Iranian compliance with the nuclear agreement will not be disclosed to Congress.” I know. You’re shouting, “What about the Corker Bill! The Corker Bill!” Well, folks, you’ve gotta get the Corker Bill out of your mind because the Corker Bill is just a disastrous mistake. The Corker Bill is classic Republicanism. It is a construct to make Republican voters think that Obama is being opposed, that Obama is being made to work hard to get what he wants. It’s a false construct. It does not prevent Obama from getting anything he wants.

It doesn’t have the ability to. It’s just a showpiece. It’s just one of these things that’s designed, again, to allow the Republicans to give the impression that they’re working hard keeping Obama in line and opposing him when necessary. The fact of the matter is, the Corker Bill, in fact, requires disclosures like this to be made. The Corker Bill requires the Regime “to provide the US Congress with all the documents associated with the agreement.”

These two will not be provided.

So the Regime will be in violation of the Corker Bill and in violation of a whole bunch of other laws, and nothing is gonna happen with it. Meanwhile, John Kerry is running around saying that he’s “disturbed” that the Ayatollah Khamenei is running around saying bad things about us. So I don’t want to dwell on this more than necessary, but I think it’s key to understand the psychology of people, the philosophical psychology of people.

One of the things that we are told to accept and believe every day is the superior intelligence and IQ and competence of everybody on the left. The Democrats are just naturally smarter. They’re more sophisticated. They’re worldly. They are appreciated more by people of the world than these crass Republicans. We’re told to believe that they’re a cut above everybody. “I mean, they are the best and the brightest, and they are the Wizards of Smart.” In fact, John Kerry is the exact opposite. He’s a self-absorbed megalomaniac who hasn’t the ability to know what he doesn’t know.

He believes that he is universally loved and appreciated ’cause he can speak French, ’cause he can speak Spanish. Because he’s an American and a Democrat, he think the world loves him, and that the world has universal respect for him. He thinks the world loves him because of what he did after the Vietnam War. Kerry is the kind of guy that does go to bed at night… Well, he waits to go to bed. When everybody else in the house is asleep, he turns the lights down, sits down, has an adult beverage and ponders his own greatness. He’s the kind of guy that does that.

He’ll look at himself in the mirror and think of his own greatness, and he is the kind of guy who’ll sit down for months and months of meetings with representatives of a nation that has sworn to wipe out our allies and us and think that he is seriously changing their minds, based on his ability to make them respect and like him. At the end of the process, he’ll tell us, “Yeah, me and the Iranian foreign minister, we stood up and we shared tears! (sniffles) It was such a beautiful thing. We actually cried over this massive achievement that we both have made!”

And then not two days late,r here goes the supreme leader with yet another from-the-podium diatribe on the evils of the United States and the “Death to America!” chants, and Kerry publicly admits that he’s disturbed by it and doesn’t understand it. That’s dangerous. That’s precisely why people on the left — these self-presumed, superior intellects, this narcissism! This is why they are dangerous. They tell themselves stories about how loved and adored they are by our enemies.

And then beyond that they tell themselves that because of the power of their words and speeches and personality and their open-mindedness and brilliance — whatever else it is about them they think is superior — that all the bad guys in the world, brought to heel, that Kerry and the boys have, in fact, tamed the mullahs. When the mullahs don’t play along and start kissing Kerry’s butt like everybody else should be doing, he’s stunned and doesn’t know how to deal with it and he can’t believe it.

That’s why he would make side deals with them like this. He ends up trusting them because he is convinced of his own greatness. Those kind of people are dangerous. I don’t know if you know people like this who do nothing but think about themselves, who are just constantly self-absorbed. I don’t mean in an egotistical way, although that’s part of it. People who think they’re smarter than everybody else, people who think they are the smartest people in the room.

They carry that attitude around. This arrogance and condescension! Those two things that accompany an attitude like that are really off-putting to me, and then there’s this story from the Jewish Press: “US to Protect Iranian Nuke Sites from Israeli Attack.” Now, I mentioned this to you a couple of days ago, but I want to mention it again with what we have been informed here by Tom Cotton and Mike Pompeo. The Iranian nuclear agreement states, “Cooperation to strengthen Iran’s ability to prevent, protect, and respond to nuclear security threats to nuclear facilities and to protect against sabotage.”

The Obama nuclear deal with Iran explicitly states that. It is not left to be assumed, it’s not implied, it’s not to be inferred. It explicitly states that the United States and the other P5 + 1 powers “will help Iran deflect and even respond to sabotage and nuclear threats to its nuclear sites. The evidence that the Obama deal directly allows Western powers to help Iran protect its nuclear sites and possibly even to stage a counterattack on the source of the threat is stated in Annex 3 of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the JCPOA.

“Congress is reviewing the agreement and has the option to cancel America’s commitments under the deal,” but that takes us to the Corker Bill, which makes it nigh on impossible to cancel the deal by virtue of the way the Corker Bill’s vote structure is spelled out. So not only have we tied our own hands on learning about Iran’s nuclear-strength status today and our inability to inspect a prominent military site where they were developing nuclear weapons, now we learn that we have also agreed to defend Iran against any “external threat.”

Read “Israel” in this, to properly understand it. If the Israelis decide that they don’t like this deal and they don’t want to live next to a nation that is planning to wipe ’em out and want to take steps to eliminate Iran’s nuclear plan, the United States has promised the Iranians to defend the Iranians against the Israelis — our allies! That is the latest on the Iranian nuclear agreement.


RUSH: Okay, we go back to the phones to Roanoke, Virginia. This is Steve. Welcome, sir. Appreciate your patience, and I’m glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. I want to address the language that people are using to talk about this Iran deal. If I understand it correctly, this, quote, “deal” meets all of the standard and fundamental requirements of being an international treaty with, what? Five other countries? Which then would require the ratification of two-thirds of the Senate, not this foolish rule change up-or-down vote that could be vetoed by the little community organizer.

RUSH: Yes. For the most part, you are correct. Although there are a couple of minor modifications in this thing that ostensibly allow Obama to refer to this as a nonbinding executive something or other, which, of course, is going to end up as binding, because the UN ratifies it. But no, your basic point is this is a treaty. Under any other normal president this would have been conducted as a treaty. It would have been signed as a treaty. It would have been ratified by the Senate as a treaty. If we had somebody paying attention to the Constitution — exactly right, what you’re saying.

CALLER: Rush, thank you. Can I put in a plug for IDrive real quickly?

RUSH: Yeah, go, have at it.

CALLER: Hey, I want to let everybody know about a year ago I signed up for IDrive based on your recommendation. But I did not take advantage of the opportunity to get all of my devices backed up under one account.

RUSH: Tsk-tsk.

CALLER: My kids made me videos on their iPad, and guess what? Last week it was stolen, locked everything. And I absolutely regret not getting all of my devices backed up.

RUSH: Especially since it doesn’t cost any extra to do that. In fact, that’s one of the selling points and it’s one of the differentiations. Some of these backup outfits — and there are none nearly as good — require a separate account per device. And it becomes a nightmare. You can unite every device you have under one account. Well, I appreciate the plug. We love IDrive here. They’re awesome. And they do what they do better than anybody else.

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