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RUSH: Ma Richards’ daughter, Cecile, who runs Planned Parenthood was on a Sunday show yesterday, This Week with Stephanopoulos, and she said that the “most disgusting part” of all of these videos that we have seen of Planned Parenthood — the exposure of the harvesting of body parts from human babies for sale ostensibly to advance medical research… Ma Richards’ daughter says that the most disgusting part about those videos is the deceit of the pro-life activists.

Here listening to the audio sound bites. This is yesterday on This Week with Stephanopoulos, who said, “If there’s no financial benefit to the clinics…” They’re lying about this, denying. (summarized) “We’re not profiting from this,” as though that makes it okay. Except that they are profiting. But she says they’re not profiting and then Stephanopoulos is carrying the water and he said, “Well, if there’s no financial benefit to the clinics, then why are you guys in these videos haggling over cost?”

RICHARDS: They’re not! The only people that are handling in these videos are the undercover folks who are absolutely trying to entrap doctors, and they were completely unsuccessful. That’s why they’re showing these highly edited videos. This entire effort is a complete political smear campaign in order to cut off funding for basic health care for women in America: Planned Parenthood.

RUSH: Cut off funding for…? Damn right that’s what it’s about! There’s no reason taxpayers ought to be paying for this. There’s no reason whatsoever taxpayers should pay.


RUSH: This is Planned Parenthood video? “Yeah, the only deceit here is the people that made the video edited it.” They didn’t edit the video. All three hours of these videos are alive and able for people to see, more than the babies in the womb ever were. All three hours of these videos are available, unedited, at the website, if you want to look at ’em. Of course things are edited. The Drive-By Media edits everything!

The Drive-By Media not only edits, they change the meaning of whole news stories, such as that editing in the phony uptake on the 9/11 call from George Zimmerman about the episode with Trayvon Martin. Talk about edited video. And the only person haggling are the undercover folks? No, no, no, no. Who was it that said she wanted a Lamborghini? I don’t care if she was joking. They’re talking about price on the Planned Parenthood side. Here’s the next part of Stephanopoulos and Ma Richards’ daughter Cecile then continued, just to wrap this up.

STEPHANOPOULOS: The tapes appear to describe times when the clinics adjust the abortion procedure to better harvest —

RICHARDS: It’s not done!

STEPHANOPOULOS: — the fetal heart —

RICHARDS: It’s absolutely not done, and I’ve talked to doctors all across the country.

STEPHANOPOULOS: When these doctors are talking about — and this gets graphic, but they’re talking about — “less crunchy” ways to perform these abortions so that the organs can be preserved. What’s happening? Are they just lying?

RICHARDS: No, that’s absolute… All of this is taken out of context. You know, the most disgusting part of this to me is that these folks lied, lied to gain access to clinics.

RUSH: We have heard this before. It’s a standard respond technique that the left uses. Rather than discuss the substance of what an expose has shown, attack the motives of the people that did the expose. She doesn’t realize how absolutely insincere she sounds. She doesn’t realize how easy it is to spot that she’s lying. Taken out of context? There’s nothing that was taken out of context here.

If it was taken out of context, then the whole thing would be a lie! If it was taken out of context, then Planned Parenthood would not be conducting specific abortions to harvest organs for sale, and they are. Nothing was taken out of context. The most disgusting part of this is these folks lied? Who’s lying? Ma Richards and the Planned Parenthood people are lying! And there’s no opposition to this?

The Republican Party…? I know, folks. Some of you are saying, “Well, the Republicans don’t want to go anywhere near social issues.” Balderdash! This is so far beyond the social issues. If that’s the only way you see this, you need a wake-up call. The Republican can’t even mount an insincere statement of opposition to this just to placate people, much less real opposition to it? It’s just too weird.


RUSH: Ma Richards, her daughter. I have some people asking… It’s good that I get these e-mails, good that I check these e-mails. There’s some people ask, “Who is Ma Richards?” She was a former governor of Texas. It was said of her (I forget who said it) that she needed to iron her face, press her face in her later years. It was Ma Richards at the Democrat convention I guess in 1988 — ah, it might have been ’92 — talking about George H. W. Bush who said (impression):

“Poor George. He can’t he’p it! He was born’d with a silver foooot in his mouth.” The place erupted. They loved Ma Richards. Her daughter, Cecile, runs the Planned Parenthood organization. Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, Ma Richards’ daughter, says that the people doing the videos deceived everybody at Planned Parenthood. They took everything out of context, right? What’d they take out of context? What did the videos leave out, Cecile?

I mean, if you are going to accuse them of taking things out of context, then you would have to tell us what they didn’t show us that would exculpate you. Meaning, what’s in these videos that proves them wrong? Where is the evidence they didn’t show us that shows you are not doing what they claim you’re doing? And notice that Ma Richards’ daughter Cecile never even goes there. “M’yeah. They lied! They lied! They’re just deceit, and highly edited!” Right. Well, then they edit it. What’d they leave out that proves you’re innocent? Nothing.

They didn’t leave anything out that proves you’re innocent, ’cause you’re not innocent.

You’re guilty as charged.

Front to back, top to bottom, inside outside.

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