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RUSH: So, we go to Washington, DC. Guy, I’m glad you called. Welcome to the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. Mega dittos, Rush. I’ve been listening to you for six years. I finally get to talk to you on the phone.

RUSH: Well, great to have you here.

CALLER: Yeah, I live in Washington, DC. It’s very difficult to live here, but the problem is that people are true believers. They actually believe what Obama says. I looked at some people yesterday, and it doesn’t matter what I said. “Republicans are bad; Democrats are good.” The facts don’t matter. It really doesn’t make a difference.

RUSH: Yeah, welcome to the club. I’ve had these frustrations for I can’t tell you how long.

CALLER: Yeah. My neighbor is one of the girls that got abducted two weeks ago by an illegal alien, and she got out okay. So, the next night they caught the illegal alien and the neighbor, the first thing they did was blame “white people” for it. And I don’t know why she said it! She said, “You know, it’s not illegal aliens. It’s white men who encourage rape.”

RUSH: Well, of course. Guy, let me explain this to you. You have your neighbor, who was an act of thievery committed by an illegal alien, and they caught the illegal, and the first thing she did was blame “white people” for it. You know why?


RUSH: Because the thief was made a thief by “white people.” The thief got mad, because he knew that the “white people” were blaming him. So, he figured, “What the hell? They’re making me a thief because they don’t like me!” So that’s how it works. That’s the logic. Whites or conservatives or Republicans, whatever. That’s how they the end being blamed for all these things.

CALLER: Now, the problem is I have a 10-year-old — who, by the way, reads all your books.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: And I have to be very careful when I talk to him, because he goes to school and tells it. So, I have to be very careful what I say. He loves you, but I have to be careful because he goes to school in Fall Church City, the communist state of Falls Church City, and they’re all liberals. I have to be very careful how I talk to my 10-year-old.

RUSH: Guy, what is your nationality or ethnicity? Where do you trace your heritage?

CALLER: I am Dutch. I’m from the Netherlands.

RUSH: Netherlands. All right. Now, have you ever or did you live there?

CALLER: Excuse me?

RUSH: Did you live there at some point in your life?

CALLER: Yeah, I left when was 24. I went to boarding school there and I used to lived there.

RUSH: Okay. Did you ever have to worry in the Netherlands what you said in your home, that the authorities someplace might hear it and you would be in trouble?

CALLER: Not that, but pretty close.

RUSH: But you do have that fear here in Washington, DC?

CALLER: Now I do. Now I absolutely do. I’m very careful what I say.

RUSH: That’s amazing. You’re worried that you might say the wrong thing and that your young child might blab it at school the wrong person might hear it, and he could pay a price for it?

CALLER: Now, we used to live in a safe house in Mexico, and used to listen to your show every day, and he was at the time four years old, and —

RUSH: Safe house in Mexico? What do you do, Guy? A safe house in Mexico, the Netherlands, and now you’re in Falls Church. What did you do for a living?

CALLER: I sell flowers. I was saved from —

RUSH: That’s an excellent cover. That is an excellent cover. You can fight gay marriage from that job.

CALLER: It’s kind of difficult because all my customers are gay —

RUSH: I’m just kidding.

CALLER: — and they’re very nice people.

RUSH: I’m just kidding. I’m just taking things in the news and trying to make a joke about it. But, you know, folks, he’s got a great, great point here. I mean, this is not far… It’s not there yet, but it’s not far from the way it was in the Soviet Union when parents were afraid of being exposed by their kids, either purposely or inadvertently. I mean, this guy says what he thinks about something and his young child hears it and goes (imitating), “Yeah, my dad said last night.” “Your dad said that?” “Yeah, yeah, my dad said…” “Okay, thanks, little Johnny. Where does your dad live?”

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